Now take a moment and consider how potent to your mind, body, spirit it is when you feed yourself those negative and inaccurate beliefs… If a kid was ALWAYS told no.
My challenge to you is to sit down and make a list of all the most desirable attributes you can think of about your ideal relationship. Throw away those old stories, they are holding you back from the relationship you truly deserve. So, there’s another woman with another baby the same age as mine moving in with my husband and I. Find A Woman That Is Too Good For You And Become A Better Man For Her Pinterest Pictures, Find A Woman That Is Too Good For You And Become A Better Man For Her Facebook Images, Find A Woman That Is Too Good For You And Become A Better Man For Her Photos for Tumblr. Through the years, we transfer this information and start analyzing experiences in dating and relationships the same way.
We become such victims of our past that we will continue to date the same types of people over and over again, simply because we don’t believe we deserve, or can do, better.

Make it a ritual everyday to visualize what you want in life and your relationship, take the steps necessary to make it happen, and it will become your reality. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you find yourself incredibly unhappy in your relationship, or lack thereof, your dating life. Because someone cheated on you, you believe the next person will too because you’re not deserving of someone who is loyal and honest. We forget that anything is truly possible… be it a an amazing man or woman who we wish to share the rest of our lives with. If you ALWAYS told yourself, I could never get a guy (or girl) like that, I don’t have a chance. This truly worked for me in a variety of areas of life, especially love and I know it will for you too. Because every person you ever dated has talked down to you, so you don’t deserve someone to worships the path you walk.

Because you date people who tend to flake on dates and plans, you believe you’ll never find a stand up person who says what they mean and means what they say. Kids being shaped by these experiences is no different than how we begin to shape our outlook and expectations when it comes to relationships – be it dating or marriage.
Most importantly, the more you feed your mind the stuff that really matters, the good honest positive truth, the sooner that dream will become a reality.
The beliefs you feed your mind are either incredibly empowering or incredibly potent… choose wisely!

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