It would seem rather ironic that she also fell in love with a human male of the species, a youth around the same time she regained her slithery pet. Her boyfriend, a businessman in Pettah area was a libertine, and a die-hard follower of Bacchus, God of Spirits. Colpetty Police charged her for animal cruelty and the Fort Magistrate ordered the police to place the cobra under the care of National Zoological Gardens. Making the hands into a tunnel - creating a pinhole to look through - magically gives clearer vision.

When she fell in love with him she moved in with him to a Meethotamulla house as his live-in companion.
Then a crowd gathered and they called the Wellampitiya Police, who came on the scene immediately and took me to the Colombo National Hospital.
Fighting got worse with the arrival of one a relative of his boyfriend into the house and both of them allegedly went on alcoholic binges. This is what happened to me when I was looking for a happier life," she said ruefully.

According to her, she was watching TV while munching on some food at around 1:00am on Wednesday, January 23, when suddenly her lover hit her hard on her right ear without any provocation.

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