Our data driven approach gets more winning tests and bigger impact per successful experiment. Let us come in, conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis, and figure out what specifically needs to be changed or tested on your site.
This time we’re taking a closer look how you can build better connections and real lasting relationships with your customers. So here’s the situation: You have a website X and you’re writing the copy for your landing page. Once you have finished with what you believe is good, show it to people (your spouse, parents, siblings, partners, friends) and ask what they think this site is about and who’s it for. Dereks Sivers is an successful entrepreneur and former owner of CD Baby – online alternative music shop. Your CD has been gently taken from our CD Baby shelves with sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow. A team of 50 employees inspected your CD and polished it to make sure it was in the best possible condition before mailing. Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell over the crowd as he put your CD into the finest gold-lined box that money can buy. We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole party marched down the street to the post office where the entire town of Portland waved “Bon Voyage!” to your package, on its way to you, in our private CD Baby jet on this day, Friday, June 6th.
As a testament on how much customers loved the e-mail if you Google “private CD Baby jet” you will get thousands of results still today. Gary Vaynerchuk likes to share a story on how one signed Jay Cutler jersey generated tens of thousands of dollars of revenue. On Winelibrary (Gary’s wine shop) they keep track of people who buy from them and try to figure their Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out more about them.
Later it turned out that the customer was a manager of a multi-million dollar hedge fund in New York. One little act of kindness ended up bringing in tens of thousands of  dollars in lifetime value and revenue.
There are studies that show that trustworthiness (hence also conversions – you only buy from sites you trust) can be increased by adding relevant photos. Marketing Experiments blog run tests on a consumer credit counseling service website offering free debt consultation.
The problem with the B2B happy multicultural conference room with computer shot is that it has become a cliche. This one is more interesting in that it used eye-tracking software to determine exactly were people are looking at and for how long.
Users spent 10% more time viewing the portrait photos than reading bios, even though the bios consumed 316% more space. On the Amazon page only 18% of viewing time was spent on photos, while 82% was spent on text.
Pottery Barn shows pictures of products in an environment where they would be most likely used creating more and better context for the potential buyer. It’s long been thought that story telling is a great tool to bring people together and build empathy. Next they had a group of volunteers listen to the story both in English and in Russian all while having their brains scanned. Results from brain activity showed that when the story was in English, volunteers understood the story and their brains where synchronized. In comparison when volunteers heard the same story in Russian, the brain coupling disappeared. This study shows that by telling a story using the right words (meaning words that your customer understands), you can influence how they think and feel about you and your services.

Sharing your story and engaging customers is easiest through a blog and many companies use that. Want to see a website with a distinct style and tone (besides everyone’s favorite example Mailchimp)?
Likability comes in many forms – people might be similar or familiar to us, they might woo us with compliments, or we may just simply trust them without really knowing why. This article on Forbes, says that one the most overlooked strategies to make people like you is to find commonalities with the people you’re meeting. You want to focus on the idea, ‘I’m going to add value to this person over time.’ The first thing you could do is leave some thoughtful comments on their blog. One example of using finding commonalities and adding value over time to increase your likability  is not to go straight for the kill (sending them straight to the sales page), but first offering something of value to them. Offer a lead magnet in exchange for their e-mail and keep nurturing the relationship by sending something of value on a regular basis. It’s a long term strategy and doesn’t pay off quickly (length of the sales cycle depends on the cost and complexity of your product), but looking at the lifetime value of the customer it’s well worth it.
According to Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report (more than 28,000 Internet respondents surveyd in 56 countries) 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media. Although numbers from these two reports differ slightly the overarching trend is clear – people trust reviews posted online and ones by friends and family. They tested 2 different versions for testimonials, featuring testimonials in different locations.
With the other one (testimonials in the middle of sales page)  they ended up seeing sing-ups increase by 34%. How can you gather testimonials from people when you are launching your product for the first time and you don’t have have a client list? We try to add a layer of authenticity by providing video testimonials (barrier-to-entry is higher, but results very strong) or just an automated webcam capture function (real photo or linked with social identity) ; in combination with their name and the testimonial itself.
How do you feel about this, as you seem to focus heavily on text testimonials only in this article?
Our analysts crunch the numbers, analyze the business, conduct user research, and turn insights into high-converting designs. Looking at not only web pages but also what can be done after the sale has been made to make customers come back again and again. The page that people see first and which sole responsibility is to make them understand what the product is, how it’s beneficial to them and get them to take action. They may not understand all that industry specific jargon than may sound oh so good  to you – but not to them. Just take a look at their offer pages, notice their wording and grammar (or sometimes the lack of it). In his book “Anything you want” he writes about one tweak to an e-mail that changed everything. So this one guy was non-stop talking on Twitter about Jay Cutler (obviously his biggest fan).
He called back to Winelibrary to say that he is never shopping anywhere else again and that he would recommend them to all his friends. They are used everywhere: on landing pages, product pages, general design in the hope that they will boost conversions numbers etc.
Or is there a difference between, say, a stock photo and photo of an actual person who works in the company? They tested a smiling headset wearing stock photo girl with a picture of an actual human working in the company. This particular study was conducted by Jakob Nielsen, web consultant and author of numerous books about design and user interfaces.

Amazon (and most ecommerce sites) have generic photos that don’t create any context at all. By simply telling a story, the woman could plant ideas, thoughts and emotions literally into the listeners’ brains.
The tone of voice as in how you communicate your message in writing, what words you choose and how you choose them.
Send a follow-up “thanks for choosing us” email within days of a purchase, and ask your customer to indicate – quite simply – which adjective (of a short list of options) best describes how they feel about your brand.
Next, you could send them some email saying, ‘Hey, that was really great, but I thought you may have missed this one point. According to research by Lightspeed Research 56% of Americans and 64% of Brits  said that they trust reviews from other consumers and 62% of Americans and 51% of Brits respectively trust reviews from friends, family and colleagues.
The point is to get info about their initial fears and info on how this product help them or how a specific thing helped them. It’s okay and in most cases needed to edit (but not change) the testimonial to make more to the point and useful for you.
In any case you have to get info first from actual customers to get testimonials – do not make them up. Their goal was to first find out if adding testimonials would have any kind of effect at all, and secondly  if they worked then how much. With one test (testimonials placed at the bottom of sales page) they found no significant increase. He has been doing traditional and digital marketing for the past 4 years in Europe and in the Middle East in mainly not-for-profit sector. The corporate suit dude in a big office is a human being and doesn’t want to read B2B jargon on websites.
How can you develop a style or rapport with a first time visitor without appearing as a fake? Video testimonials are by far the most credible, however most people won’t watch them, so if you want to reinforce a certain message via testimonials, text is better.
A lot of businesses associate a conversation tone with a lack of professionalism which isn’t the case.
They speak in the EXACT same language as their target audience to the point where you just want to buy things because of how awesome they sound.
Your job is to make the wording so simple that literally anyone would understand what is it and who is it for. Since he had been a solid customer in the past, they decided to do something unusual, something different, something that would touch his emotional side. Be it sending an e-mail that is different or just being nice and sending something that is valuable to your customer (and not connected to you at all) as a way for saying we value you as a customer. They know that she doesn’t actually work for your company and chances are they have seen her in other sites aswell. Just like written gobbledygook, this kind of image is so overused to have become meaningless. Here’s an interesting article with a different perspective on it.’ If you thought it through and did some research, the author will think, ‘Wow, thanks very much!’ and you are not asking for anything. That was followed up by 70% who said that they trusted consumer opinions posted online (people they don’t know) and 58% who trusted editorial content (such as newspaper articles) and branded websites.
Their style and sense of humor is second to none and works with their audience brilliantly.

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