It’s in the air; the stench of tubs of melting Ben &Jerry’s ice cream, countless Kleenex tissue and tears. Many are revitalised after a break up and put themselves straight back out there, something that I have always been slightly jealous and in awe of. But in the meantime, huddle up with your friends, put on some trackies and get a takeaway curry, ‘cos you’re in for a couple of absolutely crappy weeks. If you are new to this blog, you may want to start here, and catch up on some previous popular posts. Whenever I go through a break up, several friends and family members (voluntarily) shower me with break up advice. I realize that I will get over this eventually, and I need to hang in there and be positive.
While this may be true, what it actually does is make me feel like my feelings of loneliness and heartbreak are invalid; as if those feelings shouldn’t exist and that my pain is something to ignore.

I guarantee that you will hear “you’re better off without ….” from everyone you know after the break up. 3 days after my break up I am at office with my brave face, pouring a cup of coffee near the Coffee maker. Colleague : You know, I didn’t tell you this before but I never liked him, even when you guys were dating. Realize that you are in complete control of your responses and emotions to any situation. In the wise, wise words of Katy Perry, “if it’s not like the movies, that’s how it should be”. Your wallow for 1 to maybe 5 months (depending on the length and state of the relationship) and during this time there are drunk texts, crying in the toilets of Risa, and sufficiently lowering your standards while you get with other people, as if this will make you feel better about the whole damned situation.
Even though boys may show it less, they are usually going through exactly the same trauma as the girls.

And it will get to a point where you don’t drift off into moments of sadness while you remember them anymore.
They appear to generate a special sort of sadness that has been especially reserved for heartbreak. All we want to do is soak our woes away in a bath tub, while drinking wine from the bottle and taking Cosmopolitans advice on, ‘what went wrong’. However, during a break up we tend to think along the lines of “you’re still the one for me”, “How do I get my Ex back” and looking beyond that, seems near impossible. And I know it’s all a big cliche, and I know that this doesn’t apply to every break up going either.

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