In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he claims that all experts require 10,000 hours of experience in order to truly master their field. In order to make sure that your progress is structured and comprehensive, all good Chinese teachers will use a formal curriculum of some sort.
One more item to keep in mind is that before you have taken several lessons with your teacher, it may be difficult to know if their personal teaching style is a good fit for you.
Living in Shanghai is a fantastic opportunity and learning Chinese is one of the best ways to understand and appreciate life in China. I start my form over, doing my best to empty my mind—which right now is reminding me to get some new running shoes—and think only about breathing into my lower abdomen. My thoughts return to my father, who died before I grew up. What would he have thought of my failures? After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring him home. Join the 90,000+ San Franciscans and get our picks for the best Bay Area free & cheap events and deals each week.
It was the second year that 5 Star Plus Retail Design was invited to be a partner for the Luxury Properties Showcase 2016. As the biggest and the most important part of the event, we launched our "Pop!" Initiative campaign. China Fashion Week which was organized by Mercedes-Benz from 25 till 31 March 2016 is now over. Chinese-Dutch fashion designer Sheguang Hu presented a new collection which surprised the audience with blood as the key design inspiration.
The show was full of noteworthy touches such as a model holding two dolls which looked as if they were covered in blood. The following collection created by fashion designer Li Shaowen is inspired by nature and its continuous cyclic change.
Designed by Yu-Tao Wang, B+ by beautyberry envisions a new modern lifestyle and visual identity. This season's fashion week was inspiring with an increasing number of local, young designers presenting new ideas. 5 Star Plus Retail Design is proud to have acted as Visual Sponsor at one of the most significant yearly events of the Swiss community in Beijing: The Swiss Traditional Dinner organized by SwissCham.
Required for the event was the creation of a key visual that would represent Swiss and Chinese elements and communicate the spirit of a celebratory occasion. The "experience factor" and successful communication of brand values and emotions is one very important factor in current store designs. The focus is put on the facial expression and the posture that creates a sense of movement. There are an increased number of store concepts that provide an environment that is entirely different from what one expects and invite visitors to discover and experience. The pop-up store design has the atmosphere of an unfinished workplace with old window panels and colored sand in the background as exterior decoration.
Brands are increasingly realizing the importance of connecting with their customers on a deeper emotional level. The tattoo shop in the images below was designed in the format of a bar which provides a welcoming atmosphere as a key element of the store design.
All 3 trends observed focus on enhancing the consumer experience, impressing with the unexpected, and providing an environment that deeply connects with the lifestyle of their customers. China Fashion Week in Beijing features many China's home-grown fashion brands and young designers. China Fashion Week in Beijing is not as prestigious as its counterparts in London, Paris, and New York.
The design brings you back to the 1980s when traditional padded coats with bright red or green floral prints were very popular and part of our lifestyle.
We are looking forward to this season's shows and new collections and will get back to you with a report on this year's trends after the event. ISPO is the largest international winter sports exhibition and is organized in Munich and Beijing at the beginning of each year. Taking place from February 24 to 27th, ISPO Beijing 2016 impressed with a large number of international and local exhibitors.
In this specific segment of the retail market, promoting the "experience" factor has a particular importance. Hanna Trachten is an Austrian traditional clothing brand that we have worked with three years ago to create the design of their flagship store in Vienna in early 2013. A few weeks ago the brand has asked us to get involved again, this time for the store design of their new three story flagship in Salzburg, one of Austria's most prestigious and historic cities. In this article we want to show how a typical store design project looks at the beginning and during the concept stage, therefore we have juxtaposed a number of photos of the construction site with hand drawn sketches and visuals.
As it will be the year of the Monkey in 2016 many luxury retailers have sought to embrace the monkey motif in store displays, exclusive product ranges and limited edition packaging. One noticeable addition to the Spring Festival scene is the sophisticated multimedia displays used by high end retailers. Other premium stores have chosen to represent the theme of spring with displays that are fresh and floral with vibrant colours.
In our opinion, the most ingenious displays and promotional materials were the ones that captured the appreciation of all age groups. Should international retail brands implement a global store design concept across all countries or should they make adjustments for certain markets such as China? This is a strategic question that first requires an understanding of the differences of the markets and then the definition of priorities by the brand. Reasons justifying a strict global approach are the consistency of the brand image as well as standardization allowing for an easier implementation on a worldwide level.
A major factor that speaks against an implementation of a brand's store design concept, without adaptation to specific markets, is the difference in local customer motivations and behavior. While consumers in certain markets purchase luxury goods to "fit in" (Japan, Europe), many people in China buy luxury brands to "stand out" in a crowd. The majority of Chinese luxury consumers do not, like European customers, purchase items that represent their personality, taste and lifestyle that they already have, but rather search for items that can convey a certain social status, personal wealth and style. Stores that sell luxury goods in China, as a consequence, need to stand out as well, and have to look like they can provide this advance in lifestyle that Chinese consumers are looking for. Not to forget, Fengshui is a Chinese concept that needs to be considered as well: the colors white, silver, and gold represent the element metal and therefore money. Shopping malls and department stores in China are bombarded by brands that want to enter the market.
Finally, most store locations are not street facing stores but within new shopping malls and department stores. In short, for international brands to realize the full potential of the Chinese market they need to understand and cater to its unique customer preferences and in particular store environments.
Nordica opened their first concept restaurant in Chongli, a city in the North Western province of Hebei which will host part of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, on December 12th 2015. The chefs of Nordica lounge are from Italy and as such are able to provide some of authentic Italian cuisine.
We paid most attention to two key elements of the design concept: the Nordica bar and the large window into the kitchen. The significance of Christmas in China has continued to grow exponentially, with each passing festive season a step is taken to make Christmas shopping just as important in china as it is in the west. This trend is evident nowhere more than in store front designs throughout Beijing's international shopping centers. Most international luxury brands have taken a step beyond last year's minimal chic designs and have moved towards a more supporting role for the theme of Christmas.
The main features that have been observed this year are an abundance of large Christmas decorations including lights, gifts and trees. After China became the world's leading online retail market in 2013, M-Commerce or mobile commerce is now spearheading this trend as the demand for mobile devices continues to grow exponentially.
The proportion of online sales made from mobile devices compared to PCs has been on the rise. The use of mobile devices to make online purchases increased 21.9% from Q1 2014 to Q1 of 2015. With the increasing importance of m-commerce, most international luxury retail brands have responded by adapting their current practices to welcome the trend. Some brands like Chanel for example, have even created their own mobile app, which not only house the latest fashion pieces, but also doubles as a news bulletin where regular updates on the fashion industry can be shared with their trend hungry consumers. Other luxury brands have turned to forming partnerships with leading e-commerce companies, utilizing their already established customer base.
Understandably however, there are other luxury retail brands that refuse or find it difficult to fully embrace the trend. Xi's campaign to eliminate corruption has forced government officials to cut back on elaborate spending and gift giving.
The novelty of having any-old international designer bag on your arm simply as a statement of wealth has begun to decline. As a significant proportion of today's Chinese luxury consumers are younger and more tech-savvy, it makes sense that a greater number of consumers are engaging with luxury brands online.
To find out more about how Chinese luxury consumers behave online, please read our other articles. In 2014, a common trend among Chinese luxury consumers was the personalization of luxury goods allowing one to be expressive and stand out from the crowd. As Chinese luxury consumers account for a significant amount of sales in the global luxury market, understanding and anticipating their current and future needs becomes extremely important. Translating the brand name into Chinese is often a task that is underestimated by companies. For a powerful marketing and communication campaign, a name translation that has a similar sound to promote the global aspect of the brand as well as a relevant meaning is important.
Nordica, the Italian ski equipment brand, decided to bring its brand image to a new level by opening "Nordica Lounge" in Chongli, the city in Hebei province which will host part of the Olympic Winter Games in 2022. Nordica Lounge is a restaurant and lifestyle concept that is located adjacent to a Nordica service shop. According to the brand, "The NORDICA Lounge is the place that connects ski fans and outdoor lovers with what matters most: family, fellowship and the mountain. Integrity, loyalty, courage, optimism, these are our brand values that enable us day after day to offer our clients superior quality & services. Inspired by the brand's visual identity, the color palette of the restaurant design is limited to red, greys, and black, and features abundant natural textures such as wood and some stone for a warm and cozy atmosphere. Based on its concept of simplicity and high quality food, two key elements of the design concept are the Nordica bar and the large window into the kitchen that allows customers to observe how the food is prepared.
As it is becoming increasingly imperative for international luxury brands to utilize online platforms such as WeChat and Weibo in order to engage with consumers in China, more and more brands have established an online presence in hopes of attracting and strengthening the bond with their Chinese consumers.
Michael Kors is an example of a foreign luxury brand making an effort to engage with its customers through sustained online and offline interaction.
Coach's approach to WeChat has evolved over the last few months; their initial posts were very product focused, more recently however, they have begun posting articles on lifestyle, possibly in favor of the growing luxury travel and lifestyle trend emerging this year.
It's clear that in this technological age, brands can enhance the customer's shopping experience through providing a combination of online and offline services. It is important for any retail brands, wanting to enter China or simply create a brand new store to fully understand the brand’s identity and the image that it wants to convey to its targeted customers. Select a few strong characters from the brand that would be reflected throughout the store’s design. Having a strong retail design concept that is different from competitors and ideally memorable with the brand’s DNA, are what any team of designers strives to accomplish. The retail design field is getting smarter, allowing brands to use digital features in the design of stores.
The Salzburg Urstein Institut had its first appearance in China at the China Education Expo (CEE) and the QS Beijing and Shanghai from October 24th to November 7th 2015. We at 5 Star Plus Retail Design are delighted to support the Salzburg Urstein Institut with marketing activities and design services in China, including the exhibition stand design for the various expositions in China. Listed as the only participating Austrian institution at the CEE, the Salzburg Urstein Institut welcomed several high ranking visitors - including the EU Ambassador to China Dietmar Schweissgut and Helmut Spitzl, Acting Director and Attache for Science and Technology at the Science and Technology Section of the Austrian Embassy Beijing - at their stand. Omni-Channel touch points means inspiring and attracting brands across all retail touch points, from print magazines, social media channels, brand websites and mobile applications, to the design of retail stores. The design of retail stores is also being transformed now, so as to attract younger Chinese shoppers by creating a ‘branded experience’ with the use of technology. Furthermore, luxury brands are also coming up with interesting retail design concepts to attract new customers, by setting up restaurants, cafe’s, hotels and pop up stores. In order to attract younger more sophisticated Chinese shoppers, brands need to offer VIP experiences, which make the customer feel special for choosing their brand over competitor brands. It is clear that luxury brands now have to diversify their marketing strategies in China to attract younger more sophisticated shoppers. International luxury brands looking to break into the seemingly saturated Chinese luxury market, particularly in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, may want to dip their toes in the ocean before diving in to avoid costly mistakes. Established in Hong Kong in 1850 by Ninian Crawford and Thomas Ash Lane, today’s Lane Crawford has become a market leading luxury specialty store reaching out to customers in their Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu locations. Lane Crawford boasts as having one of the largest handpicked luxury good portfolios, offering its customers a wide selection of the latest fashion, accessories, beauty, lifestyle and home goods. International luxury brands wanting to trail their products must showcase their most creative and inspiring pieces to align with the corporate values and aesthetics of Lane Crawford. The comparatively newer department store, founded in 1912 in Paris, opened its doors to Beijing, China in 2013. Known for providing a playful, innovative and trendy environment, through tasteful animation and shop design, Galeries Lafayette are focused on providing the most unique shopping experience. 10 Corso Como is a well-known shopping and dining complex originally founded in Italy in 1991 by Carla Sozzani and Kris Ruhsspend. After entering various luxury markets around the world including both Beijing and Shanghai, 10 Corso Como echoes it’s ‘slow shopping’ philosophy where it believes shoppers should slow down to enjoy the experience of shopping.
To conclude, Lane Crawford, Galeries Lafayette and 10 Corso Como all host luxury brands but in slightly different ways. Celebrity Ambassadors in China have become an established marketing strategy for companies in the luxury retail industry to market their goods and to target specific consumers.

Celebrity ambassadors in China are a central part of the Swiss watch company, Rolex, communication strategy and one they have used since the beginning of the brand. Rolex’s desire to establish itself as a high-class brand in China has led to the creation of ‘The Rolex Experience,’ in its Shanghai retail store, at the House of Roosevelt. As you can see, celebrity ambassadors can play an important role in a luxury retail brands marketing strategy, to widen their consumer market, or to target a specific type of consumer.
The amount spent on online shopping in Mainland China reached 2.8 trillion Yuan last year, making up around 10% of the total retail sales of consumer goods. Ecommerce platforms have therefore become popular among Luxury Brands in China, as they reach a wide range of top-end consumers who now prefer to shop online.
China has enjoyed steady growth for several years and despite the fact that this growth had been sluggish as of late, news that China had devalued the Yuan by almost 2% on August the 11th, sent shockwaves through the global markets with the luxury retail market in China being one which was shaken by the news.
Traditionally, travelling Chinese shoppers looking to purchase international luxury goods would flock to Europe or Japan as the comparatively weak Euro and Yen generated a significant price gap enabling them to get goods cheaper abroad.
Since entering into the Chinese market, luxury brands were rewarded with healthy sales as China’s fast economic development saw average wages increase and the trend to purchase luxury goods (for one’s self or as a gift to others) increase alongside it.
Soon enough, some brands became heavily reliant on China to account for a significant proportion of their sales. Although the devaluation did not cause a significant loss in sales, if China were to devalue the Yuan further, and the brands did not have measures in place to counter this, they could see their sales take a hit as the overall purchasing power of Chinese luxury shoppers decreases. Following the announcement that China had suddenly dropped the value of its currency, the marketplace was shaken and worried shareholders anticipated a change in customer behavior affecting the bottom line of some luxury retail brands. By devaluing the Chinese Yuan, yes it reduced the purchasing power of Chinese shoppers by making buying international luxury goods slightly more expensive however this should increase the quantity of exports, drawing more business in for a lot of Chinese firms.
The Marketing Concept is the philosophy that companies should attempt to outdo their competition, by making decisions to satisfy the needs of their consumers. Social media marketing is the most important tool for brands that are new to China and are trying to get the attention of the Chinese consumer.
Learning Chinese can be a wonderful and rewarding process, but you need to make sure that you have the right partner to guide you.
Many people believe that this claim is exaggerated, but it can still serve as a reminder that there is no substitute for experience. If you really want to learn Chinese, it will take from 50 - 150 lessons to become conversational, and you should make sure that you are spending your time with the right teacher for you. My work here, towards Shaolin strength and Confucian calm, is, for now at least, done. While the design inspiration of the show might be controversial and not to everyone's taste, it must be said that Sheguang Hu made a strong design statement with bold colors, beautiful shapes and compositions and an almost artistic touch to all of his creations. The design theme is the circle and the whole collection is based on the colors blue, white and an accent of flashy yellow. With the oversized silhouette of the body inspired by the 80's wide shoulder design for women and combined colorful cartoon images the designer tries to bring back childhood feelings. The new and prominent designer created a mix of textures between the skin and cotton, as well as through the use of denim and metallic details.
As one of China's leading brand and retail design agencies, 5 Star Plus Retail Design has launched "Pop!" Initiative. Hosted by the Westin Beijing, the gala dinner was attended by representatives from Swiss companies, individuals, and chamber members.
We created a composition of a Swiss city in water color style with Swiss mountains in the background and a mirror image of Chinese buildings in the water. Lately, a number of forward-looking brands have started to bring this concept to a new level by using mannequins to express emotions and artistic notions. Different materials such as cardboard and acrylic rasin are used to create futuristic female bodies. For example, 'Work in Progress' is a pop-up store featuring eyewear with a store design that is created from vintage elements. Once entering, the metallic floor structure, together with the black screen, creates a more futuristic look.
This is achieved by creating concepts by which retail brands connect with customers on several points in their life and thus become lifestyle brands. With increased competition against the online retail industry, as well as fiercer market conditions in China and across the world, we expect to see many more trends in this direction. Started almost ten years ago in 1997, the project is organized two times per year by Mercedes-Benz.
It is definitely evolving, attracting huge crowds and promoting talented local fashion designers.
In the end, China is not only one of the biggest luxury fashion consumers in the world, but also a country with great creative design potential. In the outdoor sports fashion area, many exhibition khkhghkgkgkhkhkhkhkgkgkstand designs expressed their respective brand positioning and attracted visitors with bold colors, dynamic displays and interactive technology. Some brands achieved to create a very dynamic environment with means of an interactive ski game on a large LED screen, hiring a disc jockey or arranging performances where products were tested in extreme conditions such as ice and water. With the Chinese season of giving, thanks and good wishes on our doorstep it is the perfect opportunity to reengage with customers and let them know that we have what they need when it comes to the Chinese New Year. These displays set high end luxury retailers apart from their competition as it places them at the forefront of marketing technology. With the understanding that this holiday is a holiday for families to spend time with each other, so some stores created interactive activities or displays to enchant children whilst they are shopping with their parents. This means that both the brand presentation and the store design face different challenges and requirements in the various markets. The purchase of a luxury product in China is therefore somewhat an investment, an opportunity to acquire a certain lifestyle and status as well as appreciation among friends.
Many well established international brands including Swarovski, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein have recognized this in the past years and created different store design concepts specifically for Asia and China.
Soft furnishings and rich textures slow down the "Qi", the flow of energy, and even stall the positive energy if it is overdone. This creates opportunities for retail brands to create impressive flagship or concept stores in new malls that are still under construction, especially when compared to typical locations in European cities that are often in traditional, sometimes listed, buildings. 5 Star Plus Retail Design, as the design team for this store, were invited to join Nordica for their opening night. Guests enjoyed their fantastic dishes such as creamy mushroom spaghetti, pizza, fresh basil Rotini and decadent tiramisu. Nordica, traditionally an Italian ski equipment brand, wanted to expand their current business model into the fine dining sector by opening 'Nordica lounge'.
Nordica invites diners to watch their food and beverages being prepared, with world class skill and expertise. At Parkview Green FangCaoDi Shopping Centre in Beijing's Central Business District stores have continued to embrace the spirit of Christmas. This year many stores have developed grander more unique displays that are designed to grab the attention of shoppers. This combined with the colours green, red and white have been used to frame product, often drawing attention to their quality and style.
This has presented opportunities for luxury brands that have openly embraced the trend while at the same time created obstacles for those brands reluctant to adapt to this growing trend.
Fendi for example, a high-end fashion retailer, have made their website mobile responsive, this provides their customers with the ability to view their website and make purchases easily from any mobile device. Burberry is just one example of a luxury brand that have partnered with Tmall to reach their online savvy consumer pool.
This is usually a result of their reluctance to associate themselves with brands that cater for the mass market, fearing it will devalue their brand image.
Market conditions fluctuate and the preferences of luxury consumers are continually evolving. This has already had a significant impact on the luxury retail market in China as the demand for luxury goods as gifts, has fallen.
Today's Chinese consumer is far more concerned with the quality and origin of material, workmanship, the quality of service at purchase and the corporate values of the brand. However it doesn't stop there, M-Commerce accounts for a significant proportion of E-Commerce sales as many consumers today use smartphones and other tablet devices on a daily basis. Research conducted by Bain based on 1,400 luxury consumer survey results explained this trend to be a result of increased knowledge from international travel, as well as the exchange of information on social media and its influence on consumers. Today's typical consumer is young, knowledgeable, tech-savvy, and desires brand experiences over the latest Prada designer bag. Since the Chinese language uses characters with multiple meanings and often even multiple sounds (pronunciations), the translation, or better transliteration, is a somewhat complex process that needs appropriate planning. The more a brand name is able to communicate by itself, the stronger its impact and more effective the marketing campaign is going to be.
Brands need a consistent and coherent brand image across all channels, therefore it is only logical that the name represents the brand's personality which is then extended to marketing campaigns, communication elements as well as design aspects such as the visual identity or store design concept. Ski and nature aficionados who spend the week end in the mountains will finally have a cozy European indoor space to enjoy Italian-style lunch, dinner, or drinks at any time of the day. Further brand characteristics that needed to be part of the restaurant design are passion, quality, service, and comfort. With the lounge, Nordica extends its brand identity to a three-dimensional environment where customers can relax, feel and taste the brand, and therefore goes one step further in establishing itself as a lifestyle brand. The launch coincides with the start of operations of Thaiwoo, which is China's largest skiing resort and also located in Chongli.
Last May, for the launch of their flagship store in Shanghai, they allowed attentive followers to truly experience the Jet Set collection launch event through the application. One of their most recent posts (July 2015) focusing on Summer and lifestyle proved very popular with their followers receiving more than 57,000+ views and over 140 likes. Michael Kors and Coach are just two examples of brands that have openly embraced this trend and are grabbing and maintaining the interest of local consumers.
We cannot emphasize that brands wanting to survive long term need to consider technology as a creative way to communicate to customers.
Have a rough overview of the design and construction cost as well as time required for the project’s completion, however be prepared for any future changes. Work with a team that understands all aspects of the brand, from positioning to marketing strategies.
The courses take place in Salzburg and Berlin and are accompanied by an extensive Cultural Practice Program for first-hand experience of Europe. Effective marketing needs to be put in place where consumers are searching about the brands, to make sure touch points are not over looked. Digital technology is now being implemented in the design, including information terminals, interactive touchscreen and display functions. These new innovative ideas promote the brand, especially to the younger Chinese shoppers who are looking for the entire brand experience, not just a product. Additionally, these experiences will create brand loyalty from consumers, as an emotional connection will be formed with the brand. Online to offline retail is now equally important, as younger Chinese shoppers use online devices more than ever before. By collaborating with local department stores, luxury retail brands can ascertain whether or not there is demand for their brand through shop-in-shop concepts. Meanwhile, the stunning interior and digital features sets the mood to provide customers with a unique shopping experience surrounded by thoughtful artwork. The store in Beijing operates as a 50-50 joint venture between Galeries Lafayette and I.T Ltd. International luxury brands wanting to trial their goods here, will need to display their latest and greatest trends, matching the fun and innovation this department store is famous for. Surrounded by inspired art, design and fashion pieces, 10 Corso Como takes shopping to a whole new level leaning to the fulfillment trend emerging this year.
Therefore, brands must ensure their brand values correlate with the values held by that particular department store for their shop-in-shop design concept. Celebrities are often effective when marketing a product as they are easily recognizable and therefore bring more attention to a brand. Increase sales: When marketing a retail brand or luxury goods products in China, choosing a particular celebrity who matches the brands image and values is important to increase sales, as the consumer will be influenced by that particular celebrity to buy the product. Create Emotional Connections: Well-known celebrities are chosen by luxury retail brands to promote their brands image as they create an emotional connection between themselves and the consumer. Improves Credibility: A celebrity ambassador can also increase credibility for a luxury retail brand in the Chinese market. Rolex tends to choose successful individuals who are at the top of their respective fields, including a range of sportsmen, women and musicians. The retail design of the store has been cleverly put together to create an interactive experience for customers to become immersed in the Rolex brand and its accomplishments. However, it is important to make sure that the celebrity matches the brand’s image and values, for a celebrity ambassador to be a successful marketing strategy for luxury retail brands. Due to this, ecommerce platforms are becoming an increasingly popular online method for luxury brands in China to sell their products.
The website currently features 70 000 international and Chinese brands, including online stores for luxury brands such as Burberry and Calvin Klein. Now, with a slightly weakened Yuan, this price gap has been narrowed making purchasing locally more attractive, as closer pricing means the benefit of buying goods abroad decreases.
More and more Chinese people saw purchasing luxury goods as a sign of status and so international luxury brands, which had entered the market, became increasingly popular in line with demand. For example, Swatch – a high end Swiss watchmaker, according to figures derived from Deutsche Bank, report an average of around 20% of their total revenue to come from Mainland China, similarly, 14% of Gucci’s revenue is made up from sales acquired in China. As a result, shares of some of the leading luxury brands such as Swatch and LVMH, both saw their shares fall by more than 3%. This means that brands new to China need to make sure they market effectively, ideally in a cost effective way. Therefore brands wanting to enter the Chinese market in a cost effective way need to create a Chinese landing page, which includes the implementation of social media channels.
There are about 640 million social media users in China, on sites such as WeChat, Weibo and LinkedIn. Shanghai has more and more Chinese schools popping up and it seems like half of the local population promote themselves as part-time Chinese teachers. Make sure that your teacher has a real track record of working with students and you’re not going to be an “experiment” while this person learns how to teach.

If you choose an independent teacher, there is a risk that this person is under-qualified or not fully focused on teaching Chinese. I was struggling to compose myself—I wasn’t sure what this was about—when I saw the shifu approach with Cindy. 120 international exhibitors from 35 different countries attended this event, and attracted around 6000 potential Chinese home buyers, luxury home owners and VIPs. Initiative gives young creative fashion brands & accessory brands, independent fashion designers and startups with innovative products the opportunity to realize their dream, gain brand exposure and expand their brand with a temporary store. The following four designer collections give an insight into what happened at the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week. Before moving back to China, Sheguang Hu owned a boutique – known also for its store design - in the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Doetinchem. While one can easily recognize references to the 80ies and 90ies, the collection also amazes with its futuristic feel through metallic fabrics and geometric accents. The use of graphics and contrast in fashion, branding and store design concepts remains a strong trend. The campaign provides an opportunity to independent fashion designers and new brands to present their collections in a pop up store environment in a 5 Star hotel in Beijing.
The visual was then extended to a set of applications such as the entrance ticket, an email banner, menu, a backdrop, signage in public space, and podium signage.
The store design concept is very different from other eyewear stores and definitely creates a lasting impression.
This also explains why luxury and fashion companies are creating their own branded restaurants, cafes, bars and exhibition spaces lately. The store concept combines a bar format with a classic and luxury sports car showroom, Club9.
Chinese New Year is the 7 day long holiday, dating back over 4000 years, where it is customary to give gifts of affection, love and gratitude to family, friends and colleagues. Since the competition among brands is fierce and sales pressure is high, malls and department stores are looking for unique, fresh, and exciting concepts that are a safe choice for the few open store spots they currently have. Nordica began with a cocktails and snacks happy hour from 5pm to 7 pm, followed by an exclusive dinner from 7 pm to 9 pm. In this way, Nordica can highlight the high quality of their menu items to their customers. Once a shopper has been engaged their attention is drawn to the brand product which always remains the center piece of the display.
Therefore brands in china must evolve with their target consumers if they want to sustain their competitive advantage. Now, as more and more consumers purchase luxury goods for themselves, they have become more inquisitive and demanding.
Armed with the knowledge of what they want, these informed consumers expect equally informed sales staff to confidently assist them or they'll likely take their business elsewhere. Fulfilling personal dreams and gaining invaluable experiences has become more of a priority. Niche brands such as Balenciaga and Kate Spade have subsequently seen a growing demand from Chinese consumers this year.
Brands must therefore learn how to adapt their promotions to meet these needs otherwise instead of evolving with their target consumer they will lose sales as demand for their products fall. The government just commissioned the building of a high speed train route that will bring Beijingers to Chongli in one hour in a few years. More recently, they utilize WeChat to keep their consumers informed about the latest happenings with the brand through informative articles and photographs.
Furthermore, Coach; similarly to Michael Kors have focused their WeChat marketing on providing their consumers with the ultimate VIP experience through inviting them to become members, creating exclusivity and giving consumers a feeling of belonging.
WeChat has been proven to be instrumental to international luxury brands looking to break into the market or even those who are already in the marketplace but needing to increase brand loyalty and customer engagement. We witnessed a lot of brands changing their positioning and price point when entering the Chinese retail market. It will also guide the designers to create the perfect mood board, compiling images that best coincide the ambiance and the emotions wished to be expressed into the design of the space. And consider all the above points to create an exceptional physical extension of the brand.
Especially to attract the younger more digital Chinese shopper; aged 25 to 35, seeking foreign brands and developing a sense of appreciation for the brand’s heritage.
Another trend that is becoming more popular is placing LCD screens on the facade of retail stores, in order to entice customers in from afar. Luxury brands have now realized that younger customers want more than just the product and that an experience will provide more pleasure and satisfaction. If luxury retail brands really wish to improve customer relationships, however, they need to make sure they focus on the experiences they can offer the consumer, rather than just the number of media channels they have. Brands wishing to collaborate with this department store must think beyond the product itself and offer unique experiences for shoppers. The celebrity therefore can give credibility to a product, making it more popular among consumers.
If a celebrity ambassador has a large fan base then the brand can use this to reach a greater number of Chinese consumers, who are more likely to pay attention to a celebrity, rather than the brand itself and therefore boost sales. This connection is created by the celebrity’s large following who see the brands products as good enough for them if the celebrity feels they are worth having. The idea of a celebrity ambassador is to make the brand trustworthy and convince the consumers that they should associate themselves with that particular retail brand. Rolex ambassadors have included the dancer Yuanyuan Tan, cellist Yoyo Ma, tennis players Roger Federer and Ana Ivanovic.
This includes ‘The Heart of Rolex’ which celebrates Rolex’s partnerships and ambassadors, engaging customers by incorporating high-end technology in the store's retail design.
This is a strategy which Rolex has been successfully carrying out to promote and excel its brand over the years. Popular platforms are business to consumer (B2C) websites, which offer online direct sales to customers wanting high quality luxury goods. The website has around 133 million visits per month and features brands such as Gucci and Michael Kors on their website, at competitive prices. Therefore, many ecommerce platforms are now also bringing in regulators to make sure that the products they are selling are in fact real.
However, as the overall purchasing power of Chinese shoppers has dropped, in order to sustain demand from particularly price sensitive shoppers, some international luxury brands may instinctively react by further lowering the prices of their goods in China. To navigate your way to an effective teacher, focus on these items: experience, curriculum, training and support. Teachers with real experience will be more able to identify your weak points and create a targeted strategy for improving as quickly as possible.
Your Chinese curriculum and the textbooks it uses should outline all of the necessary linguistic elements in a logical manner.
Naturally, we recommend that you work with an established Chinese school that is incentivized to train and promote only the best teachers. Fill out an application form, contact us for more information or read more about our Chinese classes in Shanghai. The only time I remember feeling this anxious and uncertain was on my first day of preschool. My teen hangs out happily with the 20-year-olds, playing video games and watching movies. The three day exhibition included a lot of activities, such as speeches, a cocktail party and a forum. The designer gave his Dutch stores up and came back to China, creating some outstanding fashion collections. 2016 will mark the year of the fire Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac calendar which should help inspire cheeky campaigns portraying ambition and adventure. The key to success and a comfortable atmosphere in store environments in China is an appropriate balance of all elements.
We used a red, grey, and black color theme for the restaurant design to help express Nordica's brand values of integrity, loyalty, courage and optimism. Some stores however still provide only a hint of Christmas to the consumer, using this subtleness to guarantee their brand is the focus of attention, this ensures their brand identity isn't compromised while still establishing a connection to Christmas. However the Chinese luxury consumer market is diverse and some will still happily make a purchase purely as a statement of wealth.
This is undoubtedly a result of WeChat and Alibaba's dominance in the online market, who are making online purchases very convenient and accessible for Chinese consumers. Below are 5 points that retailers need to take into account when designing any type of store, whether it is a flagship store or a shop-in-shop concept. What was a premium foreign brand would be promoted as “light-luxury” once established in China, adapting the store’s original visual identity together with factor such as pricing.
Answering to some of these questions before hand ensures the design team, which you are working with, to come up with the ideal floor plan layout. They must use diverse marketing strategies, to attract consumers through online-to-offline retail; attracting younger more sophisticated Chinese shoppers who will be heavily influenced by online marketing strategies, such as social media accounts.
Making sure a shopper has a VIP shopping experience with dedicated sales people and a private room is an effective strategy, as it establishes a customer relationship, possibly leading to the customer buying on impulse.
Therefore, this should make the luxury goods that the celebrity ambassador is promoting, more desirable. Tennis has recently been gaining more popularity among wealthy Chinese, as it is a sport, which matches both their lifestyle and income.
Rolex also hosts celebrities from culture and entertainment in ‘The Pulse of Rolex’ to promote the brand.
As a result consumers are more likely to choose these websites in which to buy their luxury brand products. However, if this were to occur, demand for their products may not increase as lowered prices could change the Chinese consumer's perceptions of the brand, as price is generally associated with perceived value and exclusivity. This way you and your teacher will have a full understanding of the steps between your current level and where you want to be.
Additionally, with Mandarin House, you can always switch to a different teacher free of charge, if the first teacher’s personal style isn’t a great match for you.
We were glad to invite our clients, partners and friends to join us at the Just Design event. Initiative the winner will receive a free pop-up store design, concept store design, a new visual identity concept and branding concept.
According to public opinion last year's fashion week had one collection at the runway which really stood out: The collection from a Chinese-Dutch designer named Sheguang Hu which created a lot of buzz in the media because of its colors and prominent design. For people around the world Christmas has come to mean a time of giving and sharing with loved ones and those around them. Brands like Chanel and Fendi have been quite reactive to this trend by making their sites mobile compatible, while some remain hesitant as they worry that the integrity and aesthetics of their brand will not translate onto the online sphere. Goods that hold sentimental value or have a deep meaning such as artwork have also become quite popular.
Allocating the products correctly to the size of the shop can increase customer traffic and maximize the sales of each item. However, when it comes to consumer experience and shopping expectations, online and offline should both go hand in hand - seamlessly communicating the same brand message across all channels. By targeting social media websites with promotions and discounts on luxury goods, as well as advertisements, brands can try to push consumers to buy online as well as offline.
For example, Louis Vuitton creates a VIP experience by closing selected stores for half a day and arranging private showings for customers who spend more than 200 000 Yuan. As a result, Rolex in 2011 chose Li Na, the most successful female Chinese tennis player, to represent their brand and to appeal to this type of consumer, who are looking to buy luxury retail items. If you have the right curriculum then you can confidently identify which elements you already know, which ones you want to focus on now, and which ones are remaining for the future. We also ensure that all of our teachers are degree-qualified, highly experienced, and have completed specialized training in the technical and social aspects of teaching Chinese.
The UNESCO World Heritage Site comprising his temple, cemetery, and family mansion is located here.Getting ThereThere are direct flights from New Delhi to Beijing three days a week.
Furthermore, in large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, luxury hotel chains such as Sofitel and Bulgari luxury Hotels, are being constructed to cater to this growing need. Have a look at our article about The Importance of Measuring Retail Design to know more on how to manage your store’s design potential.
In order to effectively engage with this segment of Chinese customers both in store and online, brands must make sure their image is consistent through all retail touch points.
The ‘Rolex’ brand has also been particularly successful at spotting young talent early on in their careers and then staying with them until they achieve great success.
I won’t be able to focus on her, which will make me focus on myself—something I both want and don’t want to do. Flights for the rest of the week and from other Indian cities require a layover at a Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern hub. LPS offered us an excellent platform to meet up and communicate with those young and energetic designers. The Giorgio Armani Group is also planning to design luxury residences in Beijing following their recent deal with Chinese real estate company, Smart Hero Group. Rolex as a brand in China has now come to represent success, elegance and is easily recognized as a high-class watch for individuals who have achieved something in their lives, which is represented in their choice of celebrity ambassadors. This is clearly illustrated in their advertisements, in which they celebrate the ambassador’s achievements such as in the case of Roger Federer’s magazine ad, the phrase ‘Rolex. Visitors, mostly Chinese, mill around taking pictures, bowing heads, lighting incense, praying to their ancestors. The city comes alive during the Qufu International Confucius Culture Festival, held 26 Sept-10 Oct. Winters (Nov-Mar) are cold with an average temperature of about 1°C.Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu SchoolStudents can join a short- or long-term training in martial arts at the school.

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