The Web can be an incredible tool for finding the answers to tough questions in a matter of seconds — including questions about finance. However, the internet can also be a place for finding very strange content — and even stranger people. Advertiser Disclosure: All loans subject to Springleaf’s normal credit policies, and may be subject to maximum APR restrictions, which vary by state. Just remember, your ex only text you when he is horny, if he really cherish you, why would he hurt you in the first place?

From saving money, to investing, to earning more income, people search and find great information from the plethora of resources available every day. If you’ve ever begun typing a search into Google, for example, you might have noticed some really odd suggestions pop up to complete the query. But there are also quite a few autocomplete options for personal finance questions, too, and not all of them seem as obvious. Springleaf makes loans with APR higher and lower than the illustrative Airshow in this advertisement.

The APR on your loan will be determined by considering several factors including your credit history, with the lowest APR only available to a small number of highly qualified applicants offering collateral. Commercial vehicles, salvage titled vehicles, and certain others are not acceptable collateral for secured loans.

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