We briefly saw each other in December when he returned my Christmas DVDs to me, but we otherwise hadn’t spent time together since November. I arrived at the Meatball Shop (my pick – they have veggie balls) a little early, so I texted him to let him know I had a table for us. Emily SteeleMarch 10, 2014 at 11:13 PMIt will be a year ago at the end of April, sadly it is not a good memory. My one-year anniversary with Rick is tomorrow, which inspired me to write a long-overdue blog entry about my love life. It was a rich hug, the kind of hug that only happens between two people who really, truly care for each other.

I was still desperately (pathetically honestly) trying to save the marriage and he was acting cold and mean, he stood up and left mid conversation. Sadly I finally snapped and called him every name in the book, because he wouldn't just be honest and admit he had a girlfriend. Seeing that smile for me made me feel about 93% joyful and 7% terribly, terribly sad and wistful. Maybe in the long run he did you a favor by driving off so the pain of the split didn't get dragged out any longer. He shared the latest on a huge project at work, for which I’ve always been his biggest supporter.

I could relate to exactly how that must have felt even though I've not yet been married or divorced!! And in our case, our breakup was never particularly nasty -- just really sad for both of us.

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