That was just the first odd occurrence in the beginning of our odd relationship and the nightmare I’m living in now.
At first I loved that he had a high sex drive because I had always been the kind of girl who had a higher libido than anyone else I dated in the past, but I realized as we became closer that no, he was just a total weirdo. Since he worked from home he used his job as an excuse to constantly be on his computer and on social media.
What was interesting is that despite us not having talked in over 3 weeks as soon as I blocked him I began getting text messages from random numbers within just a few minutes. All I want is for this man to be out of my life and despite our break up over a year ago he still keeps tabs on me on a regular basis. I had been single for over a year and I was really enjoying my time with Brian so I overlooked all of the glaring obvious signs he was a mistake. He told me from the beginning he was a sex addict, although not with other people, just with himself. I would wake up in the middle of the night and find him in the bathroom jerking off, watching porn. He would have 5+ chat screens open to different women he was talking to almost anytime I saw him online.
Every month like clockwork he starts sending me messages, usually late at night, around 1 or 2 in the morning. We both lived in SoHo and found out that we actually lived on the same block so I thought it was even stranger that he didn’t want to meet right away, considering the vicinity to each other. When I would ask him who it was he was talking to he would instantly get pissed and say, “It’s none of your business. I told him I didn’t owe him any explanation and that although I wish we could be friends I needed to just rid him of my life.

He said he he was moving in with his mom to take care of her because she was sick and he needed help.
If I don’t respond within whatever time he thinks is appropriate he gets pissed and starts sending me message after message, usually just “?????” or “Are we ignoring my messages now?” If he sends me a message and sees I’ve been tweeting or updating some other account I keep public he immediately messages me, enraged I haven’t responded to him. I don’t want to have to keep my Twitter private and I want to be able to openly share my blog links without worrying about him reading them and commenting all pissed off under anonymous names. He was addicted to porn and being a design consultant he worked from his home office where he could basically masturbate any time he wanted to. Do not ask me again.” His only friends were females and while I’ve never been the overly jealous type I just thought it was kind of strange the only people he was friends with were girls he had dated, fucked, or met on dating sites. Finally, though, I realized I had to cut the cord so I blocked him from Facebook, Twitter, and every other site I could think of. It was strange and heartbreaking and as much as I tried making it work, even after finding out about his behavior, I knew I had to let him go. Paranoia and Delusions of Grandeur:  My ex was a former Green Beret and believed the government was continuing to track him even though he was retired.
I’m still not sure how he ever really got any work done or how his company survived with him being so addicted to porn and online women. He got to the point where he didn’t want to take me out in public because he thought we were being photographed and followed. I guess I thought with one account unblocked he would cool down and hopefully leave me alone. He told me when we dated the reason why he had so many accounts was that they were for “different purposes” but later on I found out he did that just to be able to talk to many women and portray a certain lifestyle to certain people on each account. Accuse you of being a whore, a seductress or some psychological manifestation of his Mommy issues.

Sneak into your building at the end of the day and pace outside your office door when no one else is around to hear you scream.6. Binging on Netflix and watching every episode of Weeds while eating a lot of frozen pizza and drinking wine from the bottle.2. Thank you for the comment and for reading ??Reply Conversations with Yolandi saysOctober 17, 2013 at 11:17 AM It may not be long but in that situation, it is forever. Before I was married, there were a few chronic telephoners, but that was the worst stalking I got. It isgood to get it out let others know that the only person we our responsible for our own selves. There will come a time when you find that one person that will love u, respect u and except u for who u r.
I’m going to share this so that people know what to look out for (and what to stay away from).
Although, it is interesting to note that he was my very first BF and I haven’t had one since. I would apologise on behalf of all men if I thought it would make a difference, but I can’t imagine it will. Because, of course, adding yet another television show to my must-see list is JUST what I need.

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