Safaree Samuels' brief ex Sophia Body had a few words to say about his other ex, Nicki Minaj recently. They might share Safaree Samuels as an ex but it looks like Sophia Body isn't a part of Team Nicki Minaj after she took shots at the Anaconda rapper in an interview recently.
Speaking with DJ Vlad of Vlad TV earlier this week, Sophia didn't hold back when speaking on Sameuls' past with Nicki. When DJ Vlad pointed out that Samuels has yet to confirm that he penned Nicki's biggest rhymes, Sophia quickly said, "He wouldn't.
Sophia confirmed that they are just "friends" now but did date for a little while after he and Nicki broke it off. Find out which photo of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber just became the most popular pic on Instagram. Chelsea Handler Proves She's The Queen Of Body Confidence After Revealing Her Ex-Boyfriend Fat Shamed Her!

The beauty dated the Maroon Five singer in early 2013 after he took a brief break from Prinsloo.
Play ball: There was not an inch to pinch on Nina, who tossed around a tennis ball with her palsNina looked to be in top shape on Saturday. Alba, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Biel, and Amanda Seyfried.Nina was joined for the Florida fun in the sun by her boyfriend Reid Heidenry, clad in orange swim trunks. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. SYNOPSIS: Maxine and Shae have been best friends since grade school, so when Maxine accidentally kills her boyfriend she naturally asks Shae to help her cover up the murder. Stacey Dash took most of the attention from social media yesterday after she addressed her thoughts on the lack of diversity at the Oscars with FOX News.Her feelings, which included getting rid of BET and Black History Month got people very annoyed. There was not an inch to pinch on her body.Agdal maintains her fit form with strenuous sessions at Barry's Bootcamp in Manhattan.'It kicks your ass and you feel so good after an hour!' she told E!

After multiple failed attempts the two decide to bring in a professional to clean up their mess, but he turns out to be nothing like they were expecting. They dated for a few months and were spotted out on the town together.The suddenly Levine proposed to Prinsloo in July. I think love just happens,' Agdal admitted.'I am not even worried about anything like that. Maxine and Shae will have to make it through the day by avoiding the police, fending off nosy neighbors, and surviving a wrathful mobster all while pushing their friendship to its maximum limits. I feel like so many young girls have this idea of a relationship or marriage or love and [they] dona€™t even know.

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