ActressJun Ji Hyunand her husband have welcomed a son!Jun Ji Hyun's agency announced on February 10 that she'd given birth to a healthy boy at a Seoul hospital in the morning. Ever dated a sassy girl before?You know, the one that was a bit different than your normal, typical girl. ActorsYoo Yun SukandKim Ji Wonhave found themselves in a dating rumor once again despite refuting claims beforehand.Sports Chosunhad written a report claiming that the two have been dating for four years. The press conference for the upcoming variety show 'WE KID' took place on February 17!The show's goal is to allow stars, music producers, and kids to collaborate on brand new children's songs. Just a few more days left until the premiere of KBSdrama 'Descendants of the Sun'!The drama has unleashed one last poster before its kick off on February 24. Best Hair Colors for Asian SkinFind out the shades you should use to best match your skin tone — and the ones to avoid.

Layered color: Double-sided coloring, which involves dying the underside of your hair a darker shade while using a lighter color for the top layer, is another option for adding intensity to your hair. The article reads,"Yoo Yun Suk and Kim Ji Won enjoyed a date in the vicinity of Gangnam on March 29. Plus, unless it's done properly, coloring Asian hair can sometimes result in an unappealing brassy effect, especially if you're going blonde. The benefit is that the two colors offer contrast while allowing for two completely different looks, depending on whether your hair is worn up or down. Benefits range from improved depth and texture to more visible movement and the illusion of fullness, according to Kyle White, senior colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon in New York.
If you're looking to add some dimension, you can get a boost from colors like copper and dark brown, according to Vietnamese hair stylist Ngoc Huynh.

Huynh agrees, recommending that you choose tones that are in the eggplant, mahogany, or burgundy family, but she warns against overly chunky effects, because they look fake. One of her clients' faves is Joico's moss brown, but she also gets many requests for rich chocolate and cinnamon tones as well.

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