Sometime after you speak with the Jarl, a pair of Alik'r warriors stand just at the entrance to Whiterun and beckon you over.
Talk to the Alik'r Prisoner in Dragonsreach dungeon behind the entrance to Dragonsreach itself. The other path is to go to Rorikstead to tell the two Alik’r at the Frostfruit Inn that you found Saadia. I made a really good looking argonian female ( Yes its possible )The trick was making the chin smaller to decrease the neck thickness, with that done everything else was simple. Anyone else having a really hard time getting your character's head the same colour as their body?
That's why I hate having an Xbox sometimes, mods generally make everything better and it's usually so simple to fix. I restarted about 20 times until i got my character looking exactly like me, it's actually a little freaky how similar i got it.
He looks like Strider kind of from Lord of the Rings pretty cool the first character in the post that is.
Wait for their conversation to finish, and just after Kematu stuns Saadia, attack and kill him. Every player's character made in Skyrim is cursed with the Thousand-Yard-Stare.In Oblivion, your character could look at other characters, smile, frown, open their mouths.

OK, I know they should allow old, but it kind of breaks my RP, because if my chara is old and still so noob, then how will they make it to near-godhood in Skyrim in under a year?! I want to know why they made the Bretons look so old (those foreheads) I'm finding it pretty much impossible to make one that looks remotely ok.
It's still possible, but every character-created Dovahkiin is leaps and bounds over the cruelly forged foundations of an Oblivion face, if it could be called that. Return to the Bannered Mare, go upstairs, and you’ll be locked into a series of “(Lie)” dialogue options that will have her walk to the Whiterun Stables on her own. The best weapon for this is destructive magic, as it means you can stay out of the way of his powerful blades.
It's almost impossible to make a good looking dunmer woman though, and the dunmer men all look like they walked out of Gladiator or 300, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Casandra: At the moment, the deadliest weapon at my disposal is a goblin's head on a stick.
The sort of broad, sweeping features that accompany that, along with basic physical size, made Nord a natural choice. I just can't buy any story that starts with an old man going out and suddenly learning everything they couldn't be bothered doing in their 50+ years so far.
I can't really complain about the uncanny valley, seeing as how its a difficult peak to master.

Even when you reach Kematu, you are offered one more chance to turn your back on Saadia (see below) or stain your hands with Kematu’s blood. Nada.The Dovahkiin is not only a soul-stealing dragonslayer, they're accomplished ventriloquists as well. This is worse with mer, because by the time they start looking like that, how old could they really be?This said, I managed to make the best looking Bosmer man I've ever seen, took me at least an hour, and all this with my second character only, around three hours after getting the game. By the way, Kematu has something like five or six other warriors with him, so be ready for lots of crowd management during this fight. My crowning achievement of which is my nord lass who looks like she is in her early 20s and isn't wrinkled like an unironed shirt, I shall provide a piccy at some point.
This “lure to the Whiterun Stables” scheme also comes up when you talk to Kematu inside Swindler’s Den.
I'm hoping once the official LAA patch comes out things will improve (the unofficial one just seemed to annoy steam). This option is a good way to make the most of both rewards available, and also to have a way to kill Kematu without having to simultaneously face his minions in Swindler's Den.

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