Over time though, as such a relationship progresses undetected, the cheater becomes way too comfortable. To learn for sure whether or not your boyfriend is cheating, you have to gather your own evidence.
Working Odd Hours - If your boyfriend begins working late or going in early, he might be messing around with someone from work. Keeping His Phone Calls From You - In an open relationship, your boyfriend's phone calls shouldn't be something he hides from you. Locking His Cell Phone - Has your boyfriend suddenly protected his cell phone with a password?
Taking a Sudden Interest in His Appearance - Is your boyfriend doing a lot of sprucing up lately?

Turning off His Cellphone - When your boyfriend is cheating on you, he's not going to answer his phone in front of the other girl.
Fighting Needlessly and then Running Away - Toward the end of an affair, your boyfriend will begin hanging out with his new girlfriend even more than he is with you. These are just some of the ways to look for signals that your boyfriend is dating another girl. The Magic of Making Up is one of the most popular guides to getting back together after a breakup. The multi-step process of reversing an unwanted breakup has many stages, and Making Up goes over all of them. Undo early mistakes, even if you feel like you've blown any chance you had of getting your ex back.

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