Oh good, I’ll do that as soon as I get the game back from The Boy and the downstairs back from everyone else.
A letter from UlfdisDear Aunt Hervor and Uncle Jomar,I know I promised to write sooner, but so much has happened since I left Bruma, I have scarcely had the time to sit and think, much less try to put it all in words.
A Letter From UlfdisDear Aunt Hervor and Uncle Jomar,Sometimes I wonder why I am still here. Loredas, 22 of Last Seed, 4E201Falkreath is a good place to live, a little dreary and dry for my taste, but the people here are good, honest folk and they deserve better than this little tyrant they call their Jarl.
I saw some things I hadn’t seen before.One, The Boy can hit a flying dragon with every arrow.
I’ve seen new finishing moves for archery and unarmed so far, plus I’ve seen my game freeze every time the new J’Shanji jumps into the water.
I cannot express how much this annoys me.*grumble*I saw one of the archery finishing moves too. The first time he suffered death by sabre cat while being burned by a dragon, so I deleted his saves. I disliked leveling up so much from just making some leather stuff to sell from the wolves that attacked him.Surely you jest milady, this is great use for the damned fool puppies is it not? Pages found in the caves of Southfringe Sanctum, partially burnt, scattered in the main chamber by the body of an Orc.
Before version 1.4, your skill went up the same no matter what you created, a cheap iron dagger, or a suit of ebony armor. I still have no idea why they suddenly went after her.could be related to the College questlines?
I'm looking forward to doing the Civil War quest with a character whom is not extant yet. I stalked a group of hunters camping out, wolfed out under a full moon, and ran around.Who do I see running to attack me? I use night eye all the time! That is because you are playing a Khajiit, and get it as a racial power. Tirdas, 17 of Last Seed, 4E201 In a single day my entire life has been ruined.This mornings trip into Skyrim was ruined on account of one Ulfic Stromcloak, leader of the Skyrim Rebellions.
First when I set Thorald Grey Mane free, then when I saw Thalmor patrols on the road, dragging people off in chains. I grabbed a bottle and am headed east towards what I hope is Southfringe, according to a local hunter. I'd sooner kiss a horker, but she was a good host, offering me a place to stay after Ralof and I escaped from Helgen. But it can be fixed if you delete the patch and the Game Data Utility and reinstall the patches. I soon realized that I was spending more time in character creation than actually playing, so now in Skyrim Dead is Reload.
So iron daggers give you a very small skill increase, and things like ebony armor a big one.
I grabbed a bottle and am headed east towards what I hope is Southfringe, according to a local hunter.Morndas, 24 of Last Seed, 4E201 What is worse than and Orc with a war hammer?
It always makes Jensa a little sad to return there.Jensa’s report contains Main Quest spoilers, and here’s a spoilerish picture. I do not know if this is because of my main quest disabler or not, since I left all the civil war hooks active. I said, “But with a helmet on, how can you see his—” And The Boy cut me off by pausing the game while he laughed at me.Second, I saw Mirmulnir use a Fire Ball Shout.
The snow stopped and the wind quit, so there’s nothing but a pile of furs between us and the stars. It should take more skill to make a giant glass greatsword than an iron dagger, and it makes that we'd make more of an increase for this extra skill.
We Nords have to fight for our country, and our gods.There is a shrine of Talos right across the river from Windhelm. She was able to get the job done only because the dragon kept landing and walking forward trying to bite her.
Dragons always pick the best spots to lair.We’re safe up here because we killed the dragon. The ride into Skyrim was as expected, the Thief tried to talk his way free while the Stormcloaks spouted Nordic honor in the face of death. He was a man bigger than Uncle Jomar! But the Thalmor had him, and had been working him over for some time. Crystal Beth simply went down the street and purchased a bottle from somebody right there in Falkreath.
If there had been another bed, then perhaps Ralof would have…Ma, how did you know Da was the one to tie Mara's knot with?
Thankfully she is kind of an overachiever in the alchemy department, because she used up almost all of her arrows and poisons killing it. He was pretty pissed off to wake up in that wagon again, I can tell you! I’m looking forward to having him level up more slowly with Smithing being fixed and him not getting points (or whatever) for unarmed fighting.
It was the Imperials that gave him to the Thalmor, them and a family of Nordic collaborators known as the Battle-Borns.

When I was done, I was more sure than ever that what I was doing was not only right, but necessary.
Here’s what happened.Paarthurnax, or at least that’s as close as I can come to writing his name. I’m playing on a big TV and the subwoofer can make the house move, so a blood dragon in your face has quite a lot of impact.She was all alone on the road because Erik the Slayer was off in parts unknown. Besides, I was certain that once I had the chance to speak with whoever was in command, things would be set to rights. He may have been delayed along the river by his need to seek out and destroy every mudcrab in Skyrim. Claire and Brelyna shared so much, did so many things together, when Brel died, Claire had no idea what to do next, she is of course, very sad. While we were fighting the dragon he was damn near killed by a bear.I want to go back to High Hrothgar.
The called us one by one to the block, I tired to reason with the Legate in charge, explain why I was not on the list of known Stormcloak's and their allies, but she smiled cruelly and set me in line with the traitors. I see the damned goldenrods here in Skyrim, dragging men off in chains for worshipping Talos. He ambled up while she was standing over the skeletal head, noticing how the lavender flowers poked up around the bones.
It placed him in Falkreath attending to his priestly duties when, out of nowhere, a winged beast swept across the sky, blotting out the sun and casting a shadow across the town. I’ll try to make some better sense.First I’ll say that we’re camped in a troll hollow partway down the mountain from High Hrothgar. She wears no armor and the Ironflesh spell doesn’t last long enough to spit, so it was pretty tense when they got close enough to smack her. I wish I could fly, I’d be there right now and back in time to hold this man when the sun comes up over Morrowind. It was just as well I did not kill him though, for at his word the rest of the city surrendered as well. It doesn’t smell great under here, but now that we’ve gotten our armor off we don’t smell great either. The reason for that was simlpe; the third party was, of all things, an eight-damned dragon. He’s not one for love talk even when we’re loving, but tonight he said some sweet things to me.
Before I had a chance to talk, one of the others, a man no more a rebel than I, made a break for it. It’s high enough to stay dry in this freezing rain, and no trees will fall on us if the ice gets thick enough to make them tip over. Plus the only things fool enough to come around a troll hollow are the ones that killed the troll.
Denelle was very glad he did not catch her trying on the Forsworn “armor.”She was also told today by a hulking stranger that she looks dangerous.
So we can sleep tonight.We got warmed up and ate dried horker meat and apples for our meal. I wonder if everyone has flying dreams like I do, or if that’s just my dragon blood making promises it can’t deliver. Eventually we made our way to daylight, and after that we reached Riverwood, a fairly backwards and unexciting place but, fortunately, it had an inn and a store where I was able to sell some of the weapons I'd taken off the dead in return for some arrows and healing potions.
He seemed genuinely regretful that he had sent me to my death not but moments ago and led me through the fort's interior.
My head was destined to become a trophy for their General Tullius, as were those of all of us.
If Ralof had not been there to stop me, I would have taken the fetcher's head off right then and there.
So now I’ll get to what’s been bothering me.Up at the Throat of the World, that dragon gave me another word for fire.
After we returned with the Jagged Crown, he decided it was time that Whiterun committed itself to the war. I got as far as the gate (narrowly avoided being savaged by a pack of wolves on the way) and bumped into some Khajiit camped outside. One of them mentioned the Thieves Guild were operating outside of Riften, and so I figured that the best thing to do would be to check that out if I wanted some coin. Stumbled on a Hunter's camp, he was generous enough to let me share his fire and point me in the direction of Falkreath, think I will head there in the morning. We went into Bleak Falls Barrow and pulled out that stupid dragonstone for the idiot court mage. For a moment I knew what it was to have mortals kneeling at my feet, offering the worship that I deserve. So I got a nearby cart, not wanting a repeat incident of my run-in with those wolves, and arrived in the city. Ran into a fellow named Brynjolf there who offered me some work, namely planting a ring on a Wood Elf. When the feeling faded with my fire, I felt a loss.Stenvar waited until we were stretched out on the furs before he brought up the subject.

Maybe Aela will get it through her thick head that there are no sabre cats at Greenspring Hollow, and she should get over it and just give me a different job. The people here are not very trusting, but have been willing to house and shelter an outsider. Not quite sure what it was, but apparently it was dangerous so I left the city to build my funds hunting and getting some better equipment. The owner of the Dead Man's Drink has set me up with a room for as long as I want it, if I can continue to pay her for it. Wagonloads of Imperial gold likely swayed his decision, at least according to his own steward. The next thing I knew I was out there with a band of Whiterun soldiers, and it was flying overhead. In any case, I managed to survive, knocked together some bracers to sell and managed to scrape together some cash. The Priest of Arkay, a High Elf at that, asked me to get him his journal from Southfinge Sanctum.
He took me to his wizard, and the next thing I knew I was being sent on a mission to an ancient barrow to retrieve some mucking dragonstone for the damned pompous fools.
Will need to pack for the trip tgough, it is going to take at least a day to get that far to the east.
I thought I was going to have to kill her there in the hall, and had my axe and shield in hand. Ralof was with us! I have to admit, that I wanted to kiss him, and perhaps a little more. When I told him that the Imperials tried to give me a shave, he called me a criminal, and said he did not care who the Imperials decided to execute. I thought that returning to the land of my blood would be grander, would speak some hidden truths into my ear. How can a Nord look the other way when the Empire spills the blood of the sons and daughters of Skyrim? A slash of my sword cut loose the ropes holding it up, and moment later Galmar and the Stormcloak army was across.I found Ralof inside the city. Well, I was hoping to get myself out of there, but the damned blowhard dragged his court wizard into the mess, and the next thing I knew I was being sent on an official mission for the Hold.
Along with Galmar, and a few other stout Nords, we finished what Balgruuf started when he chose Imperial gold over Nordic honor.That went rather well, all things considered. Normally I wouldn't have much use for a point eared bushwhacker, but he seemed a cut above most of his countrymen. He was a hard worker for one, I remembered seeing him chopping wood at the mill my first time through, and he was at it again when I walked in the village. The city is all dark and brooding stone, whose dour mood is barely lifted by the white blanket of snow that covers everything. A shrine to Talos rises from a hill across the river from it, as if the Old Man was looking out over his city. He was tall, had muscles, blond hair, blue eyes, and rocks between his ears bigger than the mountain the barrow was sitting upon. I suppose that means I was not meant to be a High Queen! Ulfric was surprised to see the helm. I may not have been born in Skyrim, and I may not have a home here, but I can see this is my fight. This will help prove that he is the rightful High King, once a Moot can be called to make a vote.
Just to show his appreciation, Faendal lent me a hand with my own problem: Bleak Falls Barrow.
We will have to drive the Imperials out before that can happen though, since they would never allow Nords to choose their rulers, not when those rulers stand up against the Thalmor. If the gods grant that we bring that back to Windhelm and place it on Ulfric's head, it will show that they favor us over the damned faithless Imperials and their puppets.
Between the two of us, we dealt with everything that got in our way, be it bandits, frostbite spiders, or draugr. The sly old snake has been playing off both sides until now, not declaring for one or the other. I parted ways with Faendal back in Riverwood, and headed back to Whiterun.-Hrafn, north of Riverwood. I overheard his steward talking about cartloads of Imperial gold delivered to them, and calling for aid from General Tullius. That Balgruuf would sooner have Tullius' gold then Skyrim honor was what I expected after what he said the first time I met him, that it was none of his business who the Imperials chose to execute.
Everything seemed so quiet and peaceful, as people went about their business as if it were any other day. It makes me sad that the common people will have to suffer because of their Jarl's greed and selfishness.

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