Finding a job in today’s economy can be tough, but there are opportunities if you know where to look.
Tapping the hidden job market may take more planning and nerve than searching online, but it’s much more effective. Networking is the best way to find a job because:People do business primarily with people they know and like.
Think about people you know from former jobs, high school and college, church, your child’s school, the gym, social media, or your neighborhood.
All the connections in the world won’t help you find a job if no one knows about your situation. A generic networking request for a job is worse than no request at all, because you can lose that networking contact and opportunity. Keep them informed on your job search progress.Prepare them for any calls from potential employers. Effective listening means not just understanding the words or the information being communicated, but also understanding how the speaker feels about what they’re communicating.
Focus fully on the speaker and his or her body language, rather than daydreaming, texting, or doodling.

The best way to find these opportunities is not through online job boards, the classifieds, or employment agencies—it’s by talking to people around you.
Adopting a networking lifestyle—a lifestyle of connecting and helping others in good times and bad—will help you find the right job, make valuable connections in your chosen field, and stay focused and motivated during your job search.
Resumes and cover letters alone are often too impersonal to convince employers to hire you.Job listings tend to draw piles of applicants, which puts you in intense competition with many others. But you know more people than you think, and there’s a very good chance that at least a few of these people know someone who can give you career advice or point you to a job opening. It includes all of your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, colleagues, and even casual acquaintances.
Asking for specific information, leads, or an interview is much more focused and easier for the networking source.
Your network of friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances is a valuable job search resource. Unfortunately, many job seekers are hesitant to take advantage of networking because they’re afraid of being seen as pushy, annoying, or self-serving. Networking makes you a recommended member of a much smaller pool.The job you want may not be advertised at all.

Don’t forget to include people like your doctor, landlord, accountant, dry cleaner, or yoga instructor. If you’re having trouble focusing your job search, you can turn to close friends and family members for help, but avoid contacting more distant people in your network until you’ve set clear goals. But networking isn’t about using other people or aggressively promoting yourself—it’s about building relationships.
Networking leads to information and job leads, often before a formal job description is created or a job announced. Be specific about what kind of work you’re looking for and ask them if they have any information or know anyone in a relevant field.

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