Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend: The words you use to say goodbye should echo in her heart as she walks away. 6) Whatever you do, wherever you go, please don’t let me become a memory that is just waiting to be forgotten. 7) The anticipation of sweet good morning texts and romantic good night messages is the only thing that makes this goodbye bearable.
8) The only thing that has the power to calm the bitterness of a Goodbye, is the hope that the Hello Again will be sweeter than anything you can ever imagine. 9) Never in my wildest imagination did I ever predict that I would have to force a smile while saying such a cruel word – goodbye.
10) The only thing that makes a goodbye less painful is the hope that distance will make us stronger.
12) I’ll try to soothe the strain of this goodbye with the bliss of our beautiful memories.
15) Wherever you go, whoever you meet, just remember that there is this guy who loves you best when you have no makeup on. 19) Goodbyes are hard, especially when you have to say it to someone who you never want to be away from.
22) I don’t want to give you a goodbye hug, because I know that once I give it… I’ll never want to let go. 26) Just go, just leave… I don’t know for how much longer I will be able to hold back my tears. 27) The only reason I am HAPPY saying goodbye is because I want to see you HAPPY saying hello to new opportunities. 30) It’s amazing how a word as small as goodbye has made me discover love for you in the depths of my heart that I never knew existed before.
31) If love actually grows with distance, I’m going to need a second heart because this one is already full of love for you. 33) All this pain and agony of being apart will become worthwhile, on the day you achieve your dreams and make us both smile.
35) Spending time apart will make me miss you a lot, but I promise that no amount of distance can ever make our love rot. 36) No matter how long it is before we meet again, I bet the moment I pick you up in my arms will be totally worth the pain.
Birthday wishes for ex-wife: It is a tricky task to wish your ex-wife Happy Birthday because your message can be interpreted in a lot of different ways.
1) There was a time when we both wanted to spend our lives together, followed by a time when we could stand each other. 8) I get angry when I think that you are partly responsible for our divorce and all other worries. 13) No matter how we move on and who we move on with, our marriage will always be a unique relationship that will define our future. 17) I am your ex-husband and you are my ex-wife, we will never be able to change that fact. 18) I am jealous at looking how easily you have moved on with your life, but that doesn’t make me stop wishing you on your birthday because you are still my ex-wife.
21) One of my friends asked me if I would get married again even after my first marriage fell apart.
23) I am glad we patched up our bleeding divorce with the bandage of friendship so that we can support each other to give our kids the good upbringing that they deserve.
24) Even though we don’t share our lives with each other anymore, I wish you happiness in yours. 26) If we can manage to fall in love, get married and then break each others’ heart, I am sure that for the sake of our children, we can move on independently with a fresh start. 29) If I had the power to turn back time, I would change a lot of things except one – the fact that my children have a loving mother like you.

I Miss You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend: Thinking of sending sweet quotes to your ex because you are missing him? 9) Deep down inside my heart I know that I am better off without you… but that still doesn’t stop me from missing you.
12) Our needs were different and our wants a world apart, but that isn’t reason enough for me erase you from my heart. 13) I remember the painful days when we fought endlessly… but I also remember the beautiful days when we looked into each others’ eyes endlessly. 14) I don’t regret the things that we did together, but the things that we should have done together and didn’t. 17) When you were my boyfriend, you were the radiant moon in the blank canvas of my life’s dark night skies.
20) The more I think about you, the more I realize that I am glad I shared some lovely moments of my life with someone like you.
21) You are my life’s worst regret… yet I wonder why your love is still what my heart is missing. 23) I don’t know why I still miss my ex-boyfriend… but I know that just thinking about him and the memories of our love makes me feel good.
25) Even after all the mess that we have been through, I have to admit that I still miss you. 28) I never want to see your face again, but thinking about you still makes me smile despite the pain. 29) You may be my ex-boyfriend, but I am glad that at least our friendship hasn’t come to an end.
30) I have never lied to you when I was your girlfriend and I am not going to lie to you now either. 32) I will never love you again, but I don’t think I can stop missing you despite the pain. 37) Even though our relationship had an ugly end when you broke my heart, I still miss it because of how awesome it was in the start. 38) Missing you makes me feel stronger because if I have the strength to move on after being betrayed by a person who I gave my heart to, I have the strength to withstand all other problems that life can possibly throw at me. 39) Our breakup was like a bitter pill that had to be swallowed to heal our injured hearts to recovery.
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It flew when we were together and now that you’re going away, every passing second will seem like a lifetime.
But nothing can come close to the feeling of having you sit in my lap and whispering sweet nothings in your ears. Depending on the situation of your divorce, children and how you both have moved on, write something sweet on a greeting card or on her Facebook to show that you still respect the fact that you were once married. Your birthday seems like the perfect day to break free from the shackles of our past and look towards an amicable future.
But I calm down when I realize that you are also partly responsible for our adorable children and beautiful memories.

I have conveniently forgotten the bitter battles of our divorce and remember only the sweet memories of our honeymoon. I said yes, because even though me and my ex-wife went different ways, we fondly remember our golden days. But despite the bitter past you are still the mother of my children, and I hope that your birthday is happy and fun. Think again, because the last thing you want to have is get into a messy spat with him after all you’ve been through.
Be careful, because the last thing you want to do is make him think that you are still not over him.
Even today I find it hard to believe that you are the same guy who brought tears to my eyes. We have both moved on, but I still think about you when I am staring at the blissful sunrise at dawn. But despite the fact that I still think about you, it feels good to finally move on and say that I am over you.
I would never want to give you a hug again, but I still think about the moment when you gave me a hug for the first time. My heart knows we were never meant to be, but I still wonder why it didn’t work out between you and me.
Give it to her when you both hug and kiss for the last time before you see each other again. Take ideas from these heartfelt wishes, funny quotes and cute messages to play your part as the supportive ex-husband. A carefully worded rhyme might be the beginning of a new friendship… just make sure that you don’t sound desperate and he doesn’t misinterpret your greetings as a sign that you are missing him madly and still in love with him.
Whether you’re thinking about sending funny texts, romantic quotes or a cute Facebook post – make sure that you use the right words.
But even today, thinking about us makes my eyes wet… I can’t help but remember how sparks flew when we met.
But when you are done dreaming, flying and achieving, don’t forget there is someone waiting for you, at the place from where it all started. If you must, a text message or a card might be the way to go rather than calling him or meeting him in person. Show them that no matter how bitterly a marriage falls apart, a husband and wife can still remain amicable friends for the sake of their children. If you’re going to be separated for a long time, give her a mushy handwritten letter as a keepsake.
The real challenge lies in making sure that your wishes don’t evoke feelings of anger, hurt, heartbreak and the bitterness of your breakup.
If you must, take ideas from this post to write a message that conveys exactly how you feel without going overboard. Just recall the good times and casually confess that you miss the adorable moments you spent together.
If you’re not ready to touch base with your ex, just read this post and channel the feelings of heartbreak.
Whatever the reason, whatever the situation – let your goodbyes reverberate how you really feel.

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