It's always hard if you were the one broken up with but it will get easier to move on from a breakup once you allow yourself to. It's okay to still have feelings for your ex but it's better for you to start moving forward. This could mean seeing a movie with a friend after work instead of going straight home to mope.
Almost three months ago I found myself writing about moving on after a break up when the love of my life walked out on me without any warning. Focus not only on what was great about your relationship but remember that it is not what your relationship is anymore.

It doesn’t matter what you believe in, but praying and connecting with your spirituality really does help. The thought of getting out into daylight is horrid and all you want is to crawl up again and die.
Sleep feels like it makes everything easier because when you are asleep, you can forget for five minutes the reality of the situation. Do something for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do and get that blood pumping!
Remember that comfort foods (sugar, chocolate, ice-cream…Mmmmmm) will cause your blood sugar levels to peak, spike and drop which will make your moods roller coaster.

Alcohol and other substances will only numb the pain briefly and again will make your moods swing like a yo yo!

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