Workplace romances and friendships are tricky – You probably spend more time with your co-workers than you ever did with your classmates, not to mention your family and other friends. If you meet a boyfriend or girlfriend at work, you also don’t have to go through the bullshit of awkward party introductions, screaming basic facts about yourself over bar music while mildly-to thoroughly intoxicated, or worse: Making an OKCupid profile.
In your case of workplace crushin’, don’t feel stupid for not being able to just “get over it.” It’s particularly crappy that you were under the assumption this person was single for the first few weeks of knowing them. But don’t take this as a sign of IMPENDING RELATIONSHIP DOOM, as those with unrequited love often do.
I’ve been on the end of the serious relationship where your partner has a crush on someone who isn’t you. You’ve taken the few first steps by trying to back off from this person – just make sure you don’t do it in a way where they immediately get the sense that something is off. Outside of work, invest more energy into hobbies you might already have (yoga, crochet, taxidermy), or pick up something new. Every time you glimpse this person out of the corner of your eye, or feel your heart pang in that empty way you’ve gotten used to, automatically switch to taking notes on your work project, looking up new knitting patterns, texting a friend you haven’t seen in ages to meet for drinks, or something totally unrelated to your crush. Once you get to a place where you don’t see your co-worker as a crush, maybe you can work on taking your “special connection” back to a friends-only place.
Accessing a true soul mate means understanding that “soul” is our eternal, spiritual essence. The Taurus Soul lesson is to go beyond dependency and access the unpredictability of emotions. The Gemini soul lesson is to go beyond inner restlessness and reach beyond the world of pure thought. Leo’s soul came kicking and screaming into the world, longing to explore the excitement around them.
The Libran soul lesson is to judge fairly in a world of opposites, a world of shadow and light. The Capricorn lesson is to warm their souls and their toes, Cappy’s suffer from slow circulation. Aquarius soul lesson is not only to hold up his finger to authority, but to step out of his heart’s airy detachment and fall into passion. Therefore, as you reach out to seek for your soul mate, know that the one who challenges you to opening your heart the widest is the one who you can spend the rest of your life with!
My name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame. About MeMy name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame. I started a new job a few months ago and increasingly found myself drawn to a person that I work with (which, I know, is an issue in itself). No one should be defined by their Facebook relationship status, but I do find it a little odd that for someone in a long-term relationship, they never brought up this important person in their life. You don’t want to answer a question like, “Are you mad at me, because you’ve avoided me at lunch the past week. You’re not ignoring your crush so much as re-focusing your attention on something positive. But depending on the kind of relationship your crush has, hanging out on the reg might not be an option. They are the new born babes of the Star Family and their best astro mates are likely to be Leo and Saggy, for they burn to the rhythm of each other’s flames, but the fact is Aries will learn emotional maturity through a more challenging liaison. Taurus will love hanging out with fellow earth signs mates, Virgo and Capricorn, but their karmic lesson is to overcome possessive attitudes to relationships. Gemini energies split into twins, one that shuts down with superficial judgments, and the other that opens out to versatility. As they gaze at the moon and wish for true love, they will be attracted to fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio whose sensitive musings reassure them. But adolescent crushes broke their hearts, and their soul lesson is to now learn their passions need self control. As they grow within the constrictions of society’s mores they analyze bizarre challenges and take things apart to understand them. But nobody would guess it as they wander around life like fools, tripping up on banana skins and walking under ladders.

The sobering facts of life weigh upon our Cappy friends, as can straight laced responsibilities. He will explore the meaning of his visions with fellow air signs Gemini and Libra, for they can talk “perceptions” all night, but inside this extrovert is a lonely soul yearning for a place to rest his weary mind.
A soul love is stimulating, challenging and could help you to learn who your “real you” actually is! It’s not a good idea to fantasize about their breakup or hypothesize how the smallest of actions could be a sign that you crush is soon-to-be single (“He has yogurt every day for a snack … maybe he can’t have it at home because his girlfriend is lactose intolerant! Even if you DO end up with a person after you’ve successfully terminated their last relationship, you’re going to feel some guilt about how your negativity has transferred to their ex. Or become an expert at some part of your job that’s been stressing you, like a software system or using the copier. And be sure to store up a bunch of positives – even if it’s just an upbeat song to play on your iPod, a book to pick up and read a chapter of, or playing a level of Candy Crush (though really, you’re gonna play until you’ve used all your lives.
As we voyage through “time” we start to comprehend the significance of a soul mate’s challenge, which is to teach us to be the best we can be! For example, Taurus could teach Aries the intensity of commitment and responsible love, as without it the Aries Soul tends to shrivel. As adept as they are at recognizing the pure joys of sexual fulfillment their spiritual gifts need to be stimulated. Yet fiery sun ruled Leo will tempt Cancer away from moon musings, help them to step out of their shell and go on some great adventure. Although they will feel great in the company of fellow fire signs Aries and Saggy, tuning in as they do, to the same expansive traits, their true soul mate could come in the form of earth sign Virgo. Their soul lesson is to overcome their intolerance of humanity’s flaws, and open their hearts.
Libra will love to spend time with fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius and lose themselves in musings and intellectualization.
Unafraid of the dark side, they are more than capable of clearing up the messes they leave in their wake. Jupiter will not want their charges to meet a soul mate on some far off shore but in a Capricorn country manor spread. They do not dig over the top emotional displays, so are likely to hang out with sensible earth signs, or the odd and watery Cancer. His visions seek recognition, someone who really understands his plans to heat the world with solar panels. It is sometimes hard being an old soul, like a Pisces, because they know more than many, and what they do know might make them yearn for oblivion rather than face the physical planes of existence. Any big projects to tackle, or have you been to shy to ask to help out on an assignment where you’d kick ass?
As we pass through this earth love opens our hearts and moves us to compassion, even to go beyond that Mars (sexual) and Venus (romantic) response to love. The Taurus recognizes the Aries is reaching for resonance and that its fiery being yearns to embrace another’s imperfections with an open heart.
So a soul mate relationship with a Pisces or Cancer could get their emotional waters flowing and open them out to soulful concepts of existence. As much as the will get on with friendly Aries and fiery Leo, their true soul mate could be the caring Cancer, who will overlook Gemini’s faults with an ever loving gaze, and cause a transmutation of Gemini’s Destiny that could lead them to their Higher Purpose. The challenge of this connection could be water sign Cancer’s tendency to burn out Leo’s flame, yet generous Leo’s respect for the crab will more than make up for any emotional twisters.
Virgos like hanging out with fellow earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn, but their soul mate might be found in the lessons Libra teaches. But the true soul mate, the soul mate that could change their lives forever could be found in a Scorpio mate.
They have come to experience the intensity of emotionality, and they will risk their lives, to do just that.
Cappy will forget they are straight laced and laugh with Saggy the moment they see them rolling up on their wild horse. However, when detached Aquarian’s nutty logic wobbles Cap’s serious demeanor, this old goat might snort a little. And then he saw Pisces, floating around the edge of his life at first, in a beautiful current of watery light.

They will fall into the watery reaches when stressed identifying with life’s undercurrents sometimes with drugs and alcohol.
I know the right answer is to get space and stay away, but that’s hard to do when we work together.
Having a series of tasks that take up most of your time will give your brain little space to think about Mr. Aries will respect the earthy depths of the Taurus, and be unable to manipulate the heart of their stubborn lover.
As challenging as this might seem the evolved Taurus will soon learn to stretch love’s capacities and become the trustiest of lovers. In fact, Saggy is one of the few privileged ones that can tickle Capricorn’s toes, mess up their front room and spill prestigious wines on to their carpet. Pisces can inspire the Aquarian to reach into his depths, into places he has never touched before.
But as they seek for the purest and best soul mate surprise, surprise, they return to the beginning of the journey. I (stupidly) feel like we have this special connection and I don’t know how to ignore that. The Virgo tends to remain unmoved by leonine explosions, they know that fire can burn the earth, but never destroy it. But a profound physical connection plus the intensity of Scorpionic love will inspire the Libra to grow beyond indecision and emotional vacillation.
Their search for symbiosis with soul can be ruthless, so they like to relax in the company of fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces; they literally flow into the infinite together. Saggy inspires Capricorn to teach that “knowing” and spirituality need containment, and help Saggy to hone into reason rather than instinct. Yet, in the end it will be the Water Carrier’s dedication to the evolution of humanity that shows a solidity and decency Cappys admire. It is realistic Aries who teaches them their greatest soul lesson which is to wake up from watery slumbers. Strange as it might seem, a soul mate is not necessarily the perfect astro mate, but “the one” who loves us for our faults and teaches how to become passionately committed to our personal evolution.
However, when Virgo begins to pick apart Libra’s love of trifles, Libra will shrug, and by so doing teach Virgo the coveted gift of tolerance.
But could it be Saggy the fiery Archer who will challenge the Scorpio to fall into soul mate love? When Saggy has tripped up over his last banana skin, he will run weeping into Cappy’s arms and feeling that earthy grasp, know he has come home to true love. In fact, Capricorn might end up going to a “Save the Dolphin” gig with their Aquarian lover, and let rip with the rest of them. Piscean moods, their gazes into the distance stimulate Aquarius to search beyond limitations.
The Aries will be fascinated by sensual Pisces realizing they have many secrets to reveal, and for all Aries’ hard headedness, they will want to walk across the bridge to higher understanding with Pisces.
A human being can meet various soul mates during their incarnation on this earth, the following are our more challenging partners. Saggy’s are unafraid of Scorpio Spookiness, and dark manipulations, in fact they laugh so hard at them, Scorpio will be tempted to giggle too!
As Pisces stares into their aquarium Aries will be running around the block, yet somehow, somewhere they will meet halfway. Saggy will tolerate Scorpion jealousy by galloping off into the distance, with a toss of their locks. You could even see them overcome by the giggles when the Aquarian tickles their funny bones! Something other than them, perhaps a Higher Will, might have pulled them together, who knows?

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