No matter which part of the world you are reading this post from, you can relate yourself with the facts mentioned below provided you have ever been in contact with an introvert. As we step in to a fresh new year with fresh hopes of leading a better life let us make some honest resolutions to make this year a memorable and a positive one not only for the self but also for the people around us. Most of us spend or more precisely waste our life giving more priority to what the society and people around us, thinks.
Maintaining a steady relationship is not just about finding that near-to-perfect partner; it is more about being the right person for your partner. The purpose of life is not to search miseries but to appreciate and cultivate the positive energies around us. The journey of life has never been a bed of roses for any living entity and of course it shouldn’t be.
We fall in love not with an intention to fall apart, but life has its own way of planning things. You know how your ex always wanted you to wear form-fitting dresses and low-cut tops whenever you’d go on a date? No matter how efficiently we plan or how many qualities we might have, we are sure to face failure in some point of our lives.

But in between our arrival and departure lies a phase where we need to socialize and make friends…lots and lots of friends. But often in our daily life we find people knowingly or unknowingly indulging in activities that take them far away from happiness. Getting over a broken relationship is one of the most painful experiences one can ever have. You, I or any other person in this planet, no matter how great they are, is bound to make mistakes under different circumstances.
While some are busy in addressing their materialistic needs some others are engulfed in their search for a happy life.
Of course, there are times when you can remain friendly with your ex, but that doesn’t mean that ending your romantic relationship will be a piece of cake. Making sure your ex sees you living well is also effective (especially in the early stages of the breakup), to a certain extent.
Of course, it’s never a good idea to cause physical harm to your ex (even though the temptation could be very strong), but there are some ways that you can make them truly regret ever letting you go.
After all, you never know when you’ll bump into your ex, and you want to be prepared when it comes to being especially hot.

Keep in mind that when you’re getting back at your former love, don’t put your safety or reputation in danger. Remember how your ex was constantly nagging you about wearing hard-bottom shoes and a respectable pair of slacks?
After all, you don’t want the revenge to backfire. Here are 10 effective ways to get back at your ex.
Add these to your wardrobe, so you can throw your polished look in her face the next time you’re at a social event with mutual friends. Your ex is likely to be really angry that you didn’t pay attention to their preferences until after the breakup.

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