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Connect your child with a pen pal for an enjoyable, old-fashioned educational experience — no electronics allowed! Anna was in the third grade when her Girl Scout troop hooked her up with a pen pal several states away.
Bob was in the fifth grade "many, many years ago" when he found a pen pal through the personal ads in the Pack-o-Fun magazine. We can easily connect with people via cell phones, computers and other electronic devices, so why bother with pen and paper? You can help your child connect with a pen pal from across the country or around the world. In these modern days of instant text messages and emails, many kids might think it's strange to write a letter by hand using pen and paper. We think your teacher ROCKS for introducing you to Wonderopolis, Jacob, and we think YOU ROCK for sharing that you learned a lot by exploring this Wonder about pen pals! We're so happy that you explored lots of Wonders today and left us comments on each one, Maxini! You do not need a pen, because a pen pal is someone you keep in touch with, not necessarily writing letters. I think that having a pen pal would be really cool and interesting because you could ask them what they like to do and they might say something you've never heard of before! Last week I decided I would start writing a letter to one of my four grandchildren each week. Thanks so much for sharing your connection to this Wonder of the Day® about pen pals, Sharon! Fred was introduced to his pen pal thanks to an elementary school project that paired students from his class with kids from another district.
If your child is a member of a group such as a homeschooling association, scouts or 4-H, you can use the club's resources to find a pen pal.

If you give it a try, though, you might just discover a whole new method of communication that has its own unique benefits!For hundreds of years, letter writing has been a favorite pastime of many. I do not recognize who you are but definitelly you are going to a famous blogger should you are not already. We get excited when we get letters from Wonder Friends -- we WONDER what could be written inside! We're glad that you found this Wonder interesting and hope that you were able to learn something new from Wonderopolis, today! In the Amarillo Globe News today was a story about soldier, Army Pfc.Rico Link, who got to meet his pen pals at Canyon Intermediate School. Receiving a real live letter in the mail, on the other hand, is a really big deal — even bigger if there's a photo enclosed! Connect with a soldier at Military Pen Pal or with an elderly resident at a nearby nursing home. In fact, much of what we know about certain people and historical events comes from detailed letters written long ago.In the past, it could take a long time to write a letter by hand and then have it delivered by horse or ship or train. It's easy to find a pen pal and start sharing with and learning about a brand new friend!Go online to to learn how to write to the American women and men who are serving our country overseas. After regular postal service was established, delivery of letters became quicker and more reliable.Many decades ago, teachers began to encourage their students to find “pen pals" around the country or even around the world.
Through the regular exchange of handwritten letters, students could practice their writing skills while getting to know more about other people, countries and cultures.Sometimes students would seek out pen pals who share similar interests or have the same hobbies.
It doesn't take long to write a short letter to a soldier, and it means a lot to the person who receives it.If you're interested in writing to other students around the world by email, you can also check out Students of the World's E-mail Penpals page.
You could write your letter in pen (you don't need one though), pencil, marker, highlighter, or type it. For example, foreign language students might seek out pen pals from France if they're currently taking French classes.If you move far away to a new school, you might also decide to stay in touch with friends at your old school by becoming pen pals with them.
Always be sure to check your letters for spelling and grammar errors, and make sure to share your letters with your parents, so that they can encourage and support you!

We learned how to write some Chinese, learned some African stories, did some Latin dance, and participated in a play about Ruby Bridges!!! Pen pal relationships might last only a few weeks, but often they can last for years and years.Sometimes pen pals in different countries decide to meet.
There have been many pen pals who have taken vacations to foreign countries to finally meet a pen pal who they've been writing to for many years.Having a pen pal has many benefits. Remember: Dance like no ones watching, work like you don't need the money, sing like no ones listening, and love like you've never had a broke heart! If you have a pen pal from another country, you can even practice reading and writing a foreign language.Today, pen pals are still popular, although the Internet has changed how many people communicate with their pen pals.
Instead of writing letters by hand and mailing them, many pen pals communicate via email.Instead of waiting for days or weeks for a response, you might only have to wait minutes — or even seconds — to hear back from your pen pal! Some people call pen pals who communicate via email key pals, since they use a keyboard instead of a pen!In addition to quicker response times, communicating via email can also be cheaper, since you save the cost of postage.
Many people still prefer to send handwritten letters to their pen pals, though.Handwritten letters have a personal touch to them that can't be duplicated via email. Just knowing that someone took the time to sit down and write a letter by hand makes many people feel special.In addition, sending letters via mail also allows you to include small objects, such as newspaper articles, postcards and stickers.
These little extras can make opening an envelope that much more fun!It's also nice to save handwritten letters and re-read them months or years down the road.
Re-reading saved emails just doesn't have the same feeling… if you can even find them in your email inbox any longer!

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