It seemed like an ordinary winter morning when Rick Reimer got behind the wheel of his Jeep and lit a marijuana cigarette. A A A  What caught the eye of Ontario Provincial Police Constable Brad Burton was that Reimer appeared not to be wearing a seatbelt.
A A A  With charges laid, Reimer resumed his journey into the bright, snowy morning, with Tammy at the wheel. SMOKE AND MIRRORSA a€?Would Reimer have embarked on his ordeal if marijuana had been a decriminalized substance? JOINT SUBMISSIONSA a€?The Killaloe courthouse is in what used to be a parking garage, under the town medical clinic.
SMOKE AND MIRRORSA Would Reimer have embarked on his ordeal if marijuana had been a decriminalized substance?
JOINT SUBMISSIONSA The Killaloe courthouse is in what used to be a parking garage, under the town medical clinic. MMA fighter Jon Koppenhaver, who legally changed his name to War Machine some time ago, has been captured by police outside of Los Angeles. It is believed that the fighter attacked Mack in a fit of jealousy, after finding her at home with another man, identified in the press as Corey Thomas, her new boyfriend.
Whilst on the run, War Machine took to Twitter to explain why he would not turn himself in, saying that he was certain he would not be treated fairly by the police after what he’d done to Mack.
In response to his claims, Mack, a famous adult star, released gruesome photos of the injuries she sustained in the attack, together with a statement saying that they had been broken up since May, so he had no right to be at her house.
Whichever might be the case, the bottom line is that War Machine had to answer for his brutal attack.
Because War Machine has a history of violence, has been arrested several times for assault, and even did some time behind bars, it’s very unlikely that he will be released on bail. Mack is still in the hospital, where she’s recovering from the attack that nearly killed her. I'm not a bad guy, I went to surprise my gf, help her set up her show and to give her an engagement ring and ended up fighting for my life. Have you ever wanted to just run off and get married in Vegas?  Now you can (without worrying about quickie divorces and being too drunk to remember your new spouse’s name)!
In this game, you will be the hottest new wedding planner in the country.  You can create a wedding reception that is elegant and memorable or you can opt for a one-of-a-kind affair that only the bride and groom would love. BREAKING NEWS — Ex-Palm Beach Socialite Linda Cooney Found Guilty in Las Vegas Shooting! LAS VEGAS — Linda Cooney, the Palm Beach County social climber who was found not guilty of killing her husband in 1992 in Juno Beach, was convicted of attempted murder of her son overnight in Las Vegas — despite an attempt by the son she was accused of shooting to exonerate her again!
The jury deliberated for about two and a half hours before finding Linda Cooney, 66, guilty of attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon and intimidating a witness for shooting and paralyzing son Kevin Cooney.
She also was convicted of stalking Kevin’s then-girlfriend, Karina Taylor, over whom the fight escalated. She was ordered held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail until a sentencing hearing set for July 2. Prosecutors said she shot her youngest son on June 28, 2011, during a feud over his then-girlfriend. Defense lawyers argued Kevin Cooney attacked his mother in a rage and the gun went off during the struggle.
From a hospital bed, he testified via video that he beat Linda before she shot him — with the same gun she killed lawyer Jim Cooney in Palm Beach County. Kevin Cooney swore Linda was the real victim in the 2011 incident in suburban Las Vegas when he hit her about the head, throat and body. That was a clear swipe at the Palm Beach County jury which, 21 years ago, decided that Linda Cooney had acted in self-defense when she shot her husband Jim. Kevin Cooney, then 11, testified on his mother’s behalf before a riveted audience at the West Palm Beach courthouse — and managed to sway the jury.
Within months of her release, Linda packed her house, cashed her husband’s $1 million-life insurance check and moved to Las Vegas with Kevin and his little brother, Christopher. Gossip Extra publisher Jose Lambiet caught up with the family in 2004, and found Linda was still living with her sons, both grown men, and both appeared to have a cult-like devotion for their mother. Linda Cooney’s defense attorney are considering an appeal centered on the fact that the Vegas jury was allowed to hear details of the Palm Beach County case.

It was February 11, 2002, and all was quiet in the rural Ontario town of Killaloe a€“ pronounced Kill-a-loo a€“ which lies a couple of hours west of Ottawa, nestled in a picturesque realm of hills, lakes, valleys and steeples. He suffers from multiple sclerosis and has a medical exemption from Health Canada entitling him to have marijuana, which eases the symptoms of his disease. He felt Reimer, whose speech seemed slow, his gait unsteady, his balance off, ought not to be behind the wheel. Unless the police actually lay charges, he says, ita€™s not their job to decide who can and cannot drive. So he went in, told the police what he was up to, and returned to the front stoop to partake of more marijuana. In getting himself busted and putting himself through this ordeal, Reimer has certainly succeeded in sparking debate, raising the question of whether there ought to be a legal pot limit for drivers.
He had been on the run for a little over a week, after beating his girlfriend Christy Mack to a bloody pulp in her Las Vegas home. That may not be entirely true, because they were still posting photos on social media from the house they shared at the end of July. No less than 7 arrest warrants had been issued in his name and even Dog the Bounty Hunter had joined the search for him. According to an officer, Dog the Bounty Hunter was also there,” adds the same media outlet. She has 18 broken bones in her face, a ruptured liver, a broken rib, her nose broken in a couple of places, various broken and missing teeth, and an injured leg. He then noticed Reimera€™s Jeep briefly cross the centre line of the roadway several times, straying somewhat into the oncoming lane. But the constable, having consulted with his superiors, didna€™t really want to lay charges. He says he smokes so much pot he has built up a tolerance to it, and therefore cana€™t get impaired. This wasna€™t the first time Reimer had tried to get himself and his pot onto the police radar screen. There is also the broader issue of decriminalization, which has been an important issue to him for quite some time. Perhaps he wouldna€™t have been so motivated to insist on being charged that snowy morning in Killaloe. The fugitive MMA fighter was sitting in the hotel room with a pizza and a small amount of cash. Reimer explained that he would be quite happy to get pulled over at that time, and hea€™d make sure to be smoking a joint. Plus, he decided that fighting a charge of driving while impaired by cannabis would stimulate debate on whether there ought to be a definite legal limit a€“ similar to the a€?over 80a€? law for alcohol a€“ that would apply to marijuana, a substance that may soon be decriminalized in Canada.
Reimer stopped, emerged from his vehicle amid a cloud of pot smoke, and trundled toward the police cruiser. The latest proposal, floated by Justice Minister Martin Cauchon, would make the possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana a ticketable, not criminal, offence. He couldna€™t get arrested smoking marijuana on the steps of the Toronto police headquarters, but he managed to get arrested on the Killaloe roadside after talking himself into an impaired driving charge.
Reimer was trying to educate the police about medical exemptions, he explains, but they didna€™t want to know.
The whole incident raised the issue of whether decriminalization of marijuana would make any practical difference. The courtroom boasted actual windows, through which the morning sun streamed, illuminating a backwoods vista of snow-laden pines. No one knows more about the issue, and no one has done moreA pro bonoA work trying to liberalize marijuana laws, than Osgoode law professor Alan Young. Waiting for court to start, Reimer stationed himself outside, at the doorstep, so he could smoke some preparatory marijuana. He was clad in galoshes and what he calls his a€?Elmer Fudda€? hat a€“ a gift from his two young sons. But since these may have been nothing more than manifestations of illness, and as such wouldna€™t make out the offence with which Reimer was charged a€“ s. He lit a joint.A A A  When it was finished he blew out a great billow of smoke, entered the courtroom and readied himself for battle.

Not only did he represent himself a€“ a€?Ia€™m doing the fool-for-a-client thing,a€? he quipped a€“ he also acted as his own expert witness. The Ontario Provincial Police have written a letter to the Ministry of Transportation and blown the whistle on him, calling his driving into question.
Even the prosecutor, Malcolm Lindsay of the Ottawa Crowna€™s office, admits Reimer did a€?a very good job. He showed some real judgment.a€? Lindsay, a 35-year Crown veteran and a reassuringly steady courtroom presence a€“ hea€™s the sort of person youa€™d want in charge of the nuclear bomb button a€“ was taken aback by the defendanta€™s enthusiastic cannabis consumption during the trial.
He claims that on March 27, 2002, while toking outside the Killaloe courtroom awaiting his first appearance, he was manhandled by police who didna€™t know hea€™s allowed to smoke marijuana. Moreover, he told the court, marijuana did not prevent him from doing a weekly radio show on the Killaloe community station, where he was required to operate all manner of switches, microphones and sundry broadcast equipment.
Parker says a€“ and his trial judge found as a fact a€“ that if he smokes pot he has no seizures.
But if he is deprived of pot, he has numerousA grand malA seizures leaving him unconscious, violently twitching and writhing, vomiting, losing control of his bowels, choking on his own saliva and smashing his head against the ground. A man from the Yukon wrote that hea€™d been smoking and driving for 25 years and had never collided with a bear or any other species of animal.
There were various studies, Langille said, showing that marijuana can impair driving ability. While it may not produce as marked an effect as alcohol at comparable level of intoxication, marijuana can reduce onea€™s ability to divide attention, reduce onea€™s alertness to risks, and cause slower and less accurate reactions to emergency situations. As Alan Young says, the government a€“ as of this writing a€“ seems to be dragging its feet on legislation, possibly because it is bowing to American pressure. In response, the government a€“ at the eleventh hour a€“ announced something they dubbed the a€?Marihuana (sic) Medical Access Regulationsa€? (MMAR). Harold Kalant, who is Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology at the University of Toronto and a leading expert on marijuana, says that a blood test for THC a€“ the active ingredient in marijuana a€“ doesna€™t tell you how much of the stuff is in the brain.A a€?A  a€?What affects driving is whata€™s in the brain, not whata€™s in the blood,a€? Kalant explains. Harold Kalant, who is Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology at the University of Toronto and a leading expert on marijuana, says that a blood test for THC a€“ the active ingredient in marijuana a€“ doesna€™t tell you how much of the stuff is in the brain.A A  a€?What affects driving is whata€™s in the brain, not whata€™s in the blood,a€? Kalant explains. Reimer added that none of this really applies to heavy smokers like himself, who never actually feel high, no matter how much they smoke. The regulations say sick people can possess it and even grow it, but they cana€™tacquireA it legally. For the first ten minutes after smoking, therea€™s a good correlation between brain and blood levels, but for the next hour or two theya€™re not in sync. He lit a joint, got into his vehicle and headed home to rest and prepare for the next day a€“ the final day a€“ of trial. 12, which involves a so-called a€?compassion cluba€? pot dealer who breaks the law in order to supply the sick, and only the sick, with marijuana. Like many homes in the Killaloe area, Reimera€™s is heated by a wood stove, and when he arrived the first thing he did was put another piece of firewood into its cast iron belly. Ontario Superior Court Justice Sidney Lederman found the MMAR woefully inadequate because sick people are expected to seek marijuana on the street and rely on criminal drug dealers.
Producing good quality marijuana is not a problem for him a€“ after all, hea€™s got an expanse of arable land at his disposal. One is the recreational-use case brought by a London, Ontario head-shop owner named Christopher Clay, which has been joined with similar actions by British Columbiaa€™s David Malmo-Levine and Victor Caine.
The orange glow reflecting in his eyes matched the luminescent tip of his smoldering joint. Reimer maintained that his driving ability was not impaired, and delivered an impassioned plea for the government to a€?stop burying its head in the sanda€? and have a debate about whether there should be a law setting out a legal marijuana limit for drivers. 02-0277) The judge went on to say that he accepted the Crown toxicologista€™s conclusion: Marijuana can impair. But Reimer had asserted all along that these were symptoms of multiple sclerosis, not marijuana.
These signs of impairment, ruled the judge, a€?may have been nothing more than manifestations of his illness.a€? Reimer was acquitted.

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