How do you make the inverted question mark (?) without having to turn your screen upside down? Unless you have a Spanish keyboard, you may find it difficult to include special characters or letters such as ? ? n or e in your text.
If you are wondering what a nandu is, it’s a large bird that looks like an ostrich and lives in the southern part of South America.
Check out a free Spanish Letters and Accents cheat sheet that you can download (for teachers and students).
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Spanish Word Searches aims to assist users in learning or enriching the Spanish vocabulary and improve their language skills. Spanish Word Searches enables you to choose the word categories and displays a list of words that you have to search for in a table full of letters. For those who work or have families, lives are led in a constant rush between the office, piles of washing and ironing and running the kids to school and back. In the last eight years or so, with the advent of WiFi tablets and smartphones, we’ve seen sudden and drastic changes in the way we learn languages.
The traditional classroom concept where a student physically attends several hours of language lessons in their home country, is fast becoming the second choice.

Their central idea is to bring as much human interaction into the language learning process as possible and let the student chose where and when to take their lessons.
Aiming to immerse the learner in the Spanish language from word go, they offer live, unlimited daily classes at any hour of the day. More than just an online course, Livemocha is an online community and because it boasts over 390,000 visits per day, you can interact with a huge number of other language students through their personal profiles, emails, chats and downloaded materials. Livemocha opens up an enormous scape of peer-to-peer connections that you simply could not access in a classroom situation in your home country.This innovative website offers free membership initially, and then through the purchase of tokens, access to different kinds of leaning methods – anything from chats and material downloads to videos and tutor sessions with teachers. Babbel does require the download of language learning software, but also offers a free online learning community that only requires registration on the site.
Babbel comes with both beginner and advanced Spanish lessons, and you can find various learning tools and materials ranging from grammar or vocabulary exercises, to loads of fun extras like songs and videos. It consists of first feeding the student very small pieces of information at a time (the aim is to make it as easy as possible for the learner to digest and remember the language) and secondly, all the Spanish that is used, is “real”. Spanish has many colourful sayings, and some of them will have you laughing out loud! These were just a few examples of popular and effective Spanish online learning sites, but there are many other excellent online communities, courses and resources that you may wish to check out!
Inevitably, it would be great to test your skills by traveling abroad to a Spanish speaking country.
Luckily taking some time out to travel to Spain and absorb the culture and the local accent, no longer costs a great deal.

In these flat economic times, it’s all good news for language students looking for cheap flights and accommodation – especially when booking a few months ahead. Spain is, por supuesto, where the Spanish language comes from originally, but you don’t have to limit yourself to Castillian Spanish with its clearly enunciated syllables.
Why not consider the softly lilting tones of the Canary Islands, the dropped consonants and passion of Andaluz Spanish or the closed vowels reminiscent of Portuguese up in the north west of Spain?Travelling to Spain for a language course can be thrilling because you’ll not only be receiving tuition and support all the way through your time here, but also diving right into the language.
Through listening to natives, conversing with people in supermarkets, bars, newsagents or the beach and reading Spanish newspapers or watching the popular chat shows or soaps on TV. And while you’re here, why not make the most of your learning time and join a flamenco, sevillana or salsa class in the evenings for a great socialising opportunity and tons of fun?In UniSpain we work with more than 40 different language schools and universities all over Spain and will be very happy to help you find the right language course for you.
Please take a look at our website for more information about the different courses we offer. But through using the internet and technology to our advantage and knowing that real Spain is only a short plane ride away, we can give our learning routine a much needed lift. Spain’s Top 5 Party Cities Top 5 Best Spanish Language Schools in Spain Top 5 – Best Spanish TV Programmes to Watch Online to Learn Spanish How quickly can I realistically become fluent in Spanish?

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