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Please take a moment to thank the theme author or leave feedback on the theme in the comments section below. This game console guide will give you several points of information about the PLAYSTATION 3 that will help to guide you if you are looking at buying the cheapest Playstation 3 in Australia for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend as well as how to locate the best Playstation 3 prices.
Sony are to make a public announcement in New York, USA regarding the new Playstation 4 console on the 20th of Februrary.
Rumours have been circulating about Sony including a new version of the Playstation controller. That may sound a like a lot of techy mumbo jumbo but what it essentially means is that the GPU packs 18 processing clusters, each packing up to 64 cores. Technoblog also uncovered a recent document from Sony Brasil confirming three models have been submitted for certification and they are all identical except for storage capacity. EA recently assigned the entire portfolio of Need For Speed over to Criterion (makers of the Burnout series and NFS: Hot Pursuit!).
Sony recently released a client update for their free 3D virtual world social network called Playstation Home.
Sony release a system update that confirms the change away from PSN (Playstation Network) to SEN (Sony Entertainment network) to encompass all of their online services for Sony products including the Playstation 3.
PS3 game retailers are now fast selling titles such as; Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3 ( MW3 ), Need for Speed The Run and Rachet and Clank All 4 One. Sony is currently performing a major upgrade of all Playstation PSN servers and security to enable the safest play and security for Playstation 3 users. When looking to buy PS3 slim you should look for PS3 bundle options to maximise your value.
The Sony Playstation 3 will be bundled with Little Big Planet for the Christmas Shopping period. Only the Sony 40 GB PS3 is available in Australia as at time of writing - NEW - PAL regions ( incl AUS) will change to the Sony Playstation 3 80 gb model as of August 2008 (40Gb PS3 will be available until sold out) - no other changes to this PS3 model. New USB device, DVB-T for PS3 is available in some countries and is coming to Australia soon.
Many game studios are now making their games on Sony PS3 first before porting them to 360 (etc) therefore bringing PS3 games to market sooner and more readily than other competing game consoles. Sony PS3 supports HDMI 1.3a and support Bravia sync which will let you control all Bravia devices with a single remote. The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is Sony's seventh generation era video game console in the PlayStation series. Sony has announced that the Playstation 3 will be backward compatible with earlier PS1 and PS2 games. The Playstation 3 was officially unveiled on May 16, 2005 by Sony during the E3 conference, where the console was first shown to the public. The current version of the Australian PAL PS3 40GB has backwards compatibility (ability to play PS2 games) removed to cut overall costs of the console (card reader facilities were also removed-this can be re-added via USB devices). The PS3 is considered by some to be somewhat costly, but reasonably so, as it packs a punch compared to previous gaming consoles, with increased superiority in high definition graphics and surround sound (7.1), together with support for high definition Blu-Ray DVD built in! Playstation 3 was originally to sell in two versions, one Playstation 3 for around AUD$600 and a higher capacity HD Playstation 3 for around AUD$1000. Sony did not released the cheaper version of the PS3 but is but went on to sell ONLY the playstation 3 40GB version (as of August 2008 Sony will be selling one single console worldwide - the Sony PS3 80Gb).
As of October 2007 Sony have announced a new version of the Sony Playstation 3 which is a 40 GB Playstation 3 with only 2 USB ports, (HDMI enabled) no HDMI cable, NO PLAYSTATION 2 backwards compatibility (can't play Playstation 2 titles!).
It is believed that Sony are discontinuing all other versions of the Playstation 3 for the foreseeable future in the pacific region (and most other regions of the world.
If you want to find the cheapest playstation 3 in Australia or more likely buy the cheapest playstation 3 in Australia then you need to start your PS3 search online. Naturally you will be looking to list sites that have a ps3 sale or a discount playstation 3 first as this will no doubt be the best playstation 3 prices going at the moment.

You should probably avoid any sites that proclaim to give you a free playstation 3 (of which there are a few). If one of the eight has a manufacturing defect, it is disabled without rendering the entire unit defective. According to an in-depth report compiled by IBM[14], the theoretical peak performance of a single SPE is 25.6 GFLOPS. Finally, whether the PS3's advantage in floating-point performance will be readily apparent in games depends entirely on whether developers are able to effectively make use of the system's unique architecture. The Playstation 3 controller has done away with the rumble feature to make way for the new sixaxis feature! First of all, for those who aren’t familiar with the game, Minecraft is all about an open world where there are no missions, no goals but your own. The core of the game is to break and add blocks, with the entire world create in a 3D grid, where different types of cubes represent different materials which you can use in order to create whatever you want to.
Minecraft PS3 Edition brings an innovation to the game: It allows you to play either on your own, cooperatively with friends in 2 players and 4 player split screen modes. However, one of Minecraft PS3’s biggest disadvantages is the world size, as it is quite small in comparison to the PC version, and this will be more evident when you share your space with 7 other players.
Finally, Minecraft PS3’s developers have been releasing Skin Packs as downloadable content, each one of these containing 40+ skins to choose from.
This version of the famous block world is ready for those who wish to experience the game in an entire new platform. You will need it in order to download and play Minecraft in any of its versions. In the top-right corner, click the Register link. Select the box stating you accept the Terms and Conditions, then click the Register button.
Click on the Download to your PS3 button. If you have set up automatic update, the content will begin downloading automatically. Once the download is completed, go to your PlayStation 3, go to Games to install and access your Sony Entertainment Network account. In order to uninstall Minecraft from your PS3, go to the Games section of the XMB, scroll up to the top and go to the Game Data folder. If you need  any kind of support from Minecraft’s developers, click here and you will find all the help you might need! The new Playstation 4 controller may include a touch panel as well as regular dual shock controller features. That provides a lot of parallel processing power, and will thus handle the majority of the PS4's grunt work. This new Super Slim PS3 is said to be smaller in size without the slot drive for optical discs. The next release will be Need for Speed: Most Wanted which will be released in Australia on November 1, 2012! With update onscreen controls and tighter networking and security as well as wardrobe, shopping and apartment furniture options, this update is drawing lots of Playstation gamers back to the world of Playstation Home on the Sony Entertainment Network.
Sony have just announced that the Playstation Network (PSN) is now coming back online region by region. The playstation move motion controller will enable PS3 owners to control on screen actions with movement only. Little Big Planet is one of the most anticipated games ever for the Playstation 3 platform and is a game suitable for all ages. It is the successor to the PlayStation 2 (which Sony sold in the Millions!) and will mainly compete against the previously released (older) game consoles; Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360.
For the Australian release Sony has stated that the PS3 will have the -- programming that runs the older (PS1, PS2) software -- chip removed and replaced by software of the consoles hard drive. A functional version of the console was not at E3 or the Tokyo Game Show in September 2005, although at both some demonstrations were held on devkits (for example Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots) and comparable PC hardware, and video footage based on the predicted Playstation 3 specifications was produced (for example for Mobile Suit Gundam). Sony have stated that after going down this road they wont be going back (to supporting PS2 games).

The Sony Playstation 3 also has the added ability to run some Operating Systems (such as flavours of Linux) directly on the unit! The main difference between the two Playstation 3 Australia machines is the 20Gig and 60Gig hard disk drives. Then you will want to check the added prices such as credit card fee and postage to send the playstation 3 to where you live (compared to where their ps3 are warehoused and dispatched). In their official press release, the same statistic regarding the PS3 as a whole was reported to be 2 TFLOPS[10] . The seven SPEs in the PS3, in addition to the VMX unit in the PPE, would yield a total combined single-precision floating point performance of 218 GFLOPS (the same figure quoted by Sony). Floating point calculations are very important for graphics, multimedia, and game physics, but considerably less important for other tasks such as artificial intelligence. The ability for the PlayStation Portable to connect to the PlayStation 3 as a video-enabled controller. Two simultaneous High-definition television streams for use on a title screen for a HD Blu-ray Movie.
This new version takes the Minecraft experience to your favorite console, and both hardcore players and newcomers will enjoy it once they’ve downloaded it. You have complete freedom to do what pleases you, although there are achievements and scores, you don’t need to follow that particular model to have fun. You will find out that features such as buying or downloading content on the PlayStation Network are the same for both versions and they both update at the same time.
If automatic update is not switched on or set up correctly it will begin downloading when you next switch on the system. The graphics, meanwhile, are also provided by AMD - specifically a Radeon GPU with 18 GCN units.
It also sports two joysticks and is highly compatible with the Sony Playstation 3 game console.
Sony have now begun rolling out the new greatly enhanced and more secure PSN network services to PS3 users worldwide. The rumble feature had originally been removed from the Playstation 3 controllers due to the new sixaxis feature (tilt control!). The new 40 GB Playstation 3 is available now from various retailers (Kmart, Big W etc) as well as online stores (usually the cheapest option) that stock Playstation 3 consoles.
You need to look at the playstation 3 packages that they are offering, that is, what do you get for your money? Even if they did give you a free playstation 3 you would probly find that it is not a sony ps3 that is configured for Australia! The figures are rounded estimates based on addition of the theoretical maximum floating point performances of the processing units in the Cell CPU and those of the RSX GPU. It should be noted that this figure is an estimate based on ideal, 100% efficient operation of the processor. The PS3 also has further enhancements through the broadband Internet connection and is regularly updated.
The floating-point capacity of the PS3 will significantly exceed that of the Xbox 360, although it should be noted that Microsoft's console, due to its 3 symmetric fully featured processor cores (which are very similar to the Cell's PPE), may fare better on dynamically branching code, like that used for artificial intelligence. Additionally, programmers may find it difficult, initially, to optimize their game engines to make the best use of the highly parallel architectures of both systems, further reducing real-world performance. If you don't want these accessories then you want just the raw price for the playstation 3 console.

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