But at the same time, if your boyfriend asks for too much space during the reconciliation process, he could be stalling for other reasons.
When you're 95% made up with your ex but he still won't take that last step and commit, there are a few possibilites.
If you broke up for something insignificant, like a string of stupid fights, this reason reason will be less likely. If you did happen to break up for something significant, or if he broke up with you because you were unfaithful, you'll need to learn how to get him back after cheating.

Chances are your breakup wasn't a snap decision; there were a number of factors that accumulated over time.
In the case where your ex is showing up, being overly affectionate, and then leaving shortly after having sex with you?
To find out if he's dating another girl, look for signs your ex is on a weird time schedule.
When your ex is being secretive, or if he's asking you not to text or contact you in the same ways he did when you were both dating, there's a good chance it's because he's carrying on another relationship.

If it turns out your ex boyfriend IS dating someone else, you'll need to take these steps to draw him back to you again. If your breakup goes on for a while, and your ex isn't seeing you in a girlfriend-type role, there are still moves you can make to get him interested again.

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