The first time they both met like this the cameras showed just how tense that moment was for the former couple.
Kris then shows up at the door, and Caitlyn says, ‘Well look who’s here.’The 59-year-old momager cheerfully greets her ex, seeing the 65-year-old for the first time since her transition into a woman. Eventually, Caitlyn – who has prepared a cheeseboard for the meeting – instructs Kris to join her on the sofa.
You could cut the tension with a knife as the pair stare at each other, before Caitlyn finally breaks the ice.
The clip ends before their conversation begins, so we’ll have to wait until Sunday’s episode to find out what happens next.
Peace is a wife and mother who reports and analyses global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change. Charlie has not said if he's had unprotected sex, but as we previously reported we know he's settled several cases with people who were unaware of his HIV status and had sex with him. Law enforcement sources say no one has come forward yet complaining Charlie exposed them to HIV. Recently she has been taking style tips from Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian by wearing brands like James Perse, Frame Denim and Rails. Her dinner outing came in the wake of the latest sneek peek of the stauesque brunette coming face to face with her ex wife Kris Jenner on I Am Cait.A A The preview for Sundaya€™s episode of the E!
Killer heels: Caitlyn got ready to drive home in her high-heeled bootsThe 59-year-old cheerfully greets her ex, seeing her for the first time since her transition into a woman.a€?Hello! The former Patriots tight end has been charged with witness intimidation for allegedly shooting a witness to a 2012 double homicide in Boston.
Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, convicted Wednesday for murder, will soon join a long roster of former pro athletes in prison.
The ex-Patriots tight end was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder in a 2013 killing — a criminal case that put the NFL brand on the defense. The ex-NFL star is still under indictment on two counts of first-degree murder in a drive-by shooting outside a Boston nightclub.
Hernandez was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder in the late-night shooting of a man in a deserted industrial park. The judge in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez filed an order to keep media away from jurors after two said they were followed. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft testified Tuesday that Aaron Hernandez said he was innocent when asked if he was involved in the 2013 killing.
Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancee of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, returned to the witness stand Monday in his murder trial. The jury in the murder trial of former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is expected to hear the opening statements from prosecutors Thursday. Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez goes on trial Friday for the June 2013 murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.

Former New England Patriot star Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday. With jury selection in his first murder trial less than a month away, Aaron Hernandez wants to exclude evidence of other alleged shootings. Lawyers for the ex-NFL star will ask a judge Thursday to move the trial out of southeastern Massachusetts because of intense pretrial media coverage. The defense argued the ex-NFL star could not get a fair trial without it, but the court disagreed.
The tentative date could be delayed since the former NFL star is preparing for a separate murder trial in the death of Odin Lloyd.
Hernandez, 24, is the alleged triggerman in the slayings of two men outside of a Boston nightclub in 2012, prosecutors say.
Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley said Aaron Hernandez has been charged with the murder of two men were ambushed and executed as they drove home in July 2012.
Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace had pleaded not guilty to previous charges in the killing of a Hernandez acquaintance in June 2013. Two Massachusetts families have filed multi-million dollar civil lawsuits against former NFL player Aaron Hernandez in connection with the murder of two men in Boston in 2012. Aaron Hernandez has been moved to a more restrictive location in the jail, according to the Sheriff's department.
Prison authorities in Massachusetts are looking into a fight between Aaron Hernandez and another inmate. Authorities are investigating after former New England Patriots tight end and murder suspect Aaron Hernandez was involved in an altercation with another inmate at a Massachusetts jail. A man who alleges he was shot by the former New England Patriots tight end has been shot again in Connecticut, police said. Carlos Ortiz, once expected to provide key testimony in the murder case, apparently won't even be called to testify.
Accused murderer and former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was in an SUV when two people were fatally shot in 2012 after a night out at a Boston club, police say in search warrant released on Tuesday. Andy Miller, the former head of Apple's iAd department, is taking over as the president and COO of Leap Motion, a San Francisco startup that makes 3D motion controls. Miller joined Apple when it bought his mobile advertising company Quattro Wireless and he left a year and a half later to become a partner at Highland Capital, a venture capital firm. His new company, Leap Motion, is working on hardware and software that will give users a way to interact with computers and other devices through hand gestures, without actually having to touch the screen. Business Insider chatted with Miller by phone about his decision to take over Leap Motion, why he's moved away from the advertising world and what he thinks of Apple's iAd department now. BUSINESS INSIDER: Why did you decide to leave your venture capital job to take on running this startup? ANDY MILLER: Once I saw Leap Motion at Highland, it was love at first sight as far as wanting to invest in it.

BI: It's been a few years since you've really worked at a startup, first with you joining Apple and then working on the venture capital side.
AM: I was really fortunate to report to Steve Jobs and to be part of Apple's ecosystem for a couple years.
We'll also be announcing a bunch of OEM deals where we license the technology for different machines and verticals in 2013.
BI: Your cofounder at Quattro Wireless, Lars Albright, is still working in the advertising world with his new startup SessionM, but it looks like you've left advertising behind for good.
This Kamov Ka-26 sports Soviet Navy markings - although I'm not sure that the type actually served with the AVMF? The 'restoration area' at Victory Park had the remains of a Hurricane being rebuilt for display. What the exhibits will eventually look like after the rework - this immaculate Chrysler is in the entrance hall.
The A-90 'Orlyonok' (Sea Eagle) has been moved from the water alongside the submarine onto its own display mounting. But now Caitlyn Jenner is really getting down with the kids - Kylie and Kendall, of course! The lightweight monochrome style is the perfect thing to throw over an all-black outfit like her leather trousers, wrap top and knee high boots combo.
Highland has been a great re-ignitor for me in terms of a passion for working with startups. We've been taking pre-orders for it over the last month, and it has been surprisingly overwhelming in terms of the number of pre-orders and videos viewed on the site. People will be playing with Leap and Leap-enabled apps on a bunch of different devices by early next year.
I'm very proud of the work being done at iAd and that Lars is doing at SessionM, but for me, Leap really represents the intersection of liberal arts and technology that Steve Jobs preached Apple stood for. It's still early in the mobile advertising game, but there's no doubt that it's growing and that Apple will be a big player in it. There was a case this past March in which a San Diego man was convicted of the crime for willfully exposing his boyfriend to HIV. And this startup has such potential to be a huge company very quickly, so I thought it'd be a great opportunity. They've done a great job of bringing in some pretty great folks like [current iAd chief] Todd Teresi.

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