For the last 13 years, “Freaks Tattoo,” has been one of the leading tattoo artistry chains in Kansas City. Fanell has been tattooing for 18 years, and at age 44, is the leading and most requested tattooist in the city. Fanell travels and learns the tricks of the trade from the best in the industry, which he said helps him to keep learning and growing as an artist. You can catch Fanell in the “home shop” on Troost during the winter and at the Broadway location in the spring. Fanell said “Freaks Tattoo on Troost” artists take pride in what they do because their name is on it. These includes CPR training, first aid certification and cross contamination and disease control, before they can practice on their own.
Fanell is working with the KCMO health department with cross contamination rules and regulations.
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Armed with an inside tip, Amy Helm arrives in Australia determined to catch her thieving ex-husband.
He was hired to protect her, but can she save him from his past?Armed with an inside tip, Amy Helm arrives in Australia determined to catch her thieving ex-husband. Danger, intrigue and smuggling in Australia, once you start reading you can’t put this book down. Additional copies may be purchased for $1 each, payable at the University News office in advance. After he absconded with five million dollars from her father’s business, the FBI thinks the trail has gone cold.
Aspiring tattoo artists have to be approved by a licensed tattoo artist or mentor for 50 procedures and pass exams from the Kansas City health department, follow certain procedures mandated by city, state and business ordinances.

No person may, without prior written permission of the University News, take more than one copy of each week’s issue. Hired by her estranged father to find the money and keep her out of harm, he enlists the help of an old Aussie friend.
Amy knows their skills are valuable, but her hackles go up when Jake orders her to stay in Sydney.
Playing a dangerous game of catch-me-if-you-can deep in the Australian rainforest leads them into a cyclone, a fake marriage, a drug cartel, and maybe, a whole new life. It’s fun to watch them struggle with their personal demons and goals as they search for Amy’s despicable ex-husband.

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