When it comes to breaking up, we're usually of the opinion that the person doing the dumping should at least have the decency to do it in person. But the breakup texts in the slides below are so funny, we may have to reconsider our stance.
Tell us which breakup text is the best (and by "best" we really mean most awful) in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for 15 hilarious autocorrect fails from Damn You Autocorrects.
A little similar to #15, but I think trying out a completely new hobby can be a great remedy to heartbreak (or even a deep depression). Let yourself feel all your emotions, from freedom to darkest depression, without belittling yourself or your feelings, but then let it all go. Once the initial heartbreak is over, you will still hurt now and then, and for the big ones it’ll be for a long time, but use it as energy to fuel your own reinvention and your renewed passion for life. Nothing wrong with feeling attractive and getting some superficial attention to boost your ego, I think! Thanks for sharing your story, Bii <3 It was really inspiring that in your effort to find yourself, you found lolita fashion and your independence made for a better future relationship with your boyfriend (fiance). Somehow, number 3 seems to play a distinct roll in (any?) relationship, people seem to break up after roughtly 3 years (or may it be 3 months) and get back together (or at least try to) 3 years after that. I broke up with my boyfriend of 8 months (thats a long time when youre in 7th grade which i wwas) to go out with another guy for a month which was a bust and then straight into another relationship with my current boyfriend of 1 year and almost 7 months.
I just got broken up with yesterday, after a year of dating and a lot of effort and misplaced ambition, and I really needed this. If you are thinking that your ex partner is the right partner for you are always dreaming about them, you likely want start taking action in figuring out how to get your ex back. If you don’t take action you will never get your ex back again, they’ll have too much time to move on, or think about everything that made the relationship go sour in the first place. Before you get to work on getting your ex lover to like you again, here are 9 questions you need to ask yourself and answer HONESTLY.
Are you willing to change yourself because your ex partner hates one of your bad behaviors? Like I said before, if you’re serious about getting your ex back, you need to be prepared to take some serious Action.
Many people start drinking alcohol thinking alcohol gives them relief from pain of breakup.
These are 9 deadly seriously how to get your ex back questions that most people fail to consider seriously. You know, that thing I sometimes do when I try to write about my real life and feelings beyond cute and pastel fashion. Get your stuff done. Remember how you used to be too busy mooning or out at movies with your ex to get that stuff done? Do not devolve into sweatpants (much). A break-up is not your excuse to go all People of Walmart on the world.
For me, it’s the way my ex would let the dog eat kibble in bed and it would get stuck to the sheets. Take care of your body. Feed it good things (okay, and those junk foods you love, as prescribed above), give it bubble baths, and new face creams. But you don’t need to let your latest love be your last, nor do you need to hate your ex. I went through a rough break up earlier this year, and while I’m pretty over it, this list is definitely a good reminder to keep going! And find a way to turn the negativity into positivity, and let it all out in a cathartic way. Take the good things and the useful things you learnt from them, be happy for the time you had and what you’ve experienced, and move on as a better person. Speaking from a personal experience (as well as after reading your text and some of the comments bellow, and also after talking with others about their love-experiances), I keep wondering why – is it really only a coincidence, these numbers , or is there more meaning to it? Going straight into the second relationship i was in was a mistake, i needed time to cool down but instead i tried to find love too fast.
We didn’t break up but we are taking some time apart and I have no idea where things stand.
It’s nice it’s tailored to those who like cute things and are pagan like me, too! The different designs are differentiated by being a different "model" or "series." Confusing the issue even more, some manufacturers "private label" their machines for large department stores. Action is more powerful than talking or reading, even when you’re reading an excellent blog like this one.
Look at yourself in the mirror and think about what you want to realistically change about yourself. The absolute last thing you want to do is blow up your exes phone, especially with double or triple texts. If you’re really ready to take the steps towards a full relationship recovery, you need to ask these questions of yourself to be absolutely certain.

I recently broke up with my now-ex boyfriend of almost three years, and guys and gals, it is not easy.
Like… studying, writing that novel, cleaning out your closet, learning ballroom dance? In fact, you’ll probably feel better if you brush your teeth, put on a little lipstick and wear your favorite cashmere sweater.
Besides, think of all the new adventures and stories you can amass on dates or just meeting new people. My new regimen involves peach anti-aging hand cream from Korea, and my hands are loving it! But if you don’t want to run out looking for someone human to snuggle with, you can save a life by adopting a dog or cat at your local shelter.
Even if you have to delete their number, block their Facebook, send their emails to spam, whatever. Every person we meet in life has something to teach us, to help us grow into the people we are meant to be.
You’ll meet a whole new circle of friends and find something positive to throw your energy into instead of wasting it obsessing. He took off to California for 3 weeks and I’m not really sure what he is thinking or feeling. Such as Sears' Kenmore and Montgomery Ward's Signature machines. Check the following list to determine if you have one of these "cross-branded" machines.
Feeling lonely, stressful, desperate and heart-broken might start slowly destroying your confident level which will harm any future attempts to get another girlfriend or another boyfriend. If you are planning to change yourself because your ex partner hates behaviors then you need to make sure you’ll be happy with the change yourself.
If you’re feeling this needy and dependent on your ex, just make sure not to reveal these emotions. It is very important to get active to help improve both your physical and mental state and improve the success chances of your plan to get your ex back. Once you’ve decided, you can begin to move towards a full fixed relationship with your ex. Take yourself out to your favorite cafe or eat your same favorite meal for dinner every night. And it will turn off any potential dates you may want when the initial break-up feeling fades. If you feel naked with out a piece of jewelry you’ve worn for years, buy yourself a new one to replace it.
Whenever I feel anxious or upset, I toy with it and hope its energy is having a positive effect on me.
If you get back together, those things may feel better for a while and perhaps you’ll both try harder to salvage your relationship. No matter how or when you part ways with the people who will come and go in your life, know you can always be better for having met them.
Don’t worry this plan is not difficult to follow nor it contain any dirty tips, but it does work like magic.
If you want to get your ex back then you need to defeat the loneliness, and above all avoid any mistakes.
An easy way to speed up relationship recovery is to realize your confidence is low, and do whatever it takes to increase it. They will have you looking too clingy and desperate to ever hope to reunite with your partner. You’re not thinking rationally, so put the phone down and find something to distract yourself with. This is very important aspect of your life and should be kept up regardless of your relationship status. Rose quartz is good for kindness and self-love; quartz with rainbow factions is good for hope, the protection of angels, and energy. If you must spend gray weekends alone alphabetizing your soup cans, refer to rules #5 and #6. But under the surface, the same issues will still be there, and you’ll have to go through the pain of the break-up all over again.
I think this works great with creative hobbies that involve developing a new skill(s) and that have a really tangible end result you can be proud of like, making music or short films, sewing, jewelry-making, writing a serial novel, etc. If it’s worse than low confidence, and you are suffering from anxiety attacks, depression and stress because of the breakup then you will also want to consult a doctor for your own sake. You don’t have to chat for them at parties anymore or talk up their new Internet start-up with strangers. No silent time with rain dripping down the window pane; blast your favorite new upbeat song.
People always want their partner to be confident and if you keep on having low self-esteem you’re just asking to be taken advantage of.

These machines were sold as GE, Hotpoint, and "private-labelled" as JC Penney and Penncrest brands. In 1995, GE redesigned their dryers.
WCI's machines were sold under these original brand names, as well as Westinghouse and White-Westinghouse brands. In the '90's, WCI was bought by Swedish giant Electrolux, who changed the company name back to the Frigidaire Home Products Company. They have continued to manufacture these "Herrin" machines as Maytag "Performa" models and high-end Crosley brand machines, but they have gone through a LOT of evolution. You can find them in the yellow pages under the following headings:APPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD, MAJORAPPLIANCES, PARTS AND SUPPLIESREFRIGERATORS, DOMESTICAPPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD, REPAIR AND SERVICECall a few of them and ask if they are a repair service, or if they sell parts, or both. However, you don't want to badger them with TOO many questions, so know your basics before you start asking questions. Some parts houses may offer service, too. They'll tell you it's too complicated, then in the same breath "guide" you to their service department. They should contain the model number somewhere. In any case, and especially if you have absolutely NO information about your dryer anywhere, make sure you bring your old part to the parts store with you.
An inexpensive one will suffice, as long as it has both "AC Voltage" and "Resistance" (i.e. It's true that diagnosing and repairing electrical circuits requires a bit more care than most operations, due to the danger of getting shocked.
Remember the rule in section 1-5 (1); while you are working on a circuit, energize the circuit only long enough to perform whatever test you're performing, then take the power back off it to perform the repair.
You will only need to be able to set the VOM onto the right scale, touch the test leads to the right place and read the meter. In using the VOM (Volt-Ohm Meter) for our purposes, the two test leads are always plugged into the "+" and "-" holes on the VOM. When testing 220 volt circuits (usually in electric dryers) make sure you always follow the precautions in rule 1 of section 1-5!Figure B-4: Testing Voltage1-4(b) TESTING FOR CONTINUITY (Figure B-5)Don't let the word "continuity" scare you.
It's derived from the word "continuous." In an electrical circuit, electricity has to flow from a power source back to that power source. It should peg the meter all the way on the right side of the scale, towards "0" on the meter's "resistance" scale.
If the meter does not read zero resistance, adjust the thumbwheel on the front of the VOM until it does read zero.
You can touch the ends of the wires and test leads with your hands if necessary to get better contact. If there is GOOD continuity, the meter will move toward the right side of the scale and steady on a reading. This is the resistance reading and it doesn't concern us; we only care that we show good continuity. If you do not, the switch is bad.   1-4(c) AMMETERSAmmeters are a little bit more complex to explain without going into a lot of electrical theory. If you own an ammeter, you probably already know how to use it. If you don't, don't get one. The greater the current that's flowing through a wire, the greater the density of the magnetic field, or flux, it produces aroundthe wire.
The ammeter simply measures the density of this flux, and thus the amount of current, flowing through the wire.
To determine continuity, for our purposes, we can simply isolate the component that we're testing (so we do not accidentally measure the cur rent going through any other components) and see if there's any current flow. To use your ammeter, first make sure that it's on an appropriate scale (0 to 10 or 20 amps will do). If you need to re-energize the dryer to perform a test, make sure any bare wires or terminals are taped or insulated. Energize the unit only long enough to perform whatever test you're performing, then disconnect the power again. I want to impress upon you something really important.
It's unpleasant, but unless exposure is more than a second or so, the only harm it usually does is to tick you off pretty good.However, 220 VOLTS CAN KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR FEET. And if you get it going and re-install it, you are running a very high risk that it will stop again.
Replace the part. 3) If you must lay the dryer over on its side, front or back, first make sure that you are not going to break anything off, such as a gas valve. Lay an old blanket on the floor to protect the floor and the finish of the dryer. 4) Always replace the green (ground) leads when you remove an electrical component.
And NEVER EVER remove the third (ground) prong in the main power plug! 5) When opening the dryer cabinet or console, remember that the sheet metal parts are have very sharp edges. Wear gloves, and be careful not to cut your hands! 6) When testing for your power supply from a wall outlet, plug in a small appliance such as a shaver or blow dryer. It's true that diagnosing and repairing electrical circuits requires a bit more care than most operations, due to the danger of getting shocked.
The greater the current that's flowing through a wire, the greater the density of the magnetic field, or flux, it produces aroundthe wire.

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