Be warned; Due to the nature of these stories, they may bear a degree of religious symbolism. Everyday he went up to Earth to see her, she was always there, in the same place, by a flower garden. The curse worked, all the lovers would die, and the children of such couples would be outcast. This is for tales revolving around entities that are not merely "demonic", but actual demons.

They did agree that it would not be counted as a sin, and that they would not die .However they did not know that the demon cursed Heaven and Hell in his last words.
In these stories, manifestations of evil come not from monsters, or ghosts, or the minds of the insane, put from an underworld of eternal torment and damnation where the unrighteous shall go to meet their just rewards. He spoke a curse, that would cause several demons and angels to fall in love, and die, until they were accepted. I love you!" she kisses him, and then, because she spoke her forbidden love aloud, she began to die.

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