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Find Out Why a€?Originalsa€™ Actress Phoebe Tonkin Gave Her a€?Vampire Diariesa€™ Boyfriend Paul Wesley The Finger!
Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley are usually loved-up and cozy in their Instagram photos of each other, but in one snap shared by the "Vampire Diaries" actor, his girlfriend Phoebe Tonkin is giving him the middle finger! In the photo below, Phoebe Tonkin is squinting up at Paul Wesley in the harsh sunlight, standing on a flight of stairs.
Looks like these two sure know how to have fun - even if it means some light-hearted banter. KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web. The "Vampire Diaries" actor thought it would be romantic to take his gorgeous girlfriend on a fun hike, but Phoebe was having none of it.
Everyone on this nightship is a vampire and this ship sails only through the darkest parts of the sea and it is said to be able to conquer all the sea throws at it. I am here because my father sent me here, he thought my life was too boring and I needed some changes. I have made this ship while I was still pretty young, together with a very famous alchemyst-vampire in that time.
I don't even need it and I prefer to stay alone than being with someone and I want my girlfriend to be the same.
It gives a slightly burning feeling.- Vampires cannot cross streemign water, the nightship is magically made so that vampires can stay on this ship while it crosses water, which is normally not possible. I am a pureblood vampire (some say that this is the only thing I ever achieved in my live), my father was a French vampire and my mother is Japanese.
The pirates took her to their ship, unaware that she was a vampire, and tried to force her onto it. But it was storming, so the water was streaming and banging around the ship, so my mother was unable to enter. They killed her in their drunkness and anger of the fact that they couldn't get that oh so beautiful lady onto her ship.

I don't have any idea if my family is still alive, I went away from them when I was 50 and I never had any contatcs with them. My father told me this when he found me cowering in the wardrobe, he had seen it all but had been too late to act so he had rushed home for me seeing my mother told him, she could send people mind probes with her thoughts. We moved to Germany and went from place to place there, but seeing I always travelled the world I hadn't learned that much apart from the basic education my parents gave me.
My friends tell me that I have a temper and I must admit tht I'm cruel whenever I get angry.
I dont speak much because im use to having a belt being smack against my back or a hand coming to meet my cheek. I will literally snap into crazy devil b**** mode if you even touch my music sheets or violin. I failed my first year because I didn't take the exams and lessons serious enough and thought it was all fun and games.
I love to read and fantasize because that is the only way I can get those things I really want.
I am really shy and socially awkward, so being in love is really a pain in the ass because I will never have the guts to tell them. I don't like lessons and schools but when my parents decided to send me here they told me Teru ended this school few years ago.
I haven't been in love often but when I am, I get very depressive now and then, but I try to hide this all just by staying quiet and joking around when around the one I like.
I also don't have many friends because of this, but this year I am going to try my hardest to in any case get to know people. There's a free music room, gamehal, dance room, disco and a lot more, there are also lots of shops, a swimming pool and some lunchrooms. I am a pure blood vampire and both my parents are Japanese, though I cannot remember the city. Everyone has an own room with one bed, a desk and a closet, except for the teacher's who have a somewhat bigger room wiht also a computer and stuff they added themselve. I have had a few vampire wifes but the last one abandoned me because she did not want to go with me on this ship. At that age, she stopped there and continued to age, even though her body didn't show it.
Her mother couldn't handle her when she kept biting the guests and drew blood or attacked random people at the streets at the age of 4, so she sent her to her father where she learned who she was. My name, Sakayume, means a dream which is contradicted by reality, so I guess that really describes it well!

Anne-Marie was born in Romania to Ukrainian parents years ago, which is also the reason for her heavy accent. Sometimes, it's not easy to understand her, but she has been getting better at her speech due to her friends around them.
Most poeple do not really like me because they think I am too strict and also because I am not outgoing, something my son has inherited from me.
My stephfather is a very important and rich businessman, the boss of some really big company called Asgard.
I have a lot of patience, but as soon as it is gone, I can assure you that it is better to run away.
I also got a big brag of a brother who thinks he's better than me but he doesn't understand what sarcasm is, so we can't really get along.
My wife Snow always told me that I am very passionate and caring to those that I love and I believe she is right, though I cna be cold whever I do not really want to make time for other peopel.
But, of course, when my father is fed up with running the company, my brother will get the honour. Because of their link with water (Ice giants, duh) I am for example less weakened or disabled by any water. I was born in Transylvania, while the ship was docking there, so I am born on the land in a hopsital somewhere. I do not have nay brother's or sisters, so I can concentrate fully on gettign more knowledge. That is not because I did not have good grades, it is because I volunteered to stay a student and learn more. I find knowledge very important and I can be quite shy when I am around a lot of strangers. I do not fear teaching someone I do not know new things but I am very scared of speaking in public. I do know that I can see it whenever someone is lying, though only if I know htat one person a little. I lived on the streets and did dirty jobs untill this nightship came by and I joined the school.

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