Lisa O’Sullivan said the stress of the eight-year wait led to her eyesight and her 17 health conditions deteriorating further. A BLIND WOMAN waited almost eight years on Cork Council housing lists before a housing association eventually found her a suitable home. Lisa O’Sullivan, who has 17 different health conditions including diabetes, osteoporosis, and a rare liver condition, said, “I felt like I was in limbo for so long that I had almost given up on a house.
She added that she had 16 per cent eyesight when she began the search for a home eight years ago but that deteriorated by a further eight per cent because of the “stress” of waiting so long. Her search for accommodation all began when she was living in rented accommodation in Cork city that had stairs. O’Sullivan was offered other accommodation in Cork city centre, but again it had stairs and no lift, so it wasn’t suitable as her osteoporosis meant she was a fall risk. The only accommodation she could find was a house in Dunmanway, west Cork, an area where she felt “lonely”, “had no friends” and was 50 kilometres away from her terminally ill mother who lived in Dripsey.
Dunmanway was also too far from her hospital appointments and the National Council for the Blind of Ireland where O’Sullivan visits weekly. After six months in Dunmanway, a frustrated O’Sullivan was told about Cluid, a housing association.
It means she is near her friends, and nearer the city so she can access her hospital appointments and the NCIB, where she visits for counselling sessions, eye clinics, and to socialise with others. Cluid is one of the largest housing associations in Ireland, delivering 3,664 homes to low income families, single people, older people, people with a disability and Traveller families all over Ireland. Security expert Tom Clonan explains why armies across the world need female soldiers and officers, in all positions. In this April 13, 2015 photo, Silpa Dhungel, a 23-year-old college student who is blind, participates with other blind women in a self-defense course in Kathmandu, Nepal.

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — There are times when Sarita Lamichane is navigating the chaotic streets of Kathmandu and someone will offer to help her through the snarls of traffic.
Ms Smyth said her trip was filled with positive and negative dates, but she had no regretsShe also met a gigolo in Monaco.'Well I'm 99 percent sure he was a gigolo. Ms Smyth, who after 75 dates ended up meeting a man named Greg when she returned to Australia, said she opened up during the experience and learned a few things about herselfWhile her time in Italy with Stefano was the stuff dreams are made of, some dates left Ms Smyth with a sour taste in her mouth.A 'In England, I was hoping for something interesting.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Other neighbors noticed--and started leaving out sweet potatoes and other deer-friendly foods.
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When she realised her health, eyesight and mobility were deteriorating she decided to apply for social housing.
After two interviews with them, she was offered a home in an apartment block in Ballincollig. The free self-defense course offered for blind women by Paritran, a local security agency is the first such initiative in the Himalayan nation.
A group of students from Hyderabad is trying to help an aged and abandoned woman go back to her home. After a blind deer showed up in the neighborhood, the boy walked her from one grass patch to another to make sure she found food. I also agree to receive periodic emails with offers and promotional marketing messages from Woman's World.

Women?s security has become a major issue in this Himalayan nation over the past couple years, spillover from a deadly 2012 gang-rape on a New Delhi bus that was closely followed here. And now, they have started a Reddit thread, asking for help.Last year, in March, these students found the woman freezing in cold on the road. The group knew of a forest preserve where the deer could be looked after--and be kept away from traffic. She is part of a group of visually impaired women — some partially blind, some totally blind — who have just finished a self-defense class designed for women like them.Offered for free by a local company that normally trains security guards, the intensive two-week class addressed issues ranging from assessing the body language of passersby to using everyday objects as weapons.
She desperately wanted to go back to her family."Soon, they found out her immediate family members.
I had to sit there while he was tearing me to shreds,' she said.A 'Paulo was my very first date overseas in Brazil. He said he can't take care of the old lady because of his financial condition.When Shrava was told that her family members will not be able to take her home, she broke down, and said, "Poverty makes everyone miserable doesn’t it?"Shrava now just wants to go back to her city. He obviously didn't think I left a big enough tip so leant across and took more money out of my wallet.
There are already 50 comments on the Reddit thread that was posted yesterday.You can read the Reddit post here.All you good people of the Internet, take a bow!

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