If holding your balance on land with a gorgeous view of the water is more your style, then yoga at Little Cove is perfect.
Our menu features delicious options for any time of day, as well as fresh cold pressed juices and smoothies. The Green Goddess is a particular favourite, why not drop in and give it a try?
Innovation Tools - (Digital) tools that will increase the innovation potential of your team or company. I believe the best way to get smarter and acquire new knowledge on innovation is through articles and blog posts rather than reading books. Sign-up for Twitter and get TweetDeck which is an application that helps you stay in touch with what is happening right now. This post is actually a sidetrack from a discussion on whether business people still have the time and need for reading books.
I would appreciate your comments on recommended (top) open innovation article sources, with a realistic, empirical and applied emphasis.
Last time I popped in, I discussed the importance of finding some sort of balance in this crazy thing we call life. And then she said something that was so simple, and made such perfect sense, that it blew my mind. You mean the one thing I preach the importance of  all of the time and it’s the one thing I didn’t even realize I wasn’t giving to myself.
Getting adequate sleep does the body and mind wonders, so do we really need to rest during the daytime too? Even though I know all of these goods things, I still stress out a little when I simply try to relax.
Even a ten minute walk around the neighborhood or through the parking lot on your lunch break can give you an extra moment to breathe and regroup from the day. We can all take a lesson from our friends across the way and start incorporating afternoon tea time into our days! You don’t have to be constantly on the move, cooking, cleaning, scheduling, driving, studying, planning, or meeting friends. As a Galloway Blogger I was provided content to share with my readers from Galloway Productions. I am Julie a mid life former corporate cubicle dweller, now a work at home Travel Agent, wife, and mom of an angel in heaven and an elementary school princess. The unstable base will engage your core, as your midsection works to keep you balanced and out of the water.
One hour of paddling in this environment will feel like 10mins as you take in the beaches forest and sea creatures.

This quiet and pristine beach is a gorgeous backdrop for sunrise yoga, and with Hastings St just a short walk, a healthy breakfast is extra motivation.
The walks allow you to experience a stunning section of the Noosa coastline with its wildlife, woodlands and rainforest.
As long as you walk the course (and not use the buggy), you can cover the kms, soak up the nature and fresh air, and reduce stress while burning calories. I would advice you to follow these five steps in order to understand what open innovation is and decide whether it is relevant for your situation. Use the search function and enter the keywords you want to follow – in this case open innovation and perhaps also words such as crowd-sourcing or co-creation. Besides telling others who you are, you can also join groups such as my own group 15inno by Stefan Lindegaard. Do the other things first and then read the books of authors that you believe can deliver value for the time you plan to spend reading and thinking about it. Perhaps you can also share how your tips on getting smarter and acquiring new knowledge and insights.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. It’s fall, and the only way I know is by the insane amount of pumpkin coffee I’ve been drinking.
It was a shorter day, and I planned on using that extra time to go to the gym, clean my house, take Reva out for training, cook meals for the week, and catch up on emails all before bed.
Allowing adequate rest during the day reduces stress, regulates hormones, improves energy, and allows for more mental clarity and ability to concentrate.
So for me, this is going to be work to overcome the mental struggle, but I think my mind and hormones will thank me. Whether that twenty minutes is used for meditation, exercise, stretching, or just listening to some uplifting music, giving yourself this time will allow you to center your mind before the hectic day.
Give yourself permission to sleep in, watch tv, listen to music, blow off everything you had planned for the day, just because you can. It will make your heart and soul happier, I promise. I know the year I got my Personal Record in both the 10k and 5k, I was following Jeff Galloway’s training plan religiously and it paid off. I have gotten slower the past couple of years and I truly believe it is because I stopped following this training advice, I was just putting in the miles. I won’t win my age group unless no one shows up to a race, but I can certainly get faster. It is also an empowering and calming practice as you find your strength on the waves of the water, as well as tune out with the sound of the water.

Or explore the Noosa River Everglades and see why they call this special place ‘the river of mirrors’.
This will give you plenty of leads on blog posts, articles and other insights worth reading. Unfortunately, some recent changes by LinkedIn bring more spam to the groups making them less attractive, but you might still find some value. You can attend and get insights through (hopefully) good presentations, but more importantly you can network and connect with the open innovation community.
Many books seem to be care more about the ego of an author or the wallet of a publisher rather than focusing on the needs of the reader. Heck most of the time it seems like a competition of who can fit the most into their day, and still make their Instagram look like they’ve got it all together. Every successful person I’ve talked to or heard being interviewed incorporates some type of relaxing morning routine to get themselves ready for the day!
Walking allows you uninterrupted time to yourself and you can use it to enjoy the quietness or pop in a podcast or some tunes to listen to lift your spirits.
You can make tea anywhere and give yourself 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time while you sip on some steamy hot goodness. As a Galloway Blogger, I am thrilled to share with you from Olympian Jeff Galloway, five ways to get faster! Not that there is anything wrong with getting my miles in, I finished all my races, however each one I wished I could have been faster. If you can’t make the race in person, there is a virtual option where you can earn your bling from anywhere! A fan of Food, Travel, Galloway Running and Disney, I like to find the fun in all things in life.#DrinkCocogo Ambassador, Bioskin Ambassador and Atlas Snacks Gluten Free Granola Brand Advocate. You can also use the search tool to identify people working on issues relevant to your situation. You can also check the speakers and bloggers of these conferences in order to identity the key influencers in the open innovation community. Allow yourself just one thirty- sixty minute show to sit down, watch, and be fully engaged in.

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