If you’ve been reading my articles and watching my YouTube videos, you’ll know that a big, big strategy I teach is the “No Contact” strategy. Well, if you want to get your ex back, you need to erase the old image your ex has of you and replace it with a more vibrant, attractive, and sexual image. Once that happens, then the magical art of “Re-Attraction” sets in, and that’s when you can start rebuilding that magnetic energy that you and your ex once had.
In this article, I’ll go through some reasons why you should and shouldn’t use “No Contact” to win your ex back.
If you broke up with your ex more than 6 months ago, then “No Contact” may be less effective. This is a really common scenario… your ex broke up with you, but you still live together or share a living space and simply cannot avoid contact with your ex. In summary, though, you should try to limit non-essential contact with your ex even when you live together.
Don’t show your emotions don’t get angry or sad or drag your ex into any drama or arguments… just be friendly and polite, while looking for the first chance to escape and cut the conversation short. If you have to see your ex at work or school regularly, use the exact same strategy that I just described for those who live with their ex — limit contact as much as possible for 30 days, keep any conversations friendly and positive, and make sure your ex knows you’re doing well. If you and your ex have kids together, then you simply won’t be able to avoid contact altogether. If you’re in this situation or you’re going through a divorce, please keep in mind that you may never be able to fix things with your ex. If you’re trying to go through with the 30 days of no contact, but your ex keeps pestering you with text messages and phone calls, then you may be wondering how ignoring them will help you win back your ex and start fresh with them. In the above scenarios, applying the “No Contact” strategy can be difficult, however in 99% of other situations, you should be applying this rule. Unless you’ve got a very compelling reason why you think the “No Contact” phase won’t work for you – and with nearly 10 years of breakup counseling experience, I have only seen that type of situation a handful of times – you should be using this strategy as soon as you can. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what NCR actually is.  This is why it is open to claims that it is manipulative and emotionally abusive. The Site Owner may receive compensation for some or all of the products reviewed on this site. There is no guarantee that the Site Owner has directly tested any of the products included on this site. Please note that this site is not intended for use as a source of professional, psychological or medical advice but is provided solely for informational purposes. It is also one of the most challenging strategies to get through due to a variety of reasons. I talk about it extensively in my PRO System and here, here and here.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? So, to continue my total dominance over the internet I figured I would give you another glimpse into my magnificent brain with it’s knowledge over the no contact rule.
In order to understand this article you first need to understand the context of what it is talking about.
Those of you who are up to date on my most recent thoughts regarding getting your ex back can probably skip this next section but for those of you who aren’t then you would do well to listen up. The more we live in this earth the more we experience and the more we experience the more we learn. So, it would make sense that the more time I dedicate to helping people get their exes back the more I learn. I have been doing this for the last several years and I have LITERALLY seen thousands of situations and the more I have seen the more I have learned about what works and what doesn’t work.
While no two campaigns will ever be alike generally you can locate these four things within them. Since this is an article that focuses on what to do if you get no response after no contact where do you think that, that falls in this graphic? In order to answer that question we are going to have to take you back and explain what the no contact rule is. When I first started this article I mentioned to you that I have a ton of information on this website about the no contact rule so if you want an in-depth explanation of the no contact rule I suggest that you take a look at those links above. I figured the best way to do this would be with some role playing so I would like you to meet Bob. Now, Alicia, as you may have guessed, has decided that she wants to get Bob back so she decided to use the no contact rule.
The No Contact Rule- A period of time (ranging from 21 to 30 days) where you ignore your ex on purpose in an effort to get him back. I will just post it below again so you don’t have to go through the annoyance of scrolling up and then down again.
Well, what is supposed to happen in the grand scheme is that Alicia would complete the no contact rule and then use text messages to re-attract Bob. That little circled area above is supposed to represent the sending of the first text message after the no contact rule.
In a perfect world Alicia would send a text message to Bob and Bob would respond to it happily.
I am basically going to teach you what to do in this circumstance and how to improve the odds of having your ex boyfriend respond to you but we don’t just want him to respond to you now do we?
Now, as much as I would love to eat up another thousand words talking about the four responses I can’t do that since we are here to talk about one type of response, the positive one. The ultimate goal of this page is to help you get a positive response from an ex who isn’t so positive. However, it is also a great resource for figuring out what works and what doesn’t work.

Basically when I have an idea about getting an ex back I write about it and wait to see what happens when people implement it.
From there I gather research and if I find out that enough people are implementing it and having success I let you guys know about it. Since we have a big international audience I am going to use a soccer analogy to explain this so buckle up.
Imagine for a moment that you were playing soccer on a team and you were your teams best player. From everything I have seen you only have three chances at a text message after the no contact rule to get a positive response from him and if you don’t get that positive response then your chances drop dramatically. But you will notice when you turn your attention to the goal that just getting a response isn’t enough. In fact, I bet that if you were using an ironclad no contact rule on me I could get you to break it and respond to me.
Well, I am pretty sure you would respond to me even if you were doing no contact but your response wouldn’t be positive would it?
But not everyone can get a positive response and when you add in the fact that realistically you only have three chances to get a positive response you can see why this article is super important. Since this is an article about navigating a situation where you have already reached out to your ex after the no contact rule and have gotten no response you have already take one or more shots on goal and missed.
In other words, if you only had three shots to start out with now you have one or two left. Anyways, let’s assume that you do a no contact rule on your ex boyfriend and then after that no contact rule is up instead of taking three shots at goal you take ten.
Well, if you recall my earlier statement I said that your chances of success drastically decrease but I didn’t say it was impossible. Now, lets get back to the non-GNATS out there who may have already taken one or two shots at goal.
In order to give yourself the best chance of success you need to make sure that these shots are solid attempts. Are you paying attention or are you still scrolling up to figure out if the dinosaur is real? Yup, the monkey somehow shot the gun (at the ground) and all the men started taking off running.
As long as human beings rule this world they will always be fascinated with interesting things. I will admit that crafting the most interesting text message that your ex boyfriend has ever encountered is a bit of a challenge. Because oftentimes people respond to stories better than anything but this is a text message we are talking about here. In other words, your text message can be no more than 160 characters and that may even be pushing it. Not only is this not going to be an interesting topic for your ex boyfriend but it will automatically tip your hand that you are wanting him back. How are we going to craft the perfect text message to your ex boyfriend to get him to respond in a positive manner? Well, in order to understand that you need to understand the template of an interesting text. Again, if you want a more thorough breakdown of text messages I suggest you take a look at the Texting Bible. What I want you to do is determine the interesting type of text message that you are going to send. Now, since we are dealing with text messages here one of the funniest things that you can do is send a funny picture. In fact, I would say that it’s one of the reasons that Ex Boyfriend Recovery is preferred over all the other websites out there teaching people to get their exes back.
I have done research on this website to show that most of my readers are between the ages of 18 and 34. Anyways, when you apply for a job you have to create a resume that essentially pitches yourself and why you are the right person for the job. So, imagine that you are an interviewer with one hundred resumes on your desk that all look like the boring resume template and then you happen to stumble across the resume above. It’s basically anything that you can send to your ex boyfriend that is out of the ordinary to get him to respond to you. Lets pretend that you heard this fact that the sky actually wasn’t blue but it was (sticking to the theme here) pink. This would be classified as a weird interesting type of text message that probably would get a response. Anyways, my point is that I am a big fan of GOT and anytime someone says anything about it I get stopped in my tracks and listen. In other words, if someone were to send me a text message about something I found interesting (game of thrones) the chances are high that I will give it a response. If you take a look at the graphic I created above we are at the point where you have chosen the type of text message that you want to send but need to craft a shocking opening. There are two keys or lessons that I am going to have to teach you if you are going to craft a perfect shocking opening.
The first one is deciding on whether you want your shocking opening to be a part of your overall interesting text message or if you want it to be a separate text message in and of itself. However, the shocking opening, substance middle and leave him wanting more close can be either combined into one massive action packed message or three separate text messages.
Yup, I like it when these three text messages are separated from one another in three texts.

Now, this may come as a shock to you since I clearly state in my book, The Texting Bible that after the no contact rule when trying to make your first contact you should just send one singular text message but your situation is a bit different isn’t it? Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result so that’s why I am taking the constraints of how many texts you can send after no contact off for now.
I am definitely in favor of sending the shocking opening as one text in and of itself instead of packing it in as one massive super text. When a man receives something like that what are the first three things that are going to pop into his head? Now, thought two is really kind of clever because it is also human nature to put yourself above all others. People opened up an email with this title because they thought the bad news would be about them. If you can get your ex boyfriend to ask these questions during your own shocking opening text then you will be well on your way. For example, if you picked the funny text then the substance that you are going to deliver is going to be funny. Before I get into this I want to remind you that I am a believer of NOT cramming this into one massive text that you send to your ex.
Of course, in order to do that we need to figure out the type of text message you wanted to use. You can either tell a ridiculous story OR you can add some creativity into the mix and craft a funny video for your ex to watch. Now, it’s kind of hard for me to give you an example of a funny video so I am going to stick to the ridiculous story but if there was ever a time to think outside the box this would be it. Remember, the more ridiculous you get with this story the better and no doubt about it the story I just told is absolutely ridiculous. Can you imagine being on the beach, minding your business and all of a sudden a truck comes into view chasing you with a bunch of teenagers with pole vaults? So, that’s substance in a nutshell but there is still one last thing I have to teach you. By not contacting your ex for a prolonged period of time (and the duration usually depends on the situation), you essentially allow your ex to “reset” his or her mental image of you. If you’ve been in regular contact with your ex during this time, then you need to stop communicating with your ex immediately. The thing is, most of my clients just simply want to talk to their ex and the burning desire to do so can sometimes be impossible to overcome for them, so they try and make up any excuse they can to contact him or her.
He is the author of The Ex Factor, a comprehensive best-selling guide to winning back an ex. Whether or not you perceive that the No Contact Rule (NCR) works for you, depends upon your expectations.
However, research has been conducted into the alleged results of other users who claim to have used the products.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. There is one thing that I need to talk about right now and that is for the GNATS of the world. It was this video where these men (who looked to be guerrillas) were making fun of a monkey.
That means that the text message that you send your ex boyfriend has to be as interesting or MORE interesting than all of the things I just talked about. While you know you are just watching a man or woman on a stage with a microphone talking there is something about it that makes you unable to turn away. In other words, most of you are at the stage of life where you are going to have to start applying for jobs. In fact, all that happens is they scan the endless piles of resumes for something that looks interesting and once they find something that looks interesting they will pick it to read through fully. Just believe me when I say that the “No Contact” strategy is effective in almost every case. Whilst it is perfectly natural to want to get back with your ex, there is no guarantee that this will be the outcome that you will achieve by using this method.
To this extent, the accuracy of both the publisher's research and alleged user results cannot be guaranteed.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). However, if you already haven’t talked to your ex for months, then it’s unlikely that not communicating for an additional 30 days or more will do any good.
You will also begin to lose count of the number of days that you have gone without any contact. Anyways, while they were making fun of the monkey one of them had the genius idea to give his gun up to the monkey. It gives you some breathing space to help you think more clearly and maintain your self-respect. You need to address the cause of the breakup or else you are merely delaying the inevitable. It also helps you move forward with your life, as opposed to  stagnating, whilst you wait for your ex to come to his or her senses. Some relationships are dysfunctional, or even toxic, and this will not alter as a consequence of maintaining no contact.

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