Finally girls, remember, the key to making your ex-boyfriend jealous is to be confident in not just yourself but your actions.
So now you know all effective ways on how to make your ex-boyfriend jealous and make him want you back! Mention about boy that you kissed in the bar or even mention how you chatted up a sexually attractive man in the gym. They don’t like when a girl is nice to them, because it makes them remember exactly how things used to be before you broke up.

Put your sexiest outfit on to strut around in or put his favorite outfit on that you look great in and use that to make him jealous! That’s why one of the effective ways to make your ex-boyfriend jealous is to be nice and civil to him. And now your task is to show off the new you and let him know that you changed for the better! Show him that you might be better off without him and how you don’t even remember why you needed to be with him!

Believe me, when a guy sees a girl that he used to date looking and feeling better without him, it’s one of the effective ways to make your ex-boyfriend jealous!

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