The purpose of this arcticle is not to show which version is superior, but rather to show level design differences between PS2 and PC versions of Deus Ex. PS2 screenshots: 640*480 PAL version (i cropped black bars from 640*512 source images) Obviously running on PCSX2, not sure which version (something from 2010) Quite noticable jpeg artifacts.
If you’re into Melee, be sure to grab one of the Dragon Tooth swords before you leave Hong Kong! You may be tempted to put range weapon mods on the sniper rifle considering its use, but it would be a waste of a fairly rare mod.
You can set off planted grenades by shooting them, useful for exploding obstacles and disabling electronics from a safe distance, or just use it to defeat an enemy grenade. Since there is an abundance of friendly NPCs in Hong-Kong, some of them do have items of interest.
If you’re interested in exploration skill points, you should remember to travel all the multiple routes into an objective before you leave. Realistically, you can only carry one heavy weapon (plasma, GEP, or flamethrower) without cheating.
You may not have realized, but crates and other flammable objects can be caught on fire by setting them next to flaming barrels. Apply all the accuracy weapon mods you come across to your sniper rifle and you can eliminate scope drift with only advanced training in rifles. Walton Simons is augmented with Targeting, Energy Shield, Cloak, Ballistic Protection, and Aggressive Defense.
Strategy: The pistol is a great way to dispose of the pesky guard dogs, open unreachable crates, and explode barrels and TNT. Strategy: This sword can take down just about anyone in one swipe even without the combat strength aug.
Strategy: Found only in Hong Kong, the sword is a good upgrade from the early melee weapons and can be used to destroy some weaker doors.
Strategy: Carry a knife when you can to keep from picking one up every time you check a body.
Aggressive Defense System: Aggressive players will want this aug because it defends against the rockets that the MJ12 commandos and large bots love to use. Targeting: This aug may be good for players that like to run and gun as it will add a slight bonus to accuracy at all levels. Vision Enhancement: This is a rather useful aug for both aggressive and especially stealth players. Being that there are 2 subdermal slots, you don’t have to always choose between the two augs offered per canister. Ballistic Protection: This aug is best for aggressive players, but can be useful for stealthy players trying to get around security turrets and bots. Being that there are 3 torso slots, you don’t have to always choose between the two augs offered per canister.
Regeneration: Regeneration is usually considered a far better augmentation than Energy Shield. Aqualung: This is a good aug to have if just to save skill points from not upgrading Swimming. Synthetic Heart: This would be a really great aug if the power drain was lower and there were fewer aug upgrade canisters.
Power Recirculator: This is an awesome aug that helps conserve your bioelectric energy by decent levels. Run Silent: Silent running allows you to quickly attack or slip by enemies while maintaining stealth.
Speed Enhancement: I personally like the speed augmentation a lot more than the silent running.
Medicine: This skill is mainly only helpful for noobs, particularly ones that like to directly attack everything.
After the first few times through Deus Ex, I was amazed that I was still finding new areas with loot or exploration skill points. The shed and hatch near the helipad; at least one good steal will be there every time you return to HQ.
If you have training in lockpicking, you’ll want to investigate the two locked offices.
The back entrance is a few steps from where you begin, but personally, I like going in the front better.
The small room off the front room of Osgood & Sons has a crate with an augmentation upgrade behind it. There’s a crate with a weapon mod in an opening at the top of a stack of crates near the gate. The truck trailers near the dock have 3 crates in them; an explosion between them will open them both. The building that you have to go through to get in the hanger (crew quarters, I guess); on the lower level, behind the stairs is a block that sticks out from the rest of the wall.
There are at least 4 crates hidden behind cardboard boxes in the street leading up to the HSF HQ. The vent in the back of the nanotech lab; chance for some exploration points and stuff, but watch for the greasal. There’s an alternate way into the armory that will allow you to get in without needing the code, destroying a bot with TNT, and alerting security.
Police station; the code from the data cube in the previous tip will open the outer doors to the police station.
In the front corner of the Luminous Path compound, there’s a credit chit laying in front of a Buddha statue.
In the barracks area of the Luminous Path compound, there’s a lockpick on a top bunk.
Also on this sampan is a concealed engine room with a lot of chits and a repair bot inside; use a paper lantern to open a door to the room. If you go to the canal road (the entrance is behind the temple in the market) before completing any Triad objectives, there’s a small battle between Triad members and a police scene around a car accident. Just passed the area in the last tip, there’s a flamethrower and multitool on some pipes as you make your way into the back entrance of Versalife. How to get to the collapsed underwater road: Go to the Old China Hand and walk into the freezer there.
If you need a rebreather for the previous tip, there’s a couple in a hidden tunnel off the main canals.
Also in that apartment building is a ledge where you can jump to another ledge for some 30.06 ammo.
The QuickStop is a good place to earn some credits and multitools if you have some lockpicks to spare (but watch out for the police). The vents offer a slow but discrete way to travel around the Versalife Labs (and some exploration points). Make sure to actually visit the Labs, because there are some augmentations and upgrade canisters in part of the lab.
You can turn the bots on the humans outside by reprogramming them with a security terminal inside the warehouse office; furthermore, you could also turn them off (standby). There’s a room on the bottom deck, near the steps to the lower decks, that has the Ambrosia Vial for Dowd and a safe with an aug upgrade in it.
The crazy cat lady has some crates and items in her rafters: scrambler grenade, medkit, and biocell. In the part of the tunnel just passed your encounter with the greasels, there’s another lockpick sitting in a space in the wall. Also in the previous closed-off area is a small building next to the subway entrance that has numerous goodies: a biocell, ammo, LAW, 300 credits.
At the beginning of the catacombs area, there is an opening at the bottom of a wall that you can slide into. In the MJ12 bunker of the catacombs, there’s a ladder that leads up to a maintenance area (the other end of the long hall with lasers and a turret). When you’ve finished with Chad and are leaving the catacombs, watch for a pool of water.
In Beth DuClare’s bedroom, use the painting over the desk to reveal some useful items.
After you exit the sewer at the beginning, there are some crates that can be stacked up to gain entry to an abandoned apartment.
There’s a recoil mod behind the bed in the largest barracks room of the main building. A guy in one of the rooms off the main metro station is selling an accuracy mod, range mod, and thermo-optic camo.
A door in the farthest lab (behind Alex) will give you access to a room with the Morpheus AI. Right next to the interior override keypad is a vent that you can go into for some exploration points and a key. There’s a supply closet on the opposite side of the lobby that has a bioelectric cell, multitool, 20mm grenades, and a scientist with an EMP grenade.
In the waterlogged lab near the last tip, you’ll find an assortment of goodies and skill points as well as an aug canister.
Tong instructs you to get into VersaLife's Level Two labs, and offers a code of 55655 to a back entrance through the Canal Road tunnel. Follow the tunnels and Daedalus and then Tracer Tong radio instructions, including the UC code 525 (in case you missed it earlier). I also take this opportunity to upgrade my Environmental Training to "Trained." We're about to use Thermoptic Cammo and this upgrade will allow it to last longer.
The MJ12 Commando is blind to you so long as your Thermoptic Cammo is active, although he can hear you.
Pick the lock on this cabinet to grab a Hazmat suit, a Bioelectric Cell and read the DataCube.
Put on a Hazmat suit then drop through the indicated waterway, which is the only one that isn't green. Return to the Lucky Money and meet with Max Chen and Gordon Quick to complete the objective. Talk to Tong and learn that you must meet Stanton Dowd in New York to learn where the ship full of Gray Death virus is headed. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition. Along with pre-rendered introductory and ending cinematics that replaced the original versions, it features a simplified interface with optional auto aim and motion captured character models. Keep heading left and you'll find more lockpicks on the bodies of the dead Luminous Path members. The corridor to the right of the giant hand leads to a break room and two rooms with locked cabinets.

The Nano Key next to this carcass will allow you to open up the cells holding the Bum and the Greasels.
Speak with the Gray leader and receive two goals: free the captive Gray and revive JC Denton. Follow the tunnel and receive a new goal from Billie: view a holocomm message from her in tent 04. Send your spy drone into the next room to knock out both Templars and the security camera with a single blast.
The security computer on the east wall can control two cameras and the military bot outside. Continue to this tunnel marked, "Site X." Send in your spy drone to disable the flame turret ahead. Use the excavation site keycode to unlock the door to the next area, where you'll find Paladins wearing power assault armor. Rummage through this busted trunk to find two ammo clips, a medkit, an EMP grenade, an energy cell, and two journal entries from the VersaLife expedition. This time a biomod canister can be found above ground, along with another Versalife expedition log.
Take down the spiderbots with your spy drone, and remain cloaked while your biotox attack drone knocks Billie unconscious. I've just brought down a Templar with my boltcaster, then destroyed this spiderbot with a pistol. Also downstairs is this unlocked room, with the holocomm visible here, plus a VersaLife datacube claiming success on making meaner greasels, 50 credits, 2 ammo clips, and a multitool on the closet floor. Head downstairs and Tracer Tong tells you that the generator is in the northeast corner of the complex. The generator is a short distance to the northeast of the cell, guarded by two very nasty greasels. To the northwest of the cell is this ladder, leading to a locked trunk holding two ammo clips, a spiderbomb and a glass destabilizer. Follow the corridors further west then south to battle three Templars, one of whom is seen here flaming a security camera and turret. Hack them all and by the end of the game, you’ll have gotten over 10000 chits worth in stolen credit.
The Dragon is the ultimate melee weapon, and it can usually take down any enemy in one swing.
Use your head and it will be possible to take out a lot of hazards and barriers with the explosion.
You can stay in cover while they wander around in the ensuing toxic cloud, succumbing in roughly 15 seconds. If you find yourself tight for credits, your drug-trafficking will earn you a nice commission. He’s rather tough to kill with all those resistances, but is still mostly vulnerable to explosives. Even if you kill all the MiB’s and grunts in the hotel, Paul will still die if you leave through the window (to snipe the UNATCO troops on the streets, for instance). Typically, she’ll just run away from home and turn up later in the game down on her luck. When it’s used in combination with Ballistic Protection and Energy Shield, the player becomes pretty much a walking tank.
You can use it to move crates, barrels, and furniture around as to create traps, block people in, stack to reach high areas, or block security lasers. There are many more humanoids in the game than bots, and bots can be easily bypassed, scrambled, EMPed, or just plain blown up when you’re sneaking around. As bots can be particularly difficult to destroy with most of the game’s weapons, this aug will allow the player to get up close for a LAM or EMP attack or just slip by altogether. You should try to fully upgrade it as soon as possible to increase its usefulness and lessen power drain. There’s only a few actual hazards where you can use this, and there are usually other ways to bypass them without taking any damage at all as opposed to just reduced.
Level 1, 2, and 3 give about the underwater time of Trained, Advanced, and Master Swimming skill. By the time you get this, its usefulness it pretty much used up as there are plenty of upgrade canisters around and it provides no benefits when an aug is fully upgraded already.
It’s especially useful when used in combination with high energy consuming augs like regeneration, cloak, and radar transparency.
It is often a hassle to need your pistol or crossbow in a pinch but have to deal with the horrible accuracy.
If you use the sniper rifle a lot, you’ll want this at Advanced before any other skills.
Remember that this group also includes the electric prod, which will benefit from the increased attack and reload speed. Aqualung and swimming replace the need for rebreathers, ballistic shield replaces the need for the ballistic armor, regeneration and environmental resistance replace the need for hazard suits, cloak replaces the need for thermoptic camo, and vision enhancement replaces the need for tech goggles.
If, after the first few missions, you aren’t loaded with lockpicks, you may consider Advanced. Also, about a third of the way into the game, you’ll get a chance at the Regeneration augmentation, which makes this skill useless.
Even though you can’t control turrets and have a short amount of lockdown time, you will still be able to hack any computer without a login and password, especially security terminals. You can get through the entire game without swimming longer than your Untrained lung capacity. It was at that point that I decided to begin writing them down, thus starting this entire guide.
One is on the left when you come off the dock, the other is on the east side of the island.
You may overlook the sewers altogether, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of action, conspiracy, and booty. Look behind plants for buttons in the control room and play with the pinball machines in the lounge. To get to it, you need to have the speed enhancement to jump across some other crate stacks. Use them as protection when you blow your cover or a place to hide while TRQ darts take their affect.
There’s really nothing special about his apartment except the exploration skill points. The jump is awkward, though, so make sure to save first or else don’t complain when you make a spot on the street. Hacking the computer and ATM would be much quicker, but a source in the Lucky Money club will give you the login and password to the computer, too. If your cover gets blown, then the vents offer security and a place to attack from as well. The office is opened by another terminal next to the vending machines (hacking would be good to have, but the logins are around).
I usually get in through the windows with the speed aug, but a lockpick on the doors or crate to jump through the windows would work. They are protected by bots, but those are controlled with a nearby terminal or can easily be blown up with nearby TNT crates. You can break the glass of the computer room and slip along the wall out to it or climb the fallen beam. The best way to get to it is to climb the ladder in the room just before the basement computer room. In that same room, if you can get up on the ledge, there is a crate with a multitool and a journal with account info as well as some exploration points.
If you go through it, you’ll find a scientist with a biocell and some exploration points.
You earn an Accomplishment Bonus of 150 skill points and are instructed to return to Tracer Tong.
Another DataCube on the nearby counter reveals the UC code 525 (in case you missed it again). This Baby Karkian can cause some serious damage on the "Realistic" Combat Difficulty setting. Grab the Nanotech Containment Lockdown Door key and the Multitool before proceeding through this opening.
Tracer tells you that he may be able to deactivate your kill switch, and that Alex is here as well. You can create a Security Pass for yourself of 6512 - the same code that Hundley will give you.
The Laboratory Supervisor greets you and warns that the alarms will sound if you cause trouble.
Approach the indicated window to eavesdrop on a conversation between Bob Page and Maggie Chow. Take the lift back down and activate your Cloak -- your free reign at VersaLife has come to an end. Talk to him repeatedly to learn more about the history of the Grays and their relationship with the Dentons. Also on these shelves is a medkit, an ammo clip, a multitool, a phosphorous flare and binoculars. The locked trunk visible on the left holds a medkit, a standard biomod canister, and a datacube revealing that the canister is intended for Billie. The soldiers will drop a flamethrower and an SMG, plus an ammo clip and concussion grenades.
Talk to Ava Johnson through this holocomm unit and receive yet another goal: meet her at her helicopter to return to Cairo.
You can take them out with your spy drone, or shoot the conveniently-placed explosives crates.
It was Saman who had Chicago destroyed, and he threatens to destroy more cities unless you help him.
As you enter the area, Tracer Tong advises that you need to power up the beacon with a generator in the B wing's lower level. You'll find a multitool, a medkit, two ammo clips, a concussion grenade, and an SMG up here. You'll find 25 credits, 2 phosphorous flares, an ammo clip, a medkit, and a holocomm from Dr. Downstairs in this room you'll find a repairbot, two lockers with a medkit, two concussion grenades and an energy cell, a holocomm unit and datacube with some background, a riot prod, phosphorous flares, and a multitool. The door ahead and to the left has a medbot, an energy cell, two ammo clips, a locked trunk with two medkits, and a holocomm with some background - plus an exceptionally nasty greasel.

A locked room to his left holds a medkit, a scrambler prox mine, a concussion prox mine and two multitools. It’s not a walk-through, but rather a way to assist you in finding more of what Deus Ex offers.
If you find any account information lying around (and are only at Trained level in Computers), enter that into an ATM before you hack it and you can get a little more.
Couple it with training in low-tech weapons which improves speed, useful when attacking multiple enemies.
You can easily find the correct screen and it becomes an efficient habit, like the quick-saving. There are about 4 paths you can take into the NSF warehouse (roofs, sewer, basement, front door) and they all offer bonus skill points. Although Paul isn’t really of use in the rest of the game, it still feels good to save him. But, if you give her father a weapon and he successfully takes down Jojo (you can help), Sandra will stay at the hotel.
If you tell him to stay, he’ll meet you in Paris with a secret phrase that you can kill Gunther with in Paris. It’s very funny to hear them talking about their badass new weapons and augs and then you pop a 20mm into their head and gibs go a flying!
Hit as many targets as you can in a second and run for a closet, vent, or even behind a couch. But the EMP attack is especially good at defeating bots without putting yourself in danger. However, it’s generally more useful and newbie friendly to just choose one of the two presented. Stealthy players may also like this aug, because it lets you slip by security cameras and turrets as well.
The power drain looks like a lot, but it works quickly and turns off automatically, and when it is used together with Power Recirculator (fully upgraded) the drain is only 60 units per minute.
Level 2 will get you through most exploration areas, so upgrading further than that isn’t really necessary.
Master may be warranted at higher difficulties or if you didn’t apply enough accuracy mods to the sniper rifle. However, EMP and Scrambler grenade effect times do increase up to 50% longer by Master (e.g. Furthermore, you can use the aforementioned items in a pinch regardless of your skill level. Sometimes you can use an EMP attack (Spy Drone, grenade) to disable a security device, but it’s only temporary. But if you’re hard up for medkits before then, upgrading to Trained may be a good idea. Hacking saves valuable time trying to find datacubes and people that can tell you the login and password. However, there are often alternate paths and exploration that require at least Trained, and in some cases Advanced.
Well, just take a look at this screenshot: There are nice finds in there each time you return to UNATCO. I like to start from the manhole near the subway entrance, because it’s easier to bypass the security.
Then, there’s a small door on the floor that leads to more useful items and a data cube that has a useful code on it. While you’re there, you can alternatively walk across a beam to a ledge, then jumping down along the ledges to a walkway around a sign. A direct route, but I’ve never used it all the way, as there are too many traps and puzzles. The aft crane allows access from the roof and several crates on top of the containers: gas grenade, EMP grenade, 10mm ammo, and a LAW. If you have the speed aug or perhaps something to jump on, you’ll be able to reach a box of 20mm grenades in the rafters. The other flat doesn’t have quite as many goods, but be sure to step out onto the balcony for some skill points and look under the bed for a biocell. You’ll need either the speed aug (fully upgraded) or microfibrial muscle (to stack chairs). Swimming down and into the other side of the aquarium will give you some exploration points.
The Scramble Grenade we picked up earlier will turn the bots on each other, but that may result in the death of the female scientist and the MJ12 Commando. Daedalus radios news of your success -- you've shut down production of the Gray Death virus!
In addition to the datacube on this table, the lockers on the left hold, left-to-right, three ammo clips, an ammo clip and a datacube indicating the Templars have found JC's base, a spiderbomb and a scrambler grenade. There's a repair bot here, so your spy drone has all the power it needs -- that's my preference. Among the debris is an EMP grenade, an energy cell, ammo, two medkits and two journal entries from the VersaLife expedition. You'll notice in this shot that Billie will curiously attack the turrets if she's hit by their splash damage. Choose option (2) and JC will continue to explain his plan to merge humanity with the Helios AI into a single consciousness.
You'll find an ammo clip, a stun prod, and a security computer that controls this flame turret. Defeat these two greasels, then either destabilize the glass at (1), pick the keypad just left, or follow the pipes to the vent at (2). Elsewhere in this room are two energy cells, a medkit, and a locked trunk with a refire rate weapon mod and two concussion grenades. Inside the structure is a sniper rifle, a locked trunk with two ammo clips, an energy cell, binoculars, and a security computer which controls the rocket turret.
I’ll point out different strategies to approach obstacles, critique the skills, weapons, and augmentations, and run you through a majority of what I personally have found whilst playing Deus Ex. Still yet another possibility for dispatching spider bots is the Spy Drone, which only takes one direct hit. These won’t be much, but they can add up later in the game for some additional skills training. When sniping, make sure that no one will see your target drop or be close enough to hear them die if you want to maintain stealth.
You can use it instead of the flashlight to save power in vents, but sometimes enemies can see you more easily when you’re hiding in darkness while holding the Dragon-Tooth. Actually, the only real choice here (because of canister availability) is to have both Aqualung and Environmental Resistance, as there are only one of the other torso canisters to be found; but doing so would mean passing up on one of the other vastly more useful torso augs.
The importance of this aug is realized when you don’t have to constantly worry about using medpacks (freeing an inventory slot) and finding medbots. If you’re relying on the assault shotgun or rifle mainly, this skill is of lesser usefulness since they are close-quarters weapons.
Remember that there are almost always alternate approaches to defeating locks: any explosive (GEP, LAM, 20mm grenade), a key, security terminals, getting enemies to open doors for you, jumping through windows, climbing over walls, etc. You can make your medkits last longer and forego training by using them only when needed: check your health screen to see if you have enough damage to use a medkit completely, then go to your inventory and select and use a medkit. The outer office has a security terminal that controls many gates and doors; highly useful. It may be worth going the sewer route partly because of all the little skill bonuses and a few grenades. There’s also some darts and a rebreather which you may want to use for some fishing fun. My preference here is to don some Thermoptic Cammo, which will allow you to pass right through the lasers unnoticed, and will also make you invisible to the Commando. On the right is a series of vents that you can explore for 50 skill points -- be careful as there is a Greasel scurrying about. The locked trunk on the right holds an ammo clip, an EMP prox mine, and a noisemaker grenade.
Note that knocking the power-armored Paladins unconscious results in their self-destruction.
Behind the door on the right is some beer; the other is an alternate entrance through another air vent. Behind the locked door at (3) is a datacube which hints at a black market biomod canister, a holocomm with some background, two ammo clips, a multitool, binoculars and an energy cell. So, read on and dust off that Deus Ex disc for a fresh new install of one of the best games ever made.
Regeneration allows you to do a sloppy job of getting through environmental hazards, defense bots and turrets, and other enemies but still come out relatively unscathed. Towards the middle of the game, you may wish to upgrade this skill to Advanced in order to control turrets that can be set to fire at the enemy and save you a little hacking time. I always prefer to upgrade to Trained regardless–the swim speed on Untrained is just too slow.
100% unique PS2 level bits were skipped.PS2 screenshots are on your LEFT, PC screenshots are on your RIGHT. The master password for the server node is DAMOCLES, and the magnetic testing chamber code is 5878. Pacifists who have accepted the challenge to avoid the spy drone on power-armored Paladins can walk among them undetected with the cloak. Level 3 works on the medium size walking bots, and level 4 is required for the large walking bots.
If you’re relying on that weapon a lot or use the GEP or plasma guns, Advanced would be well advised. Master is essentially useless, unless you like reading all the emails; the extra money you get from hacking ATMs at Master will be more than you can ever use.
There are a few items in here, but check in the closet for more (an aug canister if you haven’t already found them all). In my mind they are killing themselves -- but if you want an extra challenge, ditch the spy drone tactic on the power-armored Paladins from here on. If you don’t wanna get hurt by the fumes, just blow up the barrels and come back to a clean room later. For example, the Paris cathedral is an excellent time to use a GEP gun with all the bots and MJ12 commandos roaming around.

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