Demi Moore was long considered a celebrity role model for helming a successful blended family with ex-husband Bruce Willis, their three children and current husband Ashton Kutcher. That all came to an end Thursday when Moore filed for divorce from Kutcher, her husband of six years. When Madonna and Guy Ritchie were married in 2000, Madonna's daughter Lourdes (from her previous relationship with personal trainer Carlos Leon) was already in the picture.
When his designer friends questioned the utility of ballpoint pens, artist Raymond Cicin took that as a challenge. This drawing isn’t the only one – he has created other amazing artwork as well using nothing but these commonplace, lowly pens. The octopus in question was inspired by a German biologist named Ernst Haeckl who died in 1919. The web is increasingly becoming a powerful resource that can easily help you learn something new everyday. We are used to think that kids know nothing about the world, from an adult perspective they have so much to learn, right?
There are three kinds of jokes, the good ones, that will make you laugh no matter what, the bad ones that are just sad and the bad ones that are so bad they will make you laugh for some unknown reason.
It’s amazing how just a tiny little grammar mistake can give a whole new meaning to a phrase. The world is constantly changing and this is a fact, but do you ever ask yourself if it’s changing for the better or for the worse?

Let’s admit it, some of the pictures celebrities upload on social networks are just weird.
Rules are what keep the world in order, if nobody followed them our society would be a big mess. Protests are part of our everyday life, and one of the most effective ways pacific protesters use to communicate their message is writing big, bold signs. Last week I had to buy a birthday cake, so I went to my favorite pastry shop and instructed the pastry chef about the phrase I wanted on it. If you look back at the family photos you took when you were a kid you will probably realize there was something extremely awkward about them. Every time I am waiting for a package is like a small Christmas, there is sort of an excitement mixed with the fear that something will go wrong with the delivery.
Click through our slideshow to view other high profile families who went from blended to ended. He collected their discarded ballpoint pens and spent more than a year creating this enormous and highly-detailed octopus drawing. If we had to judge from these 24 pictures, we’d say that some kids already know the world too well.
This behavior obviously mutates over the years, but in the meantime the results of their lack of experience are downright hilarious. While most of the time we just notice the mistake and forget it after a second, these 29 pictures prove that these new meanings can be totally hilarious.

According to the 25 signs of this gallery, it looks like our society needs a lot more useless signs and instructions than before.
He often posts hilarious thoughts and experiences about fatherhood on his Twitter with an incredible humorous vein. We don’t see their awkwardness probably because we are used to see celebrities doing extravagant things, but what would happen if a normal person recreated celebrities’ weirdest Instagram photos? Keeping this golden rule in mind, and maybe a little obsessed with it, these people decided to follow the instructions just as literally as they could.
People actually prefer nightmarish cakes that will seriously disturb all these who have to eat a piece of them. It may be the clothes, the style, the poses, but you can make sure some of those photos will still make you cringe. A Reddit community recently asked their users to upload images of animals and describe them with funny and misleading captions.

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