Breaking up with a clingy, obsessive significant other is a process marked by stage after stage of mind games and desperate entreaties to stay together. We might finally have an answer thanks to a recent call with a Comcast representative that was recorded by a customer trying to disconnect his service. Remember: The quotes below are taken from a real conversation with a real Comcast representative that can be heard here. Your ex: "Everything was so, so, so amazing between us and nothing was ever bad when we were together. Your ex: "Even though there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with me that’s causing this break up, if there was, just hypothetically speaking, what might that be?
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Sign up for our email insights series and get a copy of our popular ebook “How to Text Girls” FREE. I can see how that'd be true - I suppose it depends how you view the women you share moments and relationships with. For all intents and purposes, it's safe to assume that if a girlfriend is in contact with an ex of hers in any way, she still has some feelings for him.
Girls in love with their boyfriends won't flirt heavily, and their reservations around moving things forward with you will always be centered on their relationship. Girls who aren't in love with their boyfriends conceal them from you or mention them only in passing, and if they do get to talking about them they'll either refer to them disdainfully or in a "he's a good little puppy" sort of way that makes it clear they're the dominant party in the relationship and they do whatever they want (including whatever they want with you). I keep doing a reality check to make sure I'm not being insecure and I've shared this with my friends for feedback and they all agree it was strange and something to bring up with her. That's kind of a hard situation because you don't actually know to what extent she's gone with the guy or to what extent she thinks she might go. This is a "red flag" behavior for me, simply because it means you're going to have to devote a lot of your time, emotion, and mental cycles paying rapt attention to every little thing she does and trying to interpret it and figure out what it all means. In my experience, the women who are very chummy with other men in front of their boyfriends are usually open to doing things with those men given the right circumstances. I'm currently in a situation where-by my current girlfriend is best friends with her ex boyfriend of 8 years. Last summer I met this girl (call her Girl X) through sports, in the beginning I did not think much of her. So after I stopped talking to this girl I start doing my own thing, I was devastated, but once I got back on my feet I started seeing other girls and I dated these two wonderful girls. She texts me a couple of days later and friendly me, starts talking to her again (light chit-chat), but I confronted her and was like hey Girl-X, I'm seeing other people right now and I want to make it work, so I just wanted to make it clear if we talk I just want to be just friends with you.
I have never had a girlfriend before lol (lots of brocken relationships), and I do want to make it work with this girl. You can decide for yourself which is a bigger pain, but to make it easier we've transcribed some of the conversation to a medium more fitting for break-ups in 2014: the text message. Take a look at the cringe-inducing texts below -- and whatever you do, don't follow their lead. So you won't hear a protest like, "It's too fast for me!" Rather, you'll hear one like, "I can't - I love my boyfriend!" She'll also mention her boyfriend early and often - if she's really in love with him, he'll be a big, important part of her life, and she'll speak of him much and clearly hold him in high esteem. One time I was on the other side, I was the sexy one, but he had the money and she was a golddigger.
You more or less have access to her whenever you want, pretty much for the rest of her life.
He could be a former lover, he could be a guy she has something going on with now, or he could just be some guy she's close with whom she enjoys flirting with and gets a rush out of knowing he finds her attractive.
I've had girls who'd hold my hand and flirt with me in front of their boyfriends get drunk and start kissing me in front of their boyfriends (back when I was still running social circle game and not moving as fast). You'll never be able to be absolutely certain of a girl's fidelity in any relationship, no matter who she is - there are always things that can happen without you having the slightest idea of it. All you can do is watch it, gauge it, and decide if it's acceptable for you or not - and if you can accept it, you stay with her, and if you can't accept it, you find a different girl who's just as good as her but who behaves herself more in accord with what you're looking for in a mate.

Few weeks later I found out that she lived two doors down from my apartment and that is when we began talking (she moved back home soon after though). I later found out that she had a bf or a bf she was on a "break" with, so I confronted her and asked her if she was still going out with the guy, and she said no. So side fact that I forgot to mention, I became very close friends with the guy friends of Girl-X.
I have been steadily making her invest more and more into me, but at times I feel like she is holding back. Your ex may at least have had some valid points: You did enjoy your time together and at one point, you could have believed their claims.
While a person that you shared an emotional connection with probably deserves some explanation about why you're breaking up, Comcast does not. At least your ex hopefully had a few more dynamic qualities to offer beyond download speed and broadband width. And unlike your ex, now it just sounds like Comcast is going to start screwing you a whole lot less. But the question soon becomes- how do you know when a girl is totally in love with her boyfriend?
Or, ABOVE ALL OTHER DOUBTS ABOVE, is it best to just roll the dice, make that bold move like a kiss, and find out what happens next?
At some point, moral questions enter in - where do you draw the line and risk disrupting this girl's latest serious relationship? Relationships are more about practical considerations than they are emotional ones - it's all about what she can get, rather than what she feels. If something's going on, she'll be annoyed at you for bringing it up and not knowing your place. I also met her bf (when she was not around and not knowing they were going out) who lived in an apartment close by. We hung out more and I began developing feelings for the girl, so I cut off all contact with the guy and deleted him from my life because I felt guilty. I find out through one of the new girls that I was seeing that Girl-X was checking up on me because she was asking if I was dating the new girl. Also I have a feeling she still talks to her ex from time to time (that weasel made sure he dug himself into her friend circle). As much as we LOVED that time we ordered "I Know Who Killed Me" on demand, the repeated gaps in service really weren't that sweet.
Because even if nobody's bluffing here, your ex isn't going to keep billing you until you return their cable box with remote. Everything would become black and white then: either she we get together (and that love question is answered) or we don't see each other again. I've had some really interesting conversations with guys who fall in the super-sexy category about this - it seems to mostly come down to the guy's own family background with relationships. He is kinda of awkward with people in general( I get along with him well enough though) and wants to eliminate the bad vibes he gives people that make them uncomfortable and want to stay away. Sometimes she let's me know and usually it only comes up if I ask her what she did last night.
If nothing's going on, she'll be annoyed at you for being weak enough to think she prefers other men to you, and it might even suggest to her that she SHOULD prefer other men to you - if even YOU doubt your own staying power, why should SHE believe in it?
For latter part of their relationship I know they weren't having sex which lead to an amicable break-up but they have remained close partly due to what they invested in terms of music but mostly I think because of a inherent dependence on one another.
He added me on social media, we exchanged numbers, etc., but I did not develop a relationship with the guy. I didn't think much of it as I thought she was still with her bf and I haven't seen her in months. I was still seeing the other girls at the time, but I noticed myself pushing them further and further away for Girl-X.
I see her liking his photos once in a while on social media, and him doing the same to her, I don't like to creep, but I see it (social media is the worst!).

The fact that it was our ex's idea to order a movie starring 2007 Lindsay Lohan doesn't get Comcast off the hook either.
He will even contact her at 3 A.M when he sees her online to start a convo and she convos back. Your actions need to serve you - you can start letting her see you flirt with other women in front of her, but then you risk turning things into a competition and having it really get ugly. Its true that if you ever bring up their relationship she turn's on you faster than you can imagine. In my high-school and uni days, I was never really great with girls, because I lacked confidence. I confronted Girl-X and said I don't want drama again and she reassures me this time is different as she just doesn't care about her ex anymore. I've been seeing my gf for almost 6 months now and while a do trust her fully, I know that she will never be able to relinquish the control that she allows her ex-bf to have on her. So I stupidly started investing more and more into this girl, we ended up hooking-up pretty quick, but I put so much of myself out there that I became very emotionally involved. We act normal, have light chit-chat and she tells me she has broken up with her bf for good now and she hasn't been with him for two months (so calculations they got back together for a month and broke off again). I asked her to take down some intimate photos of her and her ex and she ended up doing it after a small fight (I know it made me look insecure, but it bothered me).
BUTTT  Apart from that, there isn't any other red flags, which would make me hesitate in jumping into a relationship with this girl (sounds dumb I know haha).
She even asked me "does it bother you that I talk to him?" to which I responded (laugh) "go ahead and talk to him, like he has a chance" to which she looked at me kissed me and said "true".
I think this is because the guy from a broken home assumes that all serious relationships break down at some point, so why deny her and himself their passions and desires for the sake of something that won't last anyway? For that reason I think we will inevitably break-up, half so I can have some sense of dignity back and to be in a relationship that were both committed fully to, secondly just out of plain curiosity to find out what happens next with them! However,  I realized I'm not really into that kind of life style, i wanted to find someone special and I wanted to stop hurting others. And that's when shit started hitting the fan, we would be in a consistent tug of war of hooking up, enjoying each others company then her running away or me pushing her away resulting in not talking for a week or two weeks. We end up at this club together as a group, but me and her ended up breaking off and being alone for the rest of the night.
We both like each others company and we started holding hands and hanging out with her friends (don't hate I like holding hands!).
I do wish things could be different as she's an amazing girl, its just a shame that some people are unable to let go of the past! I was seeing other girls during those breaks, but I couldn't get over this girl and EVERYTIME me and her met-up we would end up hooking-up.
I feel like this time is different from last summer and I feel like I should give her a shot. Took him 4 months to sleep with her, and it took only 3 weeks for me so I got that well covered.
It's been a month and a half since we started seeing each other again and I want to ask her to be my girl. The comfort, the support, the love from her ex-bf and the physical and sense of pursuit from me (I was used for sex, lol).
What exactly should I watch out for in this, I know you outlined it in the above article but I was wondering about other warning signs or things I should be worried about. We did this break-up get hook-up thing for about 3-4 months with her ex always in the picture, but I finally said I'm done and we stopped talking to each other for several months (they hung out at times, he went to her birthday, took her to dinners, etc.

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