CreditExpert from Experian offers an array of exclusive useful tools and expert advice to help you monitor, understand and improve your Experian Credit Score. We provide you with the UKa€™s number one trusted credit score, with easy-to-read summaries of what your score means to those all important lenders.
It is also possible to download and print previously purchased score checks for easy record keeping and monitoring. CreditExpert from Experian provides online tools, information and expert advice to help you improve and better manage your financial situation. Checking your report is the first major step in taking control of your financial situation. It details your personal credit history, including mortgages, credit cards, mobile phone contracts and more. When you apply for financial products, lenders will normally check your credit report and use the information, along with their own policies and information on your application, to assess whether you are likely to repay what you owe on time.
Experian CreditExpert puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to check that your report is accurate and reflects your current circumstances. Receive alerts by text message or email when there are certain changes to your Experian Credit Report or if we find your personal details anywhere online. Patient Financial Screening Credit Report and Score for Healthcare Assess a patient's ability-to-pay with a medical credit check. Residential Tenant Screening Credit Report and Score for Landlords Run a tenant credit check using only an applicant's name and email.
Technically speaking, the credit score is a statistical technique of determining the probability of an individual repaying his debt within a specific period of time, by evaluating and analyzing his previous credit history. The evaluation is based upon the credit data of an individual, available with the credit bureaus.
The FICO scale ranges between 300 to 850, as a measure of an individual's creditworthiness. As evident from the table above, excellent credit scores assure best prospects of getting a loan; that too at lower interests. Generally, any loan application with a credit score of 720 and above is treated in a similar fashion by the lenders. Scores below 680 are considered risky and although there is no problem acquiring a loan, you may have to bear higher interest rates.
Although, FICO has its own formula for evaluating the score, its variables are based upon certain factors.
As an alternative model to FICO's rating, VantageScore has been developed through collaboration, between TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Most importantly, this score considers individuals who have a credit usage history of less than six months, for whom traditional evaluators like FICO do not provide a score. The determinant factors in case of VantageScore are an individual's bill payment history (the most important factor), type, and age of utilized credit, percentage of credit limit utilized, total debt, total available credit, and recent inquiries about credit, as well as related behavior.
Analyze your FICO as well as VantageScore before applying for loans as it will give you a fair idea about what you can expect from the lenders.

Your Experian Credit Score is based on the information provided in your Experian credit report and is given as a number ranging from 0-999. It is important that you check your credit score regularly to help minimise the damage that mistakes and potential fraudulent activity can have on your creditworthiness.
Understand how your credit score can affect a lendera€™s decision on you when applying for credit. The more you know about how your report works, and how lenders and others use it, the easier it is to understand and improve your credit status.
Your report contains information that helps lenders to decide whether or not to accept your application. This helps them decide whether to offer you the product and which terms to set, such as interest rates. Prospective landlords and employers may see elements of your report, so it can also affect your chances of renting a home and getting a job.
Monitoring your credit report is one of the best forms of protection against identity fraud allowing you to see potential anomalies. Experian Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (firm reference number 009743).
Grow your business by using our credit report data to help determine the risk of new customers, clients, rental applicants and employees.
Prospective renters buy their credit report and grant private access directly through Experian.
A credit score scale chart for FICO and VantageScore ratings, that grades the perception of lenders, is presented in this article.
Ergo, now you need to check your VantageScore as well, along with your FICO score.Let's face it, most Americans live on credit.
It is possible that the three bureaus have different credit reports regarding the same individual. Most money lenders will find it difficult to reject a loan applicant with a superior score.
While a credit score beyond 800 is indeed splendid, it may not earn you extra points with the lenders. People in the range of 580 to 619 may find it difficult to get loans and even if they do, the interest rates will be very high.
It is based on a different algorithm, that has been constantly evolving to offer the most accurate picture of your creditworthiness.
Some of the other few features of the score include the exclusion of negatively-impacting debt collection accounts, from the calculations, provided they are paid off, as well as credit relief for victims of natural disasters.
Paying your bills on time and utilizing your credit lines intelligently, will see to it that your creditworthiness is positively reflected in the score. If any factors are affecting your score, then our tools will flag up both the positives and negatives, allowing you to take action and improve your score.
Free trial period starts on registration a€“ further ID verification may be required to access the full service which may take up to 5 days.

Your report is also a helpful tool for you to use to keep track of your accounts in one place and watch out for fraudulent activity. Experian Ltd is registered in England and Wales with registered office at The Sir John Peace Building, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham, NG80 1ZZ. Naturally, they often resort to taking loans at lower interest rates, to reduce their financial burden. Credit scores are granted by three bureaus in the US namely, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.
People with scores in the range of 720 to 850 will not have any difficulty getting loans at desired interest rates, provided other conditions are met. Your loan application will be reviewed in the same way as the one with a credit score of 720 or above.
People who have very poor scores should work upon credit repair before they can hope to get a loan sanctioned. The current version 3.0 of the algorithm has been recalibrated to provide a rating scale ranging from 300 to 850, it being a familiar numerical scale.
Four of the top 5 mortgage lenders, 6 of the top 10 credit card issuers, 4 of the top 10 auto loan lenders, and 7 out of the top 10 financial institutions now accept VantageScore to verify an individual applicant's creditworthiness.
Free trial period starts on registration - further ID verification may be required to access full service which may take up to 5 days. The web monitoring feature and its alerts within CreditExpert is not FCA regulated activity.
These scores are formulated on the basis of a software program developed by Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), hence also termed as FICO scores.
Nonetheless, the variation in the score range is not significant enough to influence the financial fate of a person. In short, people with credit scores in the range, good to excellent, have no reason to worry, while those below, should look for ways to improve scores. Here is a ratings chart that illuminates the perception of lenders about your VantageScore. No loan application is approved before a detailed analysis of the applicant's creditworthiness, which is quantified through credit scores and reports. VantageScore has been jointly developed by these bureaus and uses a different type of algorithm.
We introduce you to VantageScore and FICO credit scores, their scales, and determinant factors, as well as charts that will provide you with an indication of how your personal score will be perceived by lenders. Experian and the Experian marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc. Other product and company names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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