Our comprehensive advice on retiring to Thailand will save you time and money and give you the peace of mind that everything was done properly. Our Chiang Mai real estate listing features accommodations which are viewed personally by our staff, presented to our clients via e-mail and booked for clients who will be either vacationing or retiring in Chiang Mai.
We cover off all Thai visa options including the retirement visa and show you ways to save money on Thailand cost of living that no one else even mentions. Day one you can start to enjoy the city in accommodations that are larger than a hotel room, cost far less than a hotel room and that offer you more such as kitchenette with fridge and microwave, wireless internet, balcony, and larger tv.
We work directly with owners and offer the "Best Value" short and long term condo rentals to our clients as well as house rentals, villas, and budget rentals. We are the only service that helps our male clients find someone to share their retirement life with. We personally know attractive Thai ladies here in Chiang Mai who would love to meet new retiree's and these ladies want a long term relationship with a man with a good heart. Our service can arrange a dinner outing or a home cooked dinner where one can meet a lovely Thai lady who is available and sincere. In the evening we have a dinner buffet by our Mightlife Tour where we show you the best places to visit and places to avoid. One "Orientation Day" for clients who have decided to retire to Chiang Mai and another similar "Orientation Day" for clients who are here for several weeks to several months to see for themselves what it would be like to retire here.
At the end of that one day our clients know all that they need to know about living here affordably and happily. It's wonderful to have a large pension and not have to worry about living costs when one is retired but not everyone is in that enviable position. Now that just about everyone has a computer and internet access at home "Working from Home" and earning hundreds to thousands of dollars each and every month is possible if you know how. We recommend to our website visitors and clients ways in which they can earn that extra income.. If a teenage girl can do it and a grandmother can do it and millions of people around the world can do it .. Our video's are short but include commentary that is meant to make our website visitors more knowlegeable and to make their stay be it short or long term a more enjoyable one. Proud to announce that our retirement accommodations service has been rated #1 for Chiang Mai and Thailand. We have all types of accommodations in Chiang Mai whether you prefer budget or luxury accommodations, or whether you prefer require short or long term accommodations.
Our short term rental rates are 25% - 55% Less than hotel rates yet you get Larger, Better, and a Great Location. The only conditions in our offer are that you book in advance, provide a deposit so that we can hold the room for you and that you stay a minimum of 7 nights. Find out why our short term rentals have over a 90% occupancy rate and why our clients re-book accommodations with us on return visits to Chiang Mai. If you are staying longer term we would recommend a condo at the outset and one that is in an excellent location.
Give us 1 month advance notice of your arrival and we will offer you accommodations that have everything you want and need ..
We used to recommend hotels to our clients but after years of offering hotel rooms at 25 sqm in size and condo's starting at 42 sqm in size that are all better equipped and lower priced than hotel rooms our clients told us they preferred a nice condo rather than a hotel room. So now we offer what our clients prefer and keep in mind that all of our accommodations do not charge "joiner fees" which is a fee charged by hotels for having guests in your room. For anyone interested in purchasing a house or renting a house long term we have excellent properties that are priced much lower than you would expect. Simply click on this link for photo's, full descriptions and prices of many properties which we consider to be the best available properties in all of Chiang Mai.
Tokyo Guide Tokyo Hotels and Travel Guide - Tokyo Hotels, Tokyo maps, Tokyo itineraries, Tokyo pictures, Tokyo airport, Tokyo temples and Tokyo gardens. Thailand's most popular retirement city is Chiang Mai and can be referred to as a sister city to Cebu. After living in Chiang Mai for over 6 years I can attest to the fact that it is impossible or near impossible to find a foreigner who is retired here who wants to leave. Keep in mind that our service is called "Retire-on-550-month" and some forum posters have said that they would find it impossible to live here on that amount. That same website visitor then told us he wanted to bar fine 2-3 x a week and to live at US 550 a month. The main difference between Thailand and Philippines in terms of retirement is safety, cleanliness, cost of living and infrasture. Chiang Mai comes out on top compared to it's sister city Cebu in the Philippines which is the most popular retirement area for foreigners in the Philippines. Where Cebu comes out of top is proximity to beaches even though not all the beaches are pristine or even clean for that matter.
Chiang Mai wins out over Cebu as a place to retire to for the person who is on a budget and has US $500 to 1,500 a month set aside for total living costs. Now once you have more money than that then Philippines would win out over Thailand as a place to retire to.
One has to look at how much money they have for retirement living and then narrow it down to the places where one could live comfortably and safely with the retirement funds they have. Living with a Thai girlfriend or a Filipina would enable one to live more safely as opposed to living on one's own.
In both Thailand and Philippines the key to happiness for the single male retiree is a nice girlfriend. Just imagine going to a 7-11 convenience store and buying a can of Coke, a package of Clorets, a bottle of water, a Nestles ice-cream and many more items for a quarter of the price you are accustomed to paying in North America or less.
Start things off with a delicious large bowl of soup which may be identical to that served to you in a more expensive restaurant, select a cooked dish to your liking with bottled water and ice-cream for dessert and get a check for $8 US for the two of you. The hundreds of hours of research on the internet that I did prior to moving to Chiang Mai did reveal some of the costs of living here but it did not reveal that  there are at times two prices. If you are a farang couple and retiring here then trust your maid or Thai friends to advise you on the best places to shop. If you want pay as you go on health care the costs are low and the services vary according to whether you want normal or special care. You can live in a nice condo complex, go to the malls, shop at the famous Night Bazaar, rent and buy movies, play sports, eat meals where both the foreigners and local people dine.
You can attend the rose, food, flower and 17 other festivals held in the city during the year and let us not forget about the ever popular Songkran water festival, and also visit the many sights in and around Chiang Mai. You may find yourself enjoying yourself, doing the things you want to do and becoming more physically fit all on a fraction of which you were spending back home. There are "young" single men who have said on ThaiVisa forums that they cannot live here on less than $2,000 US a month and there are retiree's living with Thai girlfriends that say they have lived here for years on about $440 US a month (less than our $820 estimate) and are most happy. Most non-clients who find accommodations on their own will spend 15-20,000 Thai baht a month on their accommodations and that includes power, water, cable tv, and internet.

Our clients would never have located these accommodations on their own and both are still living in the accommodations we recommended and do not want to move. Neither the condo or bungalow is listed on any website and the people we contacted that manage the properties speak limited English. One day we were with a new client and noticed an accommodations client drive by on his motorbike.
We explained to him that it was a water machine and that the water is safe for cooking and drinking and he could have filled up all the containers he purchased for about 6 baht instead of spending 52 baht. Now 4 months later he contacted us and told us he wanted to move and if we could help him find someone to takeover his rental contract as he did not want to lose 2 months security deposit for not living up to the rental contract. We found a young gentleman living in Chiang Mai to takeover his rental contract even though we were not the agents and had never viewed the condo nor had we recommended it to him.
Now after we found someone to takeover his rental contract he told us he found a new place to live..
A Savings of 72,000 Thai baht a year and for a condo that was twice as large as his previous one and a condo complex that had a swimming pool. There are many examples we could cite which would show you that one can come here after doing research and spend 25k a month to live here and by following our cost of living in Chiang Mai "Tips and Recommendations" that they could reduce that cost by 10k a month or more.
The annual savings would be 120,000 Thai baht or more and well exceeding our Bronze Retire fee of 14,000 Thai baht. And we also advise on visa, transportation, Thai girlfriends and will all the topics the savings would be substantial and also enable our clients to find a Thai girlfriend faster and settle in sooner in comparison to doing it without our advice. For those people who are contemplating retirement here and concerned that they will not see their children or grandchildren we would suggest prepaid phone cards, sending pictures and messages over the internet which again is a fraction of the price you would pay back home or better yet have them visit you here in Thailand.
The grandchildren will love the Chiang Mai Zoo, the swimming pools, and elephant trekking, hot springs while your children may find the Night Bazaar with it‘s variety of inexpensive crafts and merchandise, the gem factory, the local malls more to their liking. The "Cost of Living" cost spreadsheet was developed in 2005 and although we have had some inflation here in Chiang Mai and some costs are higher than in 2005 we still stick by the total of "$550 US a MONTH" as being a sensible budget for a retiree who wants to live comfortably. The following pages will provide you with information dealing with all types of accommodations and even listing properties for rent and sale. The second key to living costs here for the eligible heterosexual male retiree is to find a nice Thai girlfriend as you may help her and her family out for 8-10k baht a month average for medical, schooling of child(ren) and food for her but in return she will save you on meals, and many other living costs where she can bargain or knows how to get a better price than a English speaking farang.
The final point we want our website visitors to understand and it is an important one has to do with having more money for your retirement.
Not everyone has a large pension and not everyone has a large nest egg in the way of savings. If you have concerns about your having adequate finances to retire then we deal with that as well.
One way is to build a website which can be done quickly and for less than $1,000 US (and that is for a Good Website that will get results). We have visited Philippines and stayed in Quezon City, Tagaytay and Borocay and we have lived Chiang Mai, Thailand for over years.
Philippines and Thailand are similar in terms of climate, friendly people, fruits and even construction of homes.
Both countries are situated in South East Asia and one has to put up with hot weather at times and a rainy season. But the reason I find that our clients retire to the Thailand are not primarily due to Climate, Local Produce, Style of Homes or even Friendliness of Local Residents.
In Chiang Mai and in Thailand I have personally observed prompt and good access to healthcare professionals and affordable treatments as well from medical to dental. Immigration offices seem to be run with different sets of rules and people wanting to come here cannot get a clear understanding of what is required. Also why on earth does someone have to show 800k baht every year here if they own a condo for 4 Million baht? And why on earth can I not bring my music collection, family heirlooms, favorite print with me when I retire here instead of being liable for duties and taxes which exceed the value of the items.
Thailand is a great place to vacation and retire BUT the Thai Government has to step up to the plate and do more for the retiree's.
Photo's submitted by a nice gentleman we are corresponding with who appears interested in becoming a client. I have visited Borocay and if you want the nicest beach that I have ever seen then go there ..
As the cost of flying to Philippines from Thailand is cheap we encourage our clients and website visitors to visit both countries and stay for a month and then deciding which they prefer best. Stay a month in accommodations that are similar to long term accommodations that you would reside in during your retirement and take in the Night Bazaar, Doi Suthep, beaches, nightlife and ladies and then decide. In Chiang Mai the bars are very small in size and generally run by a Thai girl in the bar whereas Cambodian bars are often often by expats from England, Australia and USA. Karaoke in Vietnam is to be avoided at all costs due to the "Very high Costs" and unless you know your way around and are with local Cambodians we suggest avoiding the karaoke scene altogether. Whether you are in Sihanoukville which is a beach resort town, or Siem Reap which is a smaller laid back town, or in Phnom Penh which is the capital nightlife or bar scene is similar. There are many bars to choose from and on your first night out stay a shorter time and visit more bars until you find the one you really feel comfortably in and enjoy and that includes the service, prices and management.
Cambodian cities have night markets where you can purchase silks, silverware, coins, miniature Buddha's, crafts, tshirts, copied DVD's etc. Massage parlors are fronts for prostitution and whereas in Thailand you can get a therapueutic Thai massage or a sensual oil massage by someone who knows what they are doing you will find that massage parlors in Cambodia are massage and spa and no extra's or else fronts for prostitution. One of them is the Blue Wave Bar, and photo was taken at about 10 pm, and brightness inccreased. And the other bar is Mikey's and again a small bar with pool table and normally a some Westerners as customers and about 5 Cambodian girls working there from what we have seen. It is low season now being June and yet the streets have many tourists, buses full of Chinese or Vietnamese and people look happy and are enjoying themselves. There is an actual street called "Pub Street" and it has a variety of restaurants featuring Cambodian food, pizza's, grilled food and much more to pick from.
In this photo is "Red Piano" which is a popular restaurant and across the street is a 2 storey restaurant with pleasant music from live Filipino band playing music from the 60's and 70's.
In my opinion the few bars and all the restaurants are in close proximity of each other and it is a great place if I had a date or with friends. If you are young and single you will like Phnom Penh more as there are more bars, more bar girls and much more nightlife.
If you are a male retiree on his own and looking for short term companionship then this will work for you and if you are a male retiree intent on finding a girlfriend or Cambodian wife then you will be successful here on your own. For Retire clients that are males and looking for a long lasting relationship with a sincere, attractive Cambodian lady we can show you how to go about it and introduce you to ladies as we know how to go about it, where and have translators (most of the Cambodian girls speak little or no English). It all depends on why you are here and if you are on your own, or a family or couple and what your intentions are.
Not a place for the young person who wants exciting nightlife but a great place for a retiree who is male and single and has the right contacts for meeting Cambodian ladies.

Our Thai accommodations lady will pick you up at the train station or airport and transfer you to your accommodations. The day following your arrival we show you around town from the best shopping, dining, and nightlife to medical clinics, hospitals, and where to buy groceries and fruits and how to get around town.
You settle in quickly and start enjoying your stay here in accommodations that have what you need and want. Just let us know what you require, where and for long and we will provide you a full description and photo's of the accommodations that fit your budget and meets your needs.
1 bedroom and 1 study, pool and fitness and sauna on site and great location only a few minutes from Night Bazaar and Loi Kroh rd. Once you get accustomed to the city then location is not as important and you can get better value by moving out from the touristy area. Asia followed by Siem Reap, Cambodia and we are not currently recommending Cebu, Philippines.
From beach front hotels in Pattaya, to the very finest luxury beach hotels in Koh Samui, we've got it covered. No place is perfect but once people settle in to Chiang Mai and if they are single males they find Thai girlfriends and the combination of nice girlfriend, affordability, safety, many things to do and prompt access to cheap healthcare keeps them here. YES, a single person can live here and comfortably on $550 US a month and that covers furnished accommodations, utilities, cable tv, internet, meals, and normal day to day living costs. The posters are in the 20's and not retiree's and young men are bar fining regularly and not as interested in having a long term relationship and also younger men are drinking and spending money foolishly compared to our retire clients. And we promptly replied that to the best of our knowledge one cannot retire anywhere in the world and bar fine 2-3 x a week and live on US 550 month. Chiang Mai is cleaner, safer, better infrasture with few power failures, no water shortages, and Chiang Mai cost of living is about $200 US a month less than that of Cebu according to our calculations. And the Philippines has many more people speaking English and even though speaking Thai is not required in order to live here having more people here who spoke English better would make life easier and reduce misunderstandings. Borocay has a gorgeous beach and relaxed lifestyle that would have me living there for 4-5 months a year and then for the remainder of the year I would live in Tagaytay where it is cool. And one can always have a backup generator for power outages or a water tank for water disruptions.
An attractive and sincere local girlfriend is what brings foreigners to Thailand and Philippines to retire and when one finds the right girlfriend, then it is what keeps them here. As the time nears to head back to your hotel you ask for the check and to your amazement the total with taxes and tip is less than $20 US dollars.
A large, clean restaurant and select dishes that are already cooked and which you see through a glass partition. We located accommodations for him which he was very happy with but he did not utilize our other services. Turns out the condo was on the top floor and very hot and costly to cool and also very noisy with the condo next to his being renovated. And a Good Website would give you something to do in your spare time and generate income be it from customers or from Affiliate earnings or from Google Adsense.
Each has it's disadvantages and advantages and one person may prefer retiring to Thailand and another may prefer retiring to Philippinies. Here near Chiang Mai they grow and make available more fresh fruits than anywhere I have ever seen and most of it is CHEAP and grown locally which means it is fresh. No basements which are common and needed in Canada, and built of cement which provides excellent soundproofing and patio's which I like to see even though I have not used often, and colorful paint from yellow, pink, blue.
Thai women are not age conscious and treat their men who are faithful as men want to be treated. In my opinion Filipino ladies are more outspoken but other than that I do not see any noticeable qualities and both can make for fantastic companions, girlfriends and wives. No barbed wires on walls (or very little), not as many high walls between properties, and I do not see people locking themselves into their homes (double locks) in Thailand. Everyone I have spoken with who has had taken in medical or dental care has praised the quality and price of the treatments.
You get more for your buck in terms of housing, and food which are the major costs of living here. Where Thailand really fails and fails miserably is in making it easier for people to retire here. Chiang Mai is the most popular retirement destination in Thailand and Cebu is the most popular retirement destination in the Philippines. In Chiang Mai most of the karaoke bars have lovely ladies out front and little or nothing goes on behind the scenes and costs are high and prohibitive.
We suggest avoiding bars that cater to Cambodians, and to get a reliable moto (motorcycle taxi) in the evenings.
In Thailand you had your choice of straight massage establishment, and naughty massage with sex on premises and varying degrees of extras in between the two categories.
Your fridge will be stocked with juices and bottled water and your kitchenette will have bread, jams, oatmeal and snacks included.
An enjoyable lunch buffet and you have an opportunity to ask any questions you have of our staff. But I cannot do that on US 550 a month and likely need $2,000 US a month or more in order to accomplish that. And it turns out that too noisy at that condo complex as well and after 5 months he wanted out again.
And when I see retiree's working at WalMart greeting people at the entrance or working at McDonalds flipping hamburgs and reporting to a teenager with a college degree it makes me sick. Although the same can be said of the people in Philippines I find the people here in Chiang Mai and Thailand to be very honest, crime is non existant from what I have seen and we live without the barb wire which is common on top of the high walls separating the houses in Philippines. In North America and other countries appears that women have become more independant and that has created problems in their relationships. We have been with local Thai's to karaoke establishments that they frequent and this is altogether different. Whereas in Chiang Mai going to bars, leaving bars, enjoying bars and drinks and ladies and free pool it is very safe and we have never witnessed any fights or arguments. Credit cards are not accepted and US currency is used more than Cambodian Riel and bring lower denominations. Here in Thailand most of the women are dependant on the man fiancially but in turn the man is dependant on the woman for loving, nursing, cost control, diet and companionship. Take the retiree's out of the equation and it is a different scene here for many people who rely on the money the retiree spends here.

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