Seven years after Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander, a crime for which she was convicted of murder, she continues to insist that she was the real victim.
At her sentencing hearing, she defiantly placed the blame on Alexander, her ex-boyfriend who she accuses of mentally and physically abusive behavior. The 34-year old was convicted of first degree murder in May 2013 after a jury unanimously concluded that she killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias is offering a vigorous defense, but Nancy Grace says there's "no way around" a conviction on murder charges for the accused Arizona killer. Arias is being tried for the brutal slaying of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, and to hear HLN's Grace tell it, she’s fighting a losing battle and the jury won't buy it. In a trial that may one day rival Casey Anthony's in terms of sensationalist media coverage, Jodi Ann Arias is finally face trial on murder charges.

As previously documented, many celebrities have cheated on their husbands, wives, girlfriends or boyfriends.
In 2014, Britney Spears' then-boyfriend David Lucado caught red-handed (red-lipped?) on video kissing another woman. In 2003, Halle Berry split from her then-husband, Eric Benet, after he confessed to cheating on her. Unless prohibited by local law, these Terms of Service shall be governed by the internal substantive laws of the Country of Jersey, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. She commented on how it affected her self-confidence in 2012: "It wasn’t about who he chose. Unless prohibited by local law, any claim or dispute between you and this website that arises in whole or in part from this Website shall be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in the country of Jersey.

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