Originally created by writer and psychologist William Moulton Marston, our icon made her debut in All Star Comics #8 way back in December 1941.
Following the dramatic events of Flashpoint, the entire DC Universe got a re-worked continuity that, more or less, hit the reset button on their longstanding franchises.
Soon after mayhem ensued and the true origins of Diana were revealed. Queen Hippolyta and the King of the Gods had an affair and she was the result. And when this unstoppable force killed one of her brothers, Wonder Woman unleashed her rage. Prior to this book’s relaunch there was angst due to the fact that Wonder Woman had pants. We know that the three year arc has been the plan and as Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello bring this odyssey to a summation everything feels like fair game. But if you do procrastinate and find yourself at the door wondering whether or not she wants a kiss, check to see if she is stalling.
Most of my personal experience with Power Girl is drawn from her 2009 independent series, which is unquestioningly the best, but I’ve gleaned a lot of her character from earlier runs. It was undoubtedly a time when women were angry with the lot given to them in life, and they were perfectly right to be, but in Peej’s case, she often seemed to take it a little too far, a little too seriously, nitpicking at the smallest details and ignoring the overarching ones. It was well-intentioned characterization though, even if it hasn’t aged well, and a good foundation for what was to come.
Which is where I came into Power Girl’s story, the 2009 run with Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Conner. Power Girl isn’t necessarily a role model specifically for girls, her strong sense of justice and toughness is accessible to any gender. Then there’s the elephant in the room, the one everyone wants to touch for whatever reason, but nobody wants to really talk about. Just like the different ways people draw her contribute to either her empowerment or her sexualization, writing can produce the same effects! It’s a small detail, but I think it would’ve raised the writing bar for those books several levels.
In that panel, Peej explains to Superman that she’s looking for an identity to fill that hole in her costume. There are good ideas about the hole in Peej’s costume in the above conversation, but the train of storytelling is derailed and flung into space. There are far too many characters in DC that can most easily be described as: basically Superman, but not quite as powerful. This ladies and gentlemen is the best sentence in the article and needs to be memorized by all writers for all time.
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From fighting enemies such as soldiers, otherworldly threats and mythological beasts, Diana has gone on to face the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age of comics. She’s gained prominence as a superhero while the people around the world consider her to be a feminist icon.
There’s no doubt that devoted fanboys and fangirls of all ages can spend hours arguing the merits of that decision.

What happened next was pure subterfuge, as our main characters played Hell (Hades) and Poseidon against each other with the real goal of blinding Heaven in mind. The quest that followed saw interactions with Orion and the New Gods, rekindled friendships, and the addition of more members to this dysfunctional family. But in the end, because of some truthful council by Ares she put aside her anger and did what was right.
Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang shared with their audience an early tale that featured Wonder Woman when she was tutored by War himself.
Then when the first issue arrived, bare legged to boot, our Princess re-introduced herself to the world while naked in bed. It’s too easy to fall into characterizing her as a walking, unironic boob gag, but she always has the potential to be a real hero and, dare I say it, empower women. 70’s feminist Peej is a prime example of people not really understanding what they’re writing. I talked about how much I loved Justin Grey and Jimmy Palmiotti’s characterization of Power Girl, but I think they could stand to make less “silly boys my eyes are up here” gags. This point is so low, the limbo stick has phased through the floor and into the depths of hell. I like the idea of the hole’s origins: Peej intended to find her symbol and sew it in eventually.
Power Girl’s skimpy costume was a matter of presentation and writing, something difficult to handle gracefully, but worth doing.
DC made the apparent decision that the only problematic element of her character was her sexy costume, and substituted it with the more unflatteringly unattractive bodystocking they could possibly find.
She’s less likely to be hideously sexualized in this costume (although they rip up her clothes so much in World’s Finest, I would hazard to say that’s not even true), but it emanates this idea that they’re chastising Peej for being “too sexy.”  There was nothing wrong with how she was dressed before, as long as the artists weren’t being exploitive. News flash, a leotard and some cleavage ventilation does not mean a woman is trying to titillate her audience. I’m not about to hold my breath though, so for now I guess I’ll sigh over my Power Girl TPs and revel in how cool and empowering she can be as a feminist symbol. Many of these I would eliminate if given half a chance (Supergirl, boy, Captain Marvel, etc.). Spidey was a great idea for a superhero and may have worked no matter what kind of person he was.
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Because we have a creative force that’s striving to send Wonder Woman into new and exciting directions. She’s survived reboots and alternate interpretations, as creators tweak her while attempting to maintain her core. But the single most important thing was the revelation of the real threat, which just arrived. Leading up to it I thought this was going to be a forced look at the past that just felt off. Despite the kiss heard around the world, this series doesn’t tackle their relationship.
Case and point: an alien with enough muscles to make Arnold Schwarzenegger cry or a girl that looks more model than warrior both ware outfits that barely fit while posing to show off their, ahem, assets. And if you’ve misread her signals and she rejects you, brush it off like it was no big deal. She was a feminist, but y’know, it was the 70’s, and the predominantly male comics industry didn’t have a fantastic grip on what that actually meant**.
Peej’s “feminist” dialogue always pits her against men, like a crutch, rather than relying on her own strengths to prop her up as an independent woman.
Nobody wants to be known as a militant feminist stereotype, eager to jump down your throat at the slightest offense. A lot of her “Girl Power Rage” has cooled into a stubborn (if slightly jaded) personality with a take-no-shit attitude, not afraid to throw her weight around and express herself, and she’s written on her own merit rather than in relation to male characters. In a modern era where most of the conversation around Power Girl revolves around her great tracts of land, this book easily allowed readers to almost completely overlook Peej’s sexuality if we so choose.

Ignoring Peej for a minute to focus on her Karen persona: Karen owns and runs a fledgling company, and because Peej is just SO badass, it’s actually an engineering research and development company, historically a field in which women are overlooked or have difficulty being taken seriously.
It strips Peej of her sexual agency—she’s looking up at the viewer, and her belly-up pose gives the impression of submission.
Don’t use holes as symbols or metaphors when women are involved unless you are actually referencing vaginas for whatever reason. In my fantasy alternative canon, she was so busy saving people and being a hero that she forgot about finding a symbol, ultimately discovering that she already defines herself by her actions and doesn’t need one. Unfortunately, DC glossed over the greater problem with Power Girl and attributed everyone’s complaints to her boob hole.
Closing Power Girl’s boob hole reinforces the breasts must be interpreted as sexual, instead of simply being another part of a woman’s body. All this does is give a natural feel of a leader to the girls of the group, this does alot for you! From dealing with family drama to tackling her role as the new Goddess of War, Zeus’ daughter has more than grown into her own. The end result: a new king ascended to the throne, Hera became mortal and Wonder Woman dropped her gauntlets to absolutely best a goddess. As a matter of fact it turned out to be a pivotal precursor for the comics second year, as we saw a young woman embrace the principles that would eventually define her. If she just stands around fidgeting with her things and telling you that she had a nice time, she might be hinting for you to take the leap and plant one on her. There were so many other interesting traits in her that were just that much more interesting! And she doesn’t define her sexiness with just her body—her POWER is part of what makes her sexy.
Her body language is passive, and her body itself is the focus of the picture itself, as though she’s offering herself up to the viewer. Holes are historically associated with vaginas in the literary world, and that’s not changing any time soon.
Power Girl is driven up the wall by a man, made to seem like an incapable, hysterical (WANNA SEE THE MISOGYNISTIC ETYMOLOGY OF THAT WORD) woman.
The costume change seems almost Puritanical; perhaps the overcompensation of Peej’s costume was due to the sexualization scandals that plagued the release of the New 52. So many people (especially the young adult audience of the time) could relate to his life and experiences. Hey girls, did you know that you can be in awesome male-dominated careers without being masculine? The little details in her personality make her relatable in ways I think characters like Batman and Superman aren’t.
It’s a sticky hairy CHALLENGING (jeez) metaphor to work with without seeming misogynistic—it’s just not worth it. Then she goes to Superman for advice, crying all over him and admitting that she has no real identity for herself. The hole was meant to represent a Kryptonian character breaking away from the shadow of the ‘S.’” And he’s got it in one! Here was someone who had gone through (I suppose most) of her last ten years since puberty being an object to many people around her.
We have Karen as Power Girl, mentoring a young hero (Atlee) and adopting a city for her own. Power Girl the hero and Power Girl the person aren’t two separate personas, but a blend to make one whole person.
She doesn’t talk to him as one individual to another, but rather he is propped up as a paternalistic figure. Yet, here was a perfectly decent regular person for whom the idea of vamping or using her looks to get what she wants would never come up. She comes into the series feeling lost and homeless, and she picks herself up and carves her own path, builds her own home. I concede that men probably have no idea that women deal with these problems, but they can always go ask a woman.
This shows that your assertive in a nice way, that you still take control even over them, but your not a douche. When you sexualize a strong character though, you’re telling women that they must be sexy to be desirable, that your sexiness trumps your power in terms of value. When the girls get a hold of that number its like a kid with a new toy because once they get the new toy they wanna try it out and see what all it can do! In a comic about a powerful woman, sexuality should be the garnish of a character, not the main course.

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