I get the Lindsey Pelas thing, but would you honestly know what to do with a girl like that?
I might be way off on this one, but maybe he doesn’t want an internet attention whore with wet rocks for brains to potentially be the mother of his kids. Nice humorous joke between Police and Bholu on his Girlfriend, Hope you will like and share this Laughter. Here I was thinking everything JJ Watt did was totally contrived and calculated to give off this image of being the hardest working best guy on the planet.

Not saying that as an insult, but if you are a millionaire athlete who is one of the best players in your sport, dating is not hard. Reminds me of my friend, guy has a terrible personality and is unhealthily obsessing with football. It’s just that a combination of his insanely busy schedule and his status as a rich and famous NFL star have made it extremely difficult for him to find someone he deems worthy of a long-term relationship. Lifting, eating right, sleeping, singing Fort Minor, tell me where in that schedule you find a spot for having sex or jerking off, you can’t, there is none.

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