Meredith and Cristina are living together and seem to have fallen into a pattern of taking care of Zola. Meredith’s outburst also has to do with the stress of having run into Janet, who is finishing up the home study so Zola can become a permanent Grey-Shepherd.
Internet Helps Twentysomething Woman Find Her Identical Twin StrangerWhoa, this is just spooky. This year has been the year of finding stranger twins, the most famous case being the girl who went on a viral quest to find all seven of her clones around the world and has so far successfully located two of them. Welcome to Seattle Grace Mercy West, a renowned learning hospital for aspiring surgeons and doctors. This is a Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice roleplay, set after seasons 7 and season 4. We understand the RP has been a bit slow lately, but these RPers have yet to confirm they want their roles to be kept.
Anonymous asked: "so make your characters temporarily out of town somewhere they only have mobile too!
And this season premiere is no exception, as a sinkhole the size of half a football field opens up in a Seattle street and swallows a married couple, Danny and Susannah (as well as a bunch of other folks), who had been bitterly fighting right before the ground swallowed them whole. Through extensive stimulations and real life patients, you’ll learn what it takes to become the best of the best. As a very young child, she spent majority of her days in the galleries of the OR, watching over her mother and father as they performed surgery. I realize that it was an attempt to set up a more obvious division, but really, did they think we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the new doctors and the ones we've been watching for five years now? Susannah winds up pinned under her car, unconscious, and the only way to get her out is to amputate her leg. She also asks Derek some questions, and Derek blows his lid with Meredith for possibly screwing up the adoption. Derek’s still livid and it makes him even pettier than usual as he refuses to even speak to or look at his wife once they get to work and she hands over their daughter.

Meredith also neglected to mention her firing, so when Janet finds out she starts to make some very worried noises. As if the orange scrubs weren't enough, each Seattle Grace doctor was paired with a Mercy West newbie. Danny does an admirable job and makes it to the bone before melting down, so Owen goes in and finishes the job, and they all make it to the hospital. Mere says she’s going to get Derek so that they can all talk about it together, but instead she grabs Zola from the nursery and sneaks out of the hospital. There was even a storyline where the top surgeons in the hospital were grappling for the Chief's job like kindergarten kids fight over the coolest toy on the playground.
When Cristina finds out, she wants Meredith to come up with plan; when Meredith finally decides her plan is to try just being a mom, Cristina thinks she is joking. As soon as she got out of high school, she managed to get into Harvard very, very easily, and wound up graduating at the top of her class. Cristina, despite Teddy having finally taken her back on to her service, is having her own hard day as she hasn’t yet terminated the pregnancy, but has it scheduled for that evening. She’s very competitive, but she has a big heart - she cares for her patients, but knows when to draw the line. Was I the only one who found it hard to sympathize with Izzie when she subsequently freaked out? She has a unique perspective, as the child of a career-driven surgeon who never wanted a child. Meredith compares them to multiplying bacteria in her voice-over intro, but I have to say, I kind of like the little germs. People were very supportive in real life.tell us something embarrassing about your besty BJ Novak?
Torres, Callie told him that she was in love with a woman and their once-strong relationship crumbled instantly. In Thursday night's episode, her father flew across the country with a priest and a handful of Bible quote flash cards.

Maggie called from Oklahoma and asked Meredith of all the people she has interviewed who did she find the most interesting and who did she find the most boring?Meredith can't say the most boring. While it may not have been the most appropriate choice of locations for her exclamation, it's a pretty catchy turn of phrase.
It turns out that her goof with the kidney patient -- a mistake she made, unsurprisingly, while her judgment was clouded by petty competition -- is what cost her her job.
That's how you break up with your seventh-grade boyfriend, not the husband who stuck by your side through cancer (and creepy ghost-sex). Tanyia for Virginia asked if Meredith has a bucket list of people she'd like to have on her new talk show.
She likes the people that are there to have fun and relax and to be open but if George Clooney walks in, hello!Aynna from Tacoma asked Mindy what's it like working with Shonda Rhimes? What's the difference between writing for Jim and Pam on the office and her & her man on the Mindy Project? Wendy from New Jersey called to ask Meredith if you have one piece of advice to give women who are trying to be successful in today's world what would it be?
Jennifer from Virginia asked Mindy as a female comedian how one breaks into the industry in the spectacular way that Mindy did? Mindy stopped thinking of herself as all the things that people thought made her different. A caller from Ohio asked Meredith if her dog Jasper will be jealous of Wacha being all over her tonight? Bev from Virginia call in to ask Mindy if she could have any housewife guest star on the Mindy Project who would it be?

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