First and foremost, I want someone who is excited about a chance to share their passion, who cares about the Tiny House Community, all of which shows in their writing.  Not only will you have a platform to share your thoughts with thousands, but you can get a modest pay for it! This is a paid position that requires the individual to deliver original content on a weekly basis, one article a week on Monday.  This position can be done from any location, so long as you are available via phone and have a high speed internet connection.
These are some suggested topics, I am very open to just about anything that is relevant to what we do here.  I want you to help our community grow through great writing and your unique perspective. The only reason I ask for it is that my goal is to develop a relationship with readers, having a face to connect to the voice brings in a personal element. I still haven’t figured out the exact number, it will not be a whole lot, but it will be pretty comparable for market rates.
My guess is this position has been filled by now, but what a great thing you are doing by providing this information to others. A lot of job advertisements are left up long after the position is filled, so you have a much greater chance of getting your application seen if you apply soon after an ad is posted.
An excellent way to find new employees is by setting up a table at the next job fair in your area.
Even if you attend the event by yourself and are bored, do your best to stay off your phone during the career fair. It is understandable that companies want to see job candidates dressed appropriately when they attend job fairs. One of the worst things you can do when representing your company at a job fair is to walk in after the event has started to set up your table.
If you met some candidates who piqued your interest at the job fair, be sure to contact them within 24 hours after the event so they do not forget about your company. If you follow this strategy the next time you attend a job fair as a representative for your company, you should have no trouble attracting top candidates.
Davis Staffing strives to provide excellence in service with personalized attention and gainful employment opportunities to our employees. Last month, Natasha successfully defended her thesis, in which she examined law enforcement’s use of big data to identify those who are at risk of committing crimes. According to a recently released Gallup survey, most students (78%) say colleges should expose students to all types of speech and viewpoints, but a significant minority (22%) say colleges should prohibit biased or offensive speech in the furtherance of a positive learning environment. What speech, if any, rises to the level of violence sparked a debate at the conference and provided insight about why some students might be willing to support speech restrictions.
Fanta Aw, assistant vice president for campus life at American University and a sociologist by training, expressed concerns about students’ lack of understanding when it comes to free speech.

With the rise of student protests on campuses, colleges are being forced to consider how they have gotten to this point and what should be done. The article looks at Aereo, a company that offered an inexpensive way for consumers to watch broadcast television via the internet.
Two UNC media law faculty members will speak about free speech on college campuses as part of a Friday Center series titled, “What’s the Big Idea? Chanda is in her third-year of UNC’s dual-degree program, working toward degrees in both law and mass communication. The goal of the conference is to gather a diverse group of students to explore free expression issues in a meeting consistent with the First Amendment’s provision for a “marketplace of ideas” within society. About this BlogContributors to this blog include a diverse group of lawyers, law professors, law students, and others with an interest in media law and policy. One way to keep up with the latest job listings is to sign up for daily emails or RSS feeds from your favorite job boards. Or, if you really want to expand your employee search, consider attending career fairs outside of your region.
Job candidates will see you on your phone and not want to stop by your table because they think they will bother you.
Make every effort to arrive to the event on time and have your table ready when the doors open to the job seekers. You do not want to eat at your table while job candidates are walking around trying to speak with you. For all you know, they could be receiving three or more phone calls from other companies that were in attendance as well.
Contact our great team of recruiters today to learn about Chicago careers and how we can help meet all of your job search needs.
There, 41 students from across the country exchanged thoughts about the importance of protecting free expression on college campuses while also dealing positively with the very real issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, and culture and bias.
Some students argued that, depending on the context, racial slurs and the incorrect use of gender pronouns amounted to a violent attack while others worried about the implications of college administrators stepping in to decide what speech is and is not acceptable. She said, “Students often say ‘I’m feeling unsafe’ but, in fact, what they mean is, I’m feeling uncomfortable.” Aw would like colleges to help students deconstruct such terms and to work harder to create an environment where students value and learn from difficult conversations. Jennifer Grygiel, social media specialist at Syracuse University’s school of public communications, reminded students that although social media platforms have fundamentally changed how students advocate for their causes, “we need to have conversations in real life” to make social progress.
Sometimes you feel like you are being forced to choose between your cultural identity and the rights of others to express their opinions.

Delaney, Aereo, the Public Performance Right, and the Future of Broadcasting, 42 Rutgers Computer & Tech. It’s the first step in a joint initiative exploring contemporary free expression issues on college campuses. The Newseum and Knight Foundation ultimately plan to support students in developing an interactive guide to free speech on campus. The views expressed are solely those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Center  for Media Law and Policy or the institutions with which they are affiliated. I know one small artical once a week isn’t going amount to a lot but it is something worth knowing. The trick here is that you must do a little extra work when attending job fairs because the great candidates will not just present themselves to you asking about your company and the openings you have.
Just because you are doing the hiring does not mean that the candidates will excuse your appearance. Unpacking containers as job seekers walk around will prevent you from finding a great candidate because they will not waste their time waiting for you to unpack.
While our perspectives and viewpoints differed because of our lived experiences, we all agreed that we should be working together to foster a “marketplace of ideas” on our campuses. Horace Carter Distinguished Professor in the UNC School of Media and Journalism, and William P. The conference, sponsored by the Newseum Institute and the Knight Foundation, will provide an opportunity for students to discuss the challenges to free expression on college campuses related to conversations about race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual identity. College students who are interested in free expression issues on campus should be on the lookout for more opportunities to participate in the Newseum’s upcoming events this year. That is why we have compiled this strategy for your company to use at the next job fair it attends. If you don’t want to wear a suit or a tie, consider wearing dress pants with a polo that has your company logo on it.
Delaney discusses the Court’s decision and its potential future impact on copyright law and broadcasting.

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