In May 2006, Canada experienced its first loss of a female soldier during a battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Canada is considered a progressive nation with respect to its policy of equal access and full gender integration in its Armed Forces. Over 2,800 served with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps during the First World War and it was during that era that the role of Canadian women in the military extended beyond nursing.
In 1941, the Canadian government recruited over 45,000 women volunteers for full-time military service other than nursing. In 1987, the Combat Related Employment of Women (CREW) trials were launched, with the object of integrating women into selected active combat units and naval vessels. The Canadian Armed Forces opened all occupations, including combat roles, to women in 1989. Today, women make up 15 per cent of the Canadian military with over 7,900 female personnel currently serving in the regular force and more than 4,800 women serving in the primary reserve. 1914-1918: During the First World War, for the first time, women are included in military capacities other than nursing.
1991: HMCS Nipigon becomes the first Canadian mixed-gender warship to participate in exercises with NATO's Standing Naval Forces Atlantic. 1995: Chief Warrant Officer Linda Smith is the first woman to be named Wing Chief Warrant Officer in the Canadian Forces at 17 Wing Winnipeg.
Chief Petty Officer, 2nd Class Holly Kisbee becomes the first woman Combat Chief of a major warship. 2002: Chief Warrant Officer Camille Tkacz is the first woman appointed to a Command Chief position as assistant deputy minister (Human Resources - Military) Chief Warrant Officer.
Leading Seaman Hayley John and Leading Seaman Marketa Semik are the first female clearance divers.
Master Seaman Colleen Beattie is the first woman qualified as a submariner, followed shortly by Master Seaman Carey Ann Stewart. The first and only all female CF team to complete the Nijmegan March in Holland carrying the same weight as male teams.
2004: Chief Petty Officer, 1st Class Jan Davis is appointed Coxswain of HMCS Regina and is the first woman Coxswain of a major warship. There are two wars in Syria: a brutal, five-year-old civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, and an information war, effectively managed by Russia. A federal judge said Wednesday he may order Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton to testify under oath about whether she used a private email server as secretary of state to evade public records disclosures. As the evacuation order began Tuesday for Fort McMurray residents, hard decisions had to be made about what special possessions to quickly grab along with necessities. The blaze that has engulfed areas of Fort McMurray, Alta., offers some key insights into the science of wildfires and why they can be so difficult to battle.
Justin Trudeau came to office promising to restore Canadaa€™s relations with its North American neighbors. The leader of Canada's Green Party said Wednesday climate change was partly to blame for the wildfire devastating Fort McMurray, Alta., touching off a debate about whether it was the right time to discuss the causes of the conflagration.

Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose says unless there are amendments, she'll be voting against federal legislation aimed at allowing people to seek medical help to end their lives. In a few moments, you will be taken to our site map page, which will help you find what you looking for.
Who would win in the battle between Captain America and a Marvel villain, a fearsome furry opponent or Canada's head honcho?
Empire co-creator Lee Daniels apologized to Sean Penn in a statement made public Wednesday as part of a confidential settlement in a defamation lawsuit over comments Daniels made comparing the actor to the show's star Terrence Howard, who's been repeatedly accused of domestic violence. Prince arranged an initial meeting with a California doctor who specializes in addiction treatment the day before he died, a Minneapolis lawyer for the doctor said Wednesday. As Canadian hearts go out to the people who lost everything in a night of terror, a former firefighter explains why giant forest fires are so terrifying and unstoppable. New lab techniques have provided the first good look at a crucial but mysterious stage in the development of human embryos, by allowing scientists to grow embryos in a petri dish for a week longer than was ever possible before. Russell Martin singled home the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning and the Toronto Blue Jays beat Texas 4-3 on Wednesday night, their second straight last at-bat victory over the Rangers. Patric Hornqvist scored 2:34 into overtime as the Pittsburgh Penguins captured Game 4 against the Washington Capitals 3-2 on Wednesday night, and now lead the second-round series 3-1.
Toronto's Kyle Lowry was the first to admit Wednesday that the version of himself that earned NBA all-star honours has gone AWOL. American women could be drafted into the military and forced to go into battle, according to what some lawmakers are saying.
In 1973 the United States discontinued the draft, moving to an all-volunteer military force. Already numerous politicians are arguing that women should be conscripted to military service in any future draft. Former Senator Mike Gravel has argued similarly, stating, “Of course women should go into the draft if we have a draft.
Because our society has been pushing the agenda of equality and androgyny for so long, it has become politically correct to deny that there is any difference between men and women.
In our current voluntary system, the women who choose to become soldiers tend to already be those who possess the characteristics of strength and toughness. Moreover, compulsory military service for females would also be unsafe, given that the God-given male instinct to protect women could easily lead to compromised battlefield scenarios.
Women were given paramilitary training in small arms, drill, first aid and vehicle maintenance in case they are needed as home guards. That same year, the Air Force opened all areas of employment, including fighter pilot, to women.
Out of that number, 225 women are part of the regular combat force and 925 are enlisted in the primary reserve combat force. Wendy Clay, a doctor, qualifies for her pilot's wings six years before the pilot classification is opened to all women. Gail Toupin becomes the first female member of the SkyHawks, the Army's skydiving demonstration team.

Micky Colton becomes the first female pilot to complete 10,000 flying hours in a Hercules aircraft. Jennie Carignan of 5 Combat Engineer Regiment (5 CER) becomes the first female Deputy Commanding Officer of a combat arms unit.
If dinner and speaking invitations are your measure well, then hea€™s off to a great start.
CBC News tests the battle-analysis skills of Canadian actress Emily VanCamp, seen in Captain America: Civil War.
He has also shown what Barbie would look like without makeupA and created images contrasting real versus Barbie-proportioned women. However, things could change if there is a showdown with Iran and the American military runs out of man-power. He expressed concern that, given the character of America’s wars, the government could conceivably find itself in a situation where they would have to call a draft and, given the push for equality, it is likely that a future draft would apply to women as well as men.
For example, Senator Chris Dodd has commented, “I think if you’re going to have registration it ought to be across lines here.
Hence, Senator Gravel’s comment, “What’s the difference?” However, there is a huge difference between drafting men for mandatory service and drafting women. However, it would be wrong to expect all American women to put themselves in that situation, not least because this would violate the conscience of many Christian women who hold views about role differentiation. Given the fact that women who are captured in battle can be raped and sexually abused, common sense says that the pro-woman position is to protect them from the horrors of battle. Nichola Goddard died on the front lines during a battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan. She was near the front lines serving as a forward artillery observer during a battle with Taliban forces. What he almost certainly is going to do, though, is trigger an enormous disruption of the Republican Party, or even its breakup, writes Neil Macdonald. That's because, for flights with big fees, the extra points required can sometimes add up to more than the points needed for the flight itself.
If there is another military draft, it is likely that the United States military would not merely be seeking man-power, but also woman-power. However, this is one of those topsy turvy issues in which those who have the best interests of women in mind (and therefore to confine any future draft to males) are being accused of being anti-woman. Linda Shrum graduate from artillery training as the first female officers in the combat arms.
Elizabeth Mutch, Warrant Officer Nathalie Mercer, Warrant Officer Jackie Revell, Master Corporal Denise Robert, Cpl.

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