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There are people who complain that Orkut does not have any feature to show current online friends. Orkut shows 9 of your friend’s profile on the right side of your homepage and that lists changes every now and then. Though this is not accurate (if someone clears his browser cookies, he will go offline in Orkut’s eye), this will give us the best possible statistics about our online friends on Orkut.
As of now, this is the one and only way to track and know who is online on Orkut from your friends list. Bt if i ignore him he will be totally invisible in my profile,my question is dat he shld be in my frnds list bt he shld nt see my profile. Scary Good: IMDb's Guide to Horror Can't get enough of movies and television shows that scare up a good fright?

Make Friends Online - Find Friends Online - Meet Friends Online - qgbecks - Female - 25 years old from USA.
These profiles are shortlisted according to their last login records, but no one can guarantee if it’s accurate or not. I know, this post is not one of those special tricks, but this will help those newbies who find it very difficult to know if their friends are currently logged in or logged out. Orkut displays those 9 profile pictures just to tell you that those 9 profiles are currently online.
After the integration of Gtalk and Orkut, a small blue dot displays the current online status, but if your friend is not signed into chat, you can’t judge that also. But beyond the veil of anthropomorphized teapots, singing lions and magic carpet rides lies the secret world of hidden things that you’ve probably never noticed all those times around. Employment rates were at their lowest with nearly 15 million people without work, the U.S Congress had the gold standard abolished, and disastrous dust storms blew over the country.

To make it short, online friends feature is not accurate and Orkut engineers need to work on it. So, it isn’t so shocking that the 1933 Disney film The 3 Little Pigs was released with slight overtones of dark humor. When the 3 little pigs play the piano, there is a framed portion of sausage links visible on the wall with the word father written underneath. To think that the innocent little piggies tracked down pieces of their butchered father and hung his flesh in their house to commemorate his death is a dark thought indeed.

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