It must b hard 4 u 2 always have me on ur mind, knowing you screwed up and now I have what was once urs.
I think someone either is very jealous of me, or doesn't want me to be happy, so talking about me must make them feel better about there own miserable life's.
Well, a little site by the name of Facebook was launched and with Facebook came three little words that are vitally important to relationships, even today. Yes?Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? Ok, now that you have thought of the best couples you could think of I want you to take another moment to think of the worst couples.
Do you think that these couples have their Facebook profiles updated to reflect that they are in a relationship? The point of this fun little exercise is simple, it’s to show you that there actually is a correlation between happy couples and happy Facebook relationship statuses and unhappy couples and a lack of a Facebook relationship status. What we are trying to accomplish here is to understand why your ex boyfriend won’t update his Facebook profile to reflect the fact that you two are officially in a relationship. Before you two were broken up and when you two were clearly dating he wouldn’t update his Facebook status to reflect that fact.
You two have gotten back together after a breakup but he won’t update his Facebook relationship status. Obviously the purpose of this page is to give you extreme insight into why he refuses to update his Facebook status in both of these situations but I don’t feel comfortable diving into that until I first highlight why I think it is such an important thing for a couple to do for one another.
One thing we can assume right off the bat is that (Couple A) is never going to have to worry if the other person is committed to them 100% like (Couple B) will. Look, I have been a single guy before and I know that any time I would be interested in someone the first thing I would do is go to Facebook to check and see if they were in a relationship or not. So, lets pretend that a single girl out there is prowling Facebook for a boyfriend and she stumbles across the (Couple A Male’s) profile and learns that he is in a relationship. In other words, by changing your Facebook status to in a relationship you are lowering the chances that you are going to be pursued by single people which as I am sure you are aware is never a good thing if you are in a relationship. Well, lets take a look at the same situation happening to the male in (Couple B.) Remember, (Couple B) has not changed their Facebook status to say that they are in a relationship with one another.
So, here comes this single girl on to the male in (Couple B’s) Facebook profile and she determines that he is not in a relationship. Now, I don’t know about you but it is never a good thing when your man is constantly getting hit on by other women in a relationship.
The male in (Couple B) starts some harmless flirting with the single woman who contacted him through Facebook. So, the point I am trying to make here is that since (Couple B) didn’t update their Facebook statuses to reflect the fact that they were in a relationship with one another they are almost inviting this kind of thing to happen. Now, I basically just highlighted an extreme case there but take it from someone who has seen a lot with regards to this kind of stuff. So, now that you understand why updating your status matters lets try to understand why men feel the need to not update it. Lets hop in a time machine for a moment and go back to that beautiful time where you and your ex boyfriend first started dating. Eventually you start to become so fed up that you decide to take hold of the situation and confront him about it. You tell him that you think it’s important that he update his Facebook status for the sake of your relationship. Are there truth to his words or is it just some line he thought up so he can string you along? When I look at the beginning stages of a relationship I think of something that is very unstable. Pretend that this graph represents your relationship with your boyfriend at the beginning stages of your relationship. Point A: Lets say that you just had an amazing date where he asked you to be his girlfriend. Point C: Lets say that here you went on another date and got him to kiss you for the first time. My point of taking you through this exercise is that things aren’t always smooth at the beginning of a relationship where you are trying to create a spark with someone. So, the point of me writing this section is to kind of inform you that you need to manage your expectations at the very beginning of a relationship. Well, as it turns out there are quite a bit of reasons that he may not want to update his Facebook status. Essentially what this means is that he hasn’t logged into Facebook in so long that Facebook literally has nothing to show for his Facebook wall. Basically chicken is this game where two cars race towards each other as fast as they can and the first one to swerve out of the way loses. Now, I don’t know about you but I personally think that, that paints me in a very bad light. Because there is absolutely no evidence that we are dating at all anywhere on my social profile.
Now that you have a pretty decent idea of why an ex boyfriend would want to hold off on updating that status on Facebook lets take a look at another complex Facebook situation.
Why an ex won’t want to update his Facebook profile after you have won him back after a breakup.
The thing you have to keep in mind here is the fact that navigating the social media landscape of Facebook after a breakup is kind of tricky.
Everyone who was connected to you via Facebook was informed of your breakup and as I am sure you have realized by now, not all of your friends and family were 100% supportive of your relationship to begin with.
There are actually quite a few reasons for why your ex boyfriend doesn’t want to update his status if you were to get him back. Now, the first thing you have to understand is that when you start over with your ex boyfriend for a second time around things are going to be kind of awkward for a little while.
In fact, I hate them so much that I will literally do anything to try to dispel them so I don’t get that gut-wrenching feeling in my stomach that something is wrong.
When I think back to who updated their Facebook status first I am kind of proud to admit that it was me who initiated it first.
Because I am aware of the fact that sometimes when you get two stubborn people who date each other you get a Facebook status stand off. Facebook Status Stand Off– A term that describes what happens when a man refuses to update his Facebook status until the woman does and the woman refuses to update her Facebook status until the man does. Of course, you being the incredibly stubborn person you are say the same exact thing to yourself.
What ends up happening is both members of the relationship begin to get annoyed at each other because no one breaks down and updates their Facebook status. Now, if there is one thing on this earth that will make people say or do mean things it’s a breakup. For example, years ago my exes friends prank called me for three days straight and eventually came to my house and poured mustard all over my car. Now, I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous and like I am making it up but I promise you it really happened. In my professional opinion I think this is a statement that makes absolutely no sense at all. For example, what is the very first thing that you are greeted with when you log in to Facebook?
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of.
My ex broke up with me in november out of Blue saying that she has been seeing someone since 4 months ago and that she and I have been done since then (lie). We recently became a couple but after 4 days after officially becoming official, he deleted his Facebook. You know, just because Facebook is about broadcasting your business doesn’t mean you have to broadcast everything. Me and my boyfriend met each other through our mutual friends on Google+.I was the UG and he was head over hills for me. He was (and still IS) kind of famous on G+ and he knew a lot of people on G+ ,so I had to put up with all those flirty comments from girls.
During the last month of our relationship he got so distant that I thought there’s something going on between him and one of the girls on G+. When I checked the girl’s profile I saw his (to some extent flirty) comments there and I got furious …I called him and we had a fight and during the fight He dumped me!! I was just curious about if an ex has a new girlfriend, yet they haven’t changed their relationship status on Facebook what exactly that means. It means that they haven’t had the facebook talk yet or they are waiting for each other to do it first. All i am saying is why is there a facebook default picture up of them but they arent official on facebook?
Definitely toying with your emotions and possibly trying to work an angle with the new girl.
I think actually the problem is you threatened him and he feels backed into a corner by you. Right and i get and understand i probably shoudlnt have done that because immediately his defenses went up and potentially wont talk to me when he thinks i will tell her. My boyfriend (now my ex), in the two and a half years we were together, never changed his relationship status on Facebook. Today he is trying to break up with me (again), for the reason that he claims to be unhappy during our relationship.
I think you need a stronger position… He looks at you like a pushover and that is why he is doing these questionable things. We have now added a 8 more pages to our Most liked Facebook Status article as a way to give you more statuses to choose from.
More often than not, the thrill of a Facebook friend request dies upon discovering who it is. If you spend your life waiting for something to happena€¦ in the end, the only thing that happens is life!
Does liking a sad status update mean Ia€™m sympathetic for them or I like that they are sad? A sense of concern for others gives our lives meaning; it is the root of all human happiness. If you could kick the ass of the very person responsible for your troubles, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a month. So long as we are under the control of disturbing emotions, real happiness is hard to find. Always remember, that no matter how useless you think you are, you are still someone’s reason to smile. If you want to know what the best tips available are to help you prevent a hangover, avoid a hangover or are looking for hangover remedies then be sure to check this article out! The fact is that I want to become independenta€¦ but my parents want to move out the house! I should be a garbage collector because I’m apparently really good at picking up trash.

LIKE if your parents think your friends are a bad influence, but honestly, you are usually the one that comes up with the ideas. Reading a book & having to reread the same paragraph over and over because your thoughts are too distracting. Deja Vu: When God thinks something is so funny he has to rewind it to show it to his friends. It’s scientifically proven that if you drop food on the ground, blow on it before you eat ita€¦ that kills all of the germs. LIKE if you take 30 minutes to shower, because you like to stand there, under the hot water, just thinking about life. As long as there are sites like Facebook, Google plus and Twitter where you need statuses for your wall we will continue to add more and more most liked Facebook status updates to these pages.
Facebook is adding many new features lately such as dvd movies which you will soon be able to rent and watch while on Facebook. Lately, I’ve had a lot of women coming to me and asking if they can use Facebook in any way to get back with their exes. According to a recent study conducted by a Western University student completing her Master’s thesis nearly 9 out of 10 Facebook users keep an eye on their exes profiles. I wanted to create a page on how you could best optimize your Facebook profile to give yourself the best chance to get your ex boyfriend back. Speaking of getting your boyfriend back, I would like to clear up some confusion about this page.
In this section I am going to talk about some of the things you can do to improve the chances of your ex stopping by your profile.
Do not contact him via Facebook- Not only could this be viewed as desperate but as you are about to find out, actually not contacting your ex is a smarter strategy. Implement A No Contact Rule- I actually recommend doing this in almost every situation to get your ex back.
So, I want to take a moment now and discuss how important the no contact rule can be to your Facebook efforts.
By essentially ignoring your ex boyfriends texts, you have forced him to come over to Facebook and check your profile out. The key point I am trying to make here is that your Facebook profile is a reflection of you. I am going to be completely honest with you, using Facebook to get your ex back isn’t ideal.
Here is the deal, if I find the girls I chose to be attractive then you can bet your ex boyfriends would be as well.
I ended up choosing 20 women, I will not be giving you their names though so don’t go fishing around here because you will be disappointed.
I am not kidding when I say that, the mock story I told above (shout out to Rick ?? ) is exactly how 99% of men operate. Why would you even give an ex the satisfaction of knowing that his actions are hurting you?
And since I am the voice of the average male, I think it is safe to say that your ex boyfriends would also find these women and their active social lives attractive as well. Now, it is probably important to point out that there is a right way to display your social life and there is a wrong way to. Photos where you are out on a boat with a group of people and showing off your hot body in a bikini ;). I hope by now I have convinced you that the chances are very high that your ex boyfriend will be visiting your profile at some point in the future. There is nothing really more I can do to try and prove I’m doing well without him is there? Life is too short to spend SO MUCH TIME on the Internet (FB and other social media debacles) when most people have lost touch with the world and reality.
30 months to the day after I initiated no contact (with someone I never thought would have the balls to contact me after he ghosted on me) he did. I took the advice of the moderators and the website and just ignored him liking my fb posts about my personal achievements over the last month (it was difficult and infuriating ) . I haven’t responded to him contacting me because the one thing no contact has given me is distance and clarity .
When I do respond I’m just going to act like nothing happened and be nice and short . Hey Chris, I made a mistake of messaging him a few days and then it ended up turning into a call, at first it seemed like nothing happened and that we were still dating, then he got angry when I asked if he was feeling better (happy) then he said i got to call you later.
It depends, adding him and then doing nothing can just leave him thinking or maybe he’ll just shrug it off or message you after that.
Finally, you’ll be able to edit who can see past posts of you with your ex and untag yourself from posts with that person. Well, chances are your Facebook posts are a blatant reflection of these less-than-subtle motivations. This tongue-in-cheek analysis featured on Wait But Why chronicles all those love to hate statuses that pop up on our newsfeed only to have us reaching for the block button.
Your Facebook posts should offer something to your followers, a tip, tool or well-thought-out perspective.
Your Facebook posts should not seek to force a rambling, self-indulgent commentary on a group of unsuspecting bystanders (we all know how well that works for the average street preacher). And this holds true not just for your blog or professional social media accounts, you should treat your personal followers to the same courtesy.
But go ahead and phone a friend or send that overdue email because a public Facebook broadcast may not be the best medium for this particular nugget of thought. Hating on others will not make you run faster, jump higher, look better or increase your bank account.
I always used to say that relationships weren’t truly official until both couples updated their Facebook statuses to reflect it and I still kind of believe it.
Well, then that single girl is most likely going to determine that this particular guy is not for her. Eventually that harmless flirting turns into a friendship where he vents about his girlfriend. The last thing that man wants to do is make the mistake of calling you his girlfriend and then find you smooching his best friend. He is a bit of an introvert and though he is not technologically impaired he doesn’t really log on to Facebook that much. Now, imagine that happening with your boyfriend except instead of using a car he is using Facebook. I have a beautiful girlfriend in you but I can also try to get as many women as I can on the side. The two of you are still trying to get to a place where you feel comfortable with each other again (like you did in the past) and adding in the pressure of a Facebook update might be a little too much at this juncture. Usually you think of the people involved in the breakup when you think of this but in most cases it also extends outside of it too. Your ex boyfriend knows and understands that your friends and family probably said or did mean things to him during the breakup and making a relationship re-official on Facebook might rub some of these people the wrong way. I mean, isn’t the point of having a Facebook is so you can connect with your friends so you can know their business and they can know yours?
In fact, the very act of making a Facebook profile ensures that everyone who is connected to you will indeed know your business. I learned a lot from you and introduced your page to my friends who are going through exback recovery. I believe he deleted his Facebook so his ex-girlfriend would not see our relationship and it seems like he wants to hide the relationship from her. It can make sense if the guy suddenly wants less Facebook drama over his relationships and only cares to tell a small group of people he just got back with his ex. Although we loved each other very much and we were really happy together, the fact that he didn’t update his relationship status on G+ really bugged me. Maybe it would be better to explain the whole situation fully as I am stuck at this point on where to go from here.
And we always get into an argument everytime I tell him that I get jealous of this and that person. Remember that these pages are updated daily with some of the hottest, coolest, wittiest and latest status updates which you can use for your Google +, Twitter or Facebook accounts. They have also added a new app called 'Messenger' which users can use for sending SMS-like messages to their Facebook friends. All this makes for an even greater reason to search and find a great status for your wall or comments. I will admit that when I did all the research for this site it never occurred to me to dive that deep into the ex recovery process.  I did think about it but I never really thought it was important enough to research.
Since I am a guy I have a pretty good idea on what the perfect Facebook profile should look like to give yourself the best chance to reignite your exes feelings and ultimately get your ex boyfriend to come back to you. I want you to remember that this page is dedicated solely on FACEBOOK and how you can use it to improve your chances of getting your ex back. Unless you completely skipped the first few paragraphs of this page then you know that there is pretty much a 90% chance that your ex boyfriend is stalking your profile ;).
However, you need to start looking at Facebook as a tool that can be used to further your chances of getting him to have those romantic feelings towards you again.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
Obviously, the no contact rule is exactly what it sounds like, having no contact with your ex boyfriend for a set amount of time (usually 30 days.) The question is, why is it so important when it comes to Facebook? Figuring out how to become the sexiest version of yourself that ever existed and NOT contacting your ex no matter what. I could give you all the rules about how to approach the situation but it isn’t ideal. Nevertheless, I like to think that I am a pretty good indicator of the average guy (or in this case your ex boyfriend.) I decided that the best way to approach this was to go through the friends on my personal Facebook profile and jot down some of the women that stood out to me.
I don’t think it takes a genius to recognize how important your profile picture is to catching someones attention.
When I go through my friends pictures there were some women who had profile pictures that rivaled this one. As I go back I count three women who I chose for this case study who employed that very method. Yes, it’s space, its actually kind of pretty but it is a completely missed opportunity. While she didn’t have the best profile picture I think she knocked her cover photo out of the ballpark. Men are very visual oriented so while all that other stuff matters to us the first place we go is to check out your other pictures.
That is a really bad thing because it means he is in a position of power and he knows that anything he does is going to have a certain amount of sway over this girl. This means, if you don’t have an active social life I think it is about time for you to get one.
Not only is that poor taste but your ex will view you as trashy and once you get that label it is really hard to shake it. Then after the call we started messaging back and forth joking around and then another call started.

And the lesson ties in with the fundamentals of good content creation: content is there to serve the reader. Don’t feel like you have to keep things strictly business either, a personal lesson learnt or touching story serves the same purpose. After all, social media is all about give and take, you can’t keep taking from your friends and followers without giving something back.
Pretty soon he starts to develop feelings for the single woman and then that’s when the unthinkable happens, cheating occurs.
Now, this kind of hurts you because you made a conscious effort to update your status hoping that he would follow suit. The beginning of a relationship is unstable because not enough intimacy, trust or rapport has been built yet. Seriously, as I am writing this I went to his Facebook page to see if he has posted anything recently. In all the years we were together he said he would never add relationship status to his Facebook as it’s not important.
Both of their friends all know they’re together, so does this mean by not putting it on facebook they arent as serious and perhaps could be a rebound? So I was going to implement another round of 30 days NC so he doesnt have me there as a friend for his emotional support and her for other things.
I think i am implementing your ideas however have let my emotions get the best of me and when i see pictures of them get extremely upset and threaten to tell her we are talking. Although him and I were making great progress before I blew up, I felt as though he knew he could have me, even tho i followed your tactics i may have come off desperate at times.
You will not find a greater compilation of Facebook statuses anywhere else because we only give you the Most liked or guaranteed to get likes statuses.
Be sure to check the settings carefully if you intend to use any of these new apps as they come with what some may consider to be too open as far as privacy issues are concerned. Relax, we have you covered with some of the best and most liked Facebook statuses out there. There are still a lot of things you can do to improve your chances of getting your boyfriend back. The second thing is pretty self explanatory but lets take a moment to focus on what you can do physically to become an uber hottie! So, from this point on I am going to be defining how your Facebook profile should look like to him when he comes stopping by.
I want your profile to not only make your ex go “WOW” but I want other guys to give you the attention you deserve!
Let this be a lesson, women who went the extra mile with their profile picture will catch a mans attention. In fact, when I was pre-writing this page I almost skipped the cover photo section because I thought it was insignificant. Now, most women I speak with think that Rick will read their wall, see if they are single or see how many guys are commenting on their status updates. I want you to look amazing in all of your pictures so by the time your ex comes around his jaw will literally hit the floor. Well, I am one of the few men that could actually tell you that because I deal with so many women on a daily basis. Think about that for a second, I went out searching for women that I straight up found attractive and each one looked like they were having a blast in their photos with friends.
He continued the joking around and then I asked him what is with all of the mix messages lately? Mostly I type for myself to read and keep track of my ideas especially if I want to remember something or if a real crazy joke is playing in my mind.
They still talk occasionally and he also helped her when she had car problems last week and I only found out because I read his text message with her.
However, I am curious, I got my ex back no contact for 21 days and he finally proposed and is now helping me with my annulment which is quite costly, but then he refused to update his status on FB, telling me he wants it private. Yet they’ve been together for only 2 months and when she updated her status he accepted two days later and tried to block me from seeing it.
I immediately implemented the 30 day NC and was actually trying to move on and see someone else.
Now he has deleted his email account after i threatened to tell her and stressed him out, and i have no way of contacting him as he has had my number blocked.
I really want to tell him that, but I’m afraid it would just start off a fight between us.
Please be sure to visit us again as we are always adding great articles and How to guides to help you make the best out of your social media experience. I have heard stories of exes getting family members phones to get a hold of you, showing up at doorsteps and even spamming your FACEBOOK!
That is really the most powerful thing that Facebook can do for you, paint you in the best light possible. The big thing I began to realize right off the bat was how important it is for you to take a close up of your face. However, my mind changed when I logged on to Facebook and started screening my women friends.
The only missing component for her was that she didn’t find a way to make her great cover photo and her profile picture to work together.
However, I can tell you that if you use Facebook for jealousy in a tasteful and smart way the results can be tremendous. It was because of the long distance relationship since he lives in UK and I live in Singapore. 2 weeks after we ended it comes out that he is dating another girl he has been friends with in his group of friends. He probably will not talk to me again in the future or be hesitant to because he thinks i will tell her weve been talking. I guess i wanted to maybe tell her he was contacting me in hopes of shaking their relationship up a bit. I obviously will not tell her anything but its also extremely difficult to not get upset when theres pictures up of them two, when hes contacting me everyday. Of course as his girlfriend, all I ask is his full loyalty, and for his not to look sideways… I hope you get what I mean. If you are interested in a truly in-depth method to getting him back then I suggest you visit this page and this page. So, if a lot of the attractive women I chose did something then you should probably do it too.
The thing that caught my eye the most was women who had the confidence to look at the camera for a close up. I don’t care how nice a guy is, somewhere, deep down, he is thinking shallow thoughts. He saw the first picture she had to offer in her album and it did not paint her in the best light. Also why is he trying to hide it from me when he already told me he’s seeing someone? I think he had been talking to her as well as me at the same time, obviously why they dated so fast. We’ve been together for 2 years now, but we are having the same problem over and over. I know that is a horrible thing to say BUT if you truly want to get your ex boyfriend back this is something you absolutely need to understand. Of course, it is like hitting gold when you click on a girl who has a tastefully done profile picture and her cover photo reflects really positively on her.
However, not only did she miss on her profile picture but the cover photo made her profile unattractive to look at. Nevertheless, I don’t think it was a mistake that I found women attractive who all looked like they had active social lives. The only time I deviated from the positive and I’m enjoying life social updates was when I asked for advice on a subject at uni. He consistently flirting with this girl who he knows 7-8 years back before he meet me but still cheating for me as he never mentioned about that.
This summer he went on vacation and met a girl who clung to him and eventually came into town with friends and pretty sure they hooked up.
Rather than rambling on and on I am going to give you an example of what I considered a bad cover photo and a good one. I found out that he puts single to his status from the time were gf and bf 5 years ago and only now that he said he puts engaged but only friends to see.
I had been nagging him for the last week asking him to visit me and I think that was the reason.
Also after i told him i might tell her he told me just wait to see how disrespectful he will be.
This is her first serious relationship so I’m sure she wont break up with him but the things he has been saying to me i would be so upset about. After I am done with my initial rant I decide to log onto Facebook to see if you are still alive. Today he changed his status to single and it really hurt because I see like the nc is not working. On instagram he keeps uploading movies cause he’s a movie junkie and is always liking other girls pictures.
This is the third incident except now he is officailly dating her, calls her his girlfriend etc.
Honestly, I think he only uses messenger on his phone so he won’t see my Facebook at all. They are not facebook official but she has pictures on instagram and now a default picture of them two. And im assuming he will tell his friends that I’m crazy and obsessed and thats the reason I told his girlfriend everything. One who is more my contact but has ended our friendship (glad it’s over to be honest.
And when i found out they were dating I made the mistake of putting up an instagram picture, making fun of her weight.
Very poisonous relationship) and the other who is his friend and I only speak 5 words to every week due to classes. So its not like I can use them to sneakingly send him information or even fathom them sending information to him. I’ve got 8 more days left of no contact and am feeling so much better than I was 3 weeks ago.
Recently i saw she changed her facebok picture of them two, got upset and threatened to tell her and send her all the texts and emails. The problem is that its just too hard for me for him to be with her, yet still contacting me and being flirty.

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