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During the one-day whirlwind promotional tour in Singapore on August 30, the cast and director of the action thriller “Cold Eyes” not only met with members of the press, but they also attended a Meet-and-Greet session at Jurong Point shopping mall and graced the red carpet and gala premiere at Marina Bay Sands all happening on the same day! Emcee Danny Yeo asked why Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo decide to participate in the movie even before reading the complete script. So this being Jung Woo Sung’s first villain role, did he have any hesitation before deciding to play a villain for the very first time? For a fighting scene in the movie, Han Hyo Joo said she attended action school regularly to pick up the basics so that she didn’t look clumsy portraying a policewoman, even though the scene was a short one. So what has the cast learned from each other by working together in “Cold Eyes”? Han Hyo Joo continued, “Looking at Junho who is just starting with this film, I thought a lot about the pure passion as an actor who is just starting.

Jung Woo Sung discussed the stereotypes that actresses face in Korea and Han Hyo Joo’s acting. Os mais novos recem-casados revelaram fotos do casamento privado que aconteceu em 1 de setembro, deixando os fas espiarem o evento fechado pela primeira vez. O Ladies’ Code esta de volta com o MV de “Pretty Pretty”, a faixa titulo para o seu segundo mini-album com o mesmo nome.
Looking at this particular character, it was something I had never tried before so I thought I could present more of my acting skills and give the audience a new perspective. Jung Woo Sung replied, “I had no hesitation at all, probably because I really liked the tension that the character James created in the movie. From many aspects, it’s not easy to film a huge movie like this in the city of Seoul, which is very cosmopolitan and busy. I enjoyed every second spent on the set, especially my senior actors Sol Kyung Gu and Jung Woo Sung.
He has a lot of curiosity and he probably felt the responsibility to give a good performance as an actor since he is new at this. Seu retorno e bastante esperado depois que a membro Zuny se machucou e adiou o comeback do grupo que seria em julho.
Y me ha sorprendido mucho que no sea una balada, por lo que has comentado de que el tio era un palo en el escenario.

So I really wanted to try it myself how this character develops and I really wanted this particular role.
They made me feel so comfortable and they made the atmosphere very easygoing for me so I can feel very comfortable in my acting.
All these things coming together made me look at the pure passion and freshness of the new actors.
No entanto, apesar de serem reconhecidas por suas habilidades vocais, este conceito nao permitiu que elas sucedessem de forma sustentavel na cena musical coreana. Paso de ser gracioso, divertido, payasete e incluso algo polemico durante los castings a un muermo total en las galas.
Y es que, como a muchos, solo le iba interpretar baladones que le mantuvieran estatico en el escenario, y eso despues de dos o tres galas llega a aburrir a cualquiera.
Por eso no tardo demasiado en salir expulsado por la audiencia.Heejun Han (25 anos) es un cantante surcoreano residente en Queens, Nueva York.

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