Ciara Bravo and Zoe Levin play up the patterns as they arrive for the 2014 Fox Summer TCA All-Star Party on Sunday night (July 20) in West Hollywood, Calif.
Joined by Red Band Society cast mates Astro, Charlie Rowe, Nolan Sotillo and Griffin Gluck, the group mixed and mingled with other Fox stars. Charlie and Griffin were also seen playing a cool game of ping pong inside the event, after speaking about their show at the panel earlier in the day.
The stars of Red Band Society speak on stage during the 2014 Summer Television Critics Association Panel on Sunday afternoon (July 20) at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.
The show is told from 12-year-old coma patient Charlie’s (Griffin Gluck) point of view and his friends at the Ocean Park Hospital Pediatric Ward. His new friends include Jordi (Nolan Sotillo), a 16-year-old who illegally crosses the Mexican border into California to seek out treatment at the renowned hospital. Check out the amazing cast of the upcoming show Red Band Society singing along to their own version of “Be Okay” by Oh Honey! The video features the entire cast, including Octavia Spencer, Dave Annable, Griffin Gluck, Nolan Sotillo, Charlie Rowe, Astro, Zoe Levin, Ciara Bravo, and more! Red Band Society tells the story of teenagers living their lives in a hospital while facing a number of illnesses, including cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart failure and eating disorders, which millions of young Americans confront each day.
The cast of Red Band Society gets together for a packed picture during a special screening event for their new shot in Atlanta, Ga., on Thursday night (July 10). Astro, Nolan Sotillo, Ciara Bravo, Griffin Gluck, Zoe Levin, and Charlie Rowe were joined by Dave Annable, Octavia Spencer and Rebecca Rittenhouse for the event and they all stuck around for a Q&A afterwards. Red Band Society is told from 12-year-old coma patient Charlie’s (Gluck) point of view and his friends at the Ocean Park Hospital Pediatric Ward.
Ciara Bravo rocks overalls as she attends the Red Band Society Special Screening and Q & A held at the Landmark Theatre on Wednesday (June 25) in Los Angeles.
The 17-year-old actress was joined on stage by her co-stars Nolan Sotillo, Octavia Spencer, and Dave Annable.
Red Band Society is told from 12-year-old coma patient Charlie’s (Griffin Gluck) point of view and his friends at the Ocean Park Hospital Pediatric Ward. His new friends include Jordi (Sotillo), a 16-year-old who illegally crosses the Mexican border into California to seek out treatment at the renowned hospital. Ciara Bravo, Zoe Levin and Nolan Sotillo form the Red Band Society on the hospitals rooftop with Charlie Rowe and Astro in the brand new trailer for their upcoming Fox show. Zoe Levin and Ciara Bravo walk the red carpet during the 2014 Fox FanFront Presentation Event held at The Beacon Hotel in New York City on Monday afternoon (May 12).
The young actresses were joined by their Red Band Society co-stars Octavia Spencer, Nolan Sotillo, Griffin Gluck, Dave Annable, Brian Bradley, Rebecca Rittenhouse and Charlie Rowe. Kathryn Prescott has been cast as the lead in MTV’s upcoming series Finding Carter, according to THR! The 22-year-old British actress and former Skins star will co-star in the series alongside Nolan Sotillo.
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Agostini, a biochemist from Brazil, had met Thomlinson the previous October in a bar in Randwick, in Sydney's east. The Thomlinsons had witnessed their son's wondrous transformation since becoming a soldier at 24. X Factor Australia judge Ronan Keating has spoken for the first time about his new Australian girlfriend, TV producer Storm Uechtritz. In a new interview, Ronan has revealed how Storm has helped him move on after he cheated on model wife Yvonne Connolly with backing dancer Francine Connell, ending his 14-year marriage.
Ronan first made friends with Storm on the set of X Factor back in June 2010, not long after news of the cheating scandal went public. Ronan splits his time between London and Sydney for work, and sees his children in Ireland. The 35-year-old singer parted ways with wife Yvonne officially in 2012, three years after his seven-month affair with backing dancer Francine. KAIZER Chiefs player George Lebese allegedly moered his girlfriend Sizakhele Manonga after discovering that she was knocking the boots with the club's former skipper Jimmy Tau behind his back.
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According to Forrester Research, 97% of the men who try online dating quit within 3 months because of a lack of results. Damien had introduced me to his mum and dad before he left, saying, 'If anything happens to me, they'll get the call.' She was breathing heavily. Until then he'd gone from casual job to casual job while focusing on Terrigal's better offerings: surf, booze, girls and grade cricket.
After working on X Factor, MasterChef Australia and The Voice Australia in Sydney, Storm has landed a gig working on the UK version of The Voice.

Not for now, Ronan says, although his three children, Jack, 13, Missy, 11, and Ali, seven, have taken well to their dad's new lady. We'll see Ronan's movie debut in Aussie musical comedy Goddess in March — as you can see in the trailer below, it's a rather revealing role indeed! She then jumped into her car and locked herself in and started fidgeting with it, apparently with the hope of finding dirt on him too. And what if it was all weirdly hilarious and the most fun you ever had in your entire life?
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It is less than three years and eight months since Private Damien Thomlinson, from the 2nd Commando Regiment of the Australian Army, drove over a bomb while on night patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
His lower left leg, his right arm and his life were left hanging by threads.Steve and Di Thomlinson had their mobile phones on silent, as their golf club rules stipulate, while they played near their home at Terrigal on the NSW central coast. Two soldiers in uniform were waiting at the Thomlinsons' front door with news regarding their only other child, Damien. Improvised explosive devices [IEDs] were becoming the enemy's weapon of choice, so you'd follow the tracks already made to ensure you were on clear ground the whole time.''He wasn't. Four cars passed the IED before the driver's-side wheel of Thomlinson's special reconnaissance vehicle made contact.
That was a win!''At nearby Camp Bastian, surgeons amputated his left leg below the knee but saved his right arm. His face lit up.Two weeks later, Thomlinson was greeting friends in the intensive care unit at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital. You can still feel an itch between your toes that you'll never scratch.'' In week five he got his first set of prosthetic legs.
Soon he'd be back at work in a desk job for the army, contemplating another stint in Afghanistan.Thomlinson and Sauvage had been snow-boarding together in Whistler, Canada, shortly before the Afghanistan deployment.
Disabled WinterSport Australia, scouting for future Paralympians, had invited him to Smiggin Holes. It was the best rehab I'd done.''Over the next year he would fashion a fin for his left prosthetic leg so he could swim laps at the Bondi Icebergs club.
I was having this painkiller once every morning but you're supposed to have it twice a day.
I was probably on the way to becoming an alcoholic.''Despite it all, he conquered the Kokoda Track last year at the request of Ray Palmer, father of Scott, a soldier who had helped save Thomlinson's life after the blast. Private Palmer, two other Australians and an American were killed in a Black Hawk helicopter crash in Afghanistan in June 2010.
It was excruciatingly painful, but such an inspiration.''Nevertheless, Thomlinson hit rock-bottom again one night last December. He still has the odd drink, but that's all.Thomlinson called Agostini in January this year. Snowboarding had been accepted as a sport for the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.
I'm not saying he'll win, but Damo's got a shot at competing in Sochi.''When Thomlinson earns money (including occasional work on the speaking circuit), it comes off his army pension. I might have lost my legs serving my country, but it doesn't give me the right to sit on my arse and watch TV for the rest of my life.''Saving Private Thomlinson took a small army.

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