With Worlds over with and the birth of the new tournament season, it’s as good a time as ever to start preparing for the new modified format. Without Hypnotoxic Laser, your deck loses much of its early game aggression against non-EX Pokemon and reduces the value of turns where you attack with your EX Pokemon. Lugia is equally as powerful as Kyurem, has more HP, uses a Colorless attack, and takes an extra prize when it attacks. More Colress Machine means more Energy acceleration, more attacks turn one, and more Lugia EX attacks out of nowhere.
Ultra Ball is mainly better because of discard and Keldeo EX search, but sometimes when you want to Skyla for Ultra Ball you really can’t afford the discard.
Overall, the deck gains a small amount of consistency and loses power in some situations and gains power in others.
Kyurem cannot attack the turn after using Blizzard Burn, but you can get around that by using Keldeo EX’s Rush In and then retreating back to the bench (using a Float Stone to give it a free retreat cost).
I would actually play Plasma Glaceon in this deck, its Ability allows for a 2 colorless less retreat cost on all Plasma Pokemon, and it would work well with the Keldeo Rush-In and then retreat trick for Kyruem, as it gives Keldeo a free retreat cost.

This week we tackle the topic and decipher when it's okay and when its TOTAL VIOLATION!! Turns where you attack with Kyurem and Absol are stronger, as Virbank and HTL are harder to get than a single Silver Bangle.
Lugia EX also does not benefit from HTL, as prizes taken from poison do not yield an extra prize card. With the release of Silver Mirror (prevents damage done by Team Plasma Pokemon) you don’t want to be staring down a field of Silver Mirrors with your single Tool Scrapper in the discard. With the newfound space in the deck because of Silver Bangle, the 4th Machine is much easier to fit.
But that only works vs plasma and not vs the other decks so i don’t think it will se THAT much play.
PF Kyurem with 2 Deoxys and bangle will one shot all EX with 170 health, with 3 Deoxys it will one shot all EX except Virizion EX.
However, with the release of Plasma Blast, the deck gains some possible interesting additions.

You also lose the ability to lock your opponent for a turn by keeping them asleep with HTL. Double Colorless Energy powers up Lugia quicker, can be Raiden Knuckled (Thundurus EX) onto Lugia, and allows Deoxys EX and Keldeo EX to retreat without Float Stone.
Against non-EX Pokemon, with Deoxys on the field, you will likely be able to KO any non-EX Pokemon as well.
In order to knock out a lot of the EX Pokemon in the format with one attack, Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym are needed for the extra 30 damage.

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