Have you ever thought to get online courses?We already know, if you go to a private college or government university, you need a high expenditure.You have to pay courses fees, which will increase each year. Building Project: To design and build a new One-Storey Bungalow at Batu Puteh, Kinabatangan.
Renovation Project: To design and build (renovation) a kitchen extension at Taman Sri Rimba, Batu 7, Sandakan. Renovation Project: To design and build (renovation) a kitchen extension at Taman Mawar, Batu 5, Sandakan. One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE social media is the ability to easily reach people you might not have otherwise met. I briefly touched on the importance of being generous with your time, attention and knowledge in my post onA how to do social media rightA but how EXACTLY do you do this? So not only are you creating community by being of service, but you are also letting people know what you do.

This could be directly related to your area of expertise, or maybe you know an amazing resource you could refer them to. And a HUGE opportunity for us ‘little guysa€™ to go beyond the a€?bullhorna€? and use our social platforms to create real, engaged community. Just think how much better the internets would be if everyone was trying to be of service : ) Ia€™d love if you helped spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using the buttons below. But Ia€™ve already listened to Jennya€™s amazing free audio training twice and plan on listening a third time to pull out all the next steps for my own business, thata€™s how action-packed it is. I am very grateful to Udemy because I have extended my knowledge especially in the fields of construction, engineering and many others. Md Nursyazwi Bin Mohammad is a Muslim and born as Dusun ethnic, has a Diploma in Manufacturing Technology and a Bachelor in Design Manufacturing. Not only does it feel great to be of service to others, but youa€™ll quickly develop a reputation as someone who is helpful and really knows their stuff.

I see it in my own social channels and also when I work with companies on their social media. And I always lookA forwardA to Chrisa€™ newsletter on Sunday mornings, ita€™s one of the best in my inbox.
Along with this I attach some certificates of the courses that I have spent as a proof of the greatness of Udemy as a place to get online courses. We need to stop with the constant broadcasting and actually listen to what other people are saying. Then, it’s about picking up the conversation and developing relationships that have some meaning.

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