Being heartbroken is one of the shittiest feelings a man is likely to ever experience.  Unfortunately, it can be something that is hard to shake. After a break-up you will likely be tempted to call your ex-girlfriend.  Maybe you want to talk things out, maybe you miss the sound of her voice or maybe you just want to call her stupid cunt for breaking your heart. However, if you broke up because she claimed she needed space, she told you she wanted to find herself, or she gave you the bogus “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse, then this will not help at all. In addition, drinking may make you feel better for a little while but when you sober up, you’ll be left in the same crappy situation, except with a hangover on top of it.
When two people have been dating for a long time, it’s likely they end up becoming close with each other’s friends.  Sometimes those two groups can even merge to create a bigger group of friends. If this is the case, you are stuck with the shitty scenario of being forced to choose between hanging out with your friends and risk running into your ex or staying home and masturbating before crying yourself to sleep.   Both scenarios suck but you’re better off staying home and rubbing one out. Stay away from bars as she may know where you may be try to do the things you have always wanted to do but never could. Always say as little as possible to her when you pickup the kids or there dropped off just grab them and go. She told me exactly the same thing published above – that she needed time and that if it is meant to be it will be.

I was feeling pretty good with things but then my subconscious goes and throws me a curveball.
One of the best advices i have read over the internet…It almost covers everything on which i needed advice…Great Job man!! Great advice…It seems counter-intuitive if you want a girl back to not call, but I think if you tried initially after the break up to get her back or make amends and nothing positive came out of it, there is a certain point where enough is enough, and you gotta break contact.
One of the most important things to do as a man, when being dumped is to take inventory of yourself.
But a man can expedite this process if he handles things properly or he can make the recovery process take even longer if things are handled poorly.   Here are some important tips which can help a heartbroken man get over a break-up as fast as possible.
Go places you have never been and you just may bump in to someone who will remove all thought of your ex.
We will all try and do the thing where we try desperately to hang on and it only makes things a lot worse. She needed space and wanted to live her life while I shared different views and was being held back from doing what I enjoyed. We just separated for less than a month with her going back to her home town during university semester break.

Work on your shortcomings, try to address what you did or lacked that made the relationship sour.
She told me she had been keeping in her heart all the sadness and negative feelings inside her during our relationship and said that I was not concern. It’s difficult, but these fixes will ensure groundedness to becoming more emotionally stable and centered in who you are as a man. Delete her number delete her off fb and twitter it takes 28 days to break a habit and every day will get better and then before you know it someone else may have caught your eye or she may just may have realised her mistake and ask to see you. WTF, I am not a mind reader… I dont deny having some problems with my ex due to the long distance but I really hate asshole guys who take advantage of other couples problems. If she doesnt call then hey by the time you do all of the above you would of naturally moved on anyway.

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